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Trinity & Divinity of Jesus Chrsit- Fifty Articles

Trinity & Divinity of Jesus Chrsit- Fifty Articles

Articles condensed from book “The Restitution of Jesus Christ”

  1. Is the Trinity in Genesis?
  2. Is Jesus “the Mighty God” in Isaiah 9.6?
  3. Is the Son of Man Divine in Daniel 7.13?
  4. Did Jesus Preexist in Heaven?
  5. Did Jesus Preexist as “The Angel of the Lord”?
  6. Did Jesus Come Down from Heaven?
  7. Is the Incarnation True?
  8. Did Jesus Empty Himself of Any Divine Attributes?
  9. Was Jesus God Even Though God is Invisible?
  10. Is Jesus God Because of His Virgin Birth?
  11. Is Jesus God Because He Did Miracles?
  12. Is Jesus God Because He Was Worshipped?
  13. Is Jesus God because He is Lord?
  14. Is Jesus God because He forgave sins?
  15. Is Jesus God if He did not Know the Time of His Return?
  16. Did Jesus Admit to the Sanhedrin that He Was God?
  17. Is_Jesus_God_Because_of_His_Resurrection?
  18. Jesus is not God Bible Verses
  19. Jesus_Is_God_Bible_Verses
  20. Is Jesus God in the Gospel of John?
  21. Is Jesus God in John 1.1c?  “Word was with God…”
  22. Is Jesus God in John 1.18?
  23. Is Jesus God Because He is the Son of God?
  24. Was Jesus Making Himself Equal with God?
  25. Is Jesus Yahweh?
  26. Did Jesus Claim to be God in John 10.30?
  27. What are the Claims of Christ?
  28. Was Jesus a Liar, Lunatic, or God?
  29. Is Jesus God and Subordinate to God?
  30. Is Jesus God If He Has a God?
  31. Did Thomas Call Jesus My God in John 20.28?
  32. Did Peter believe Jesus was God?
  33. What was Paul’s Christology?
  34. Is Jesus God in Romans 9.5?
  35. Is Jesus a God-Man in 1 Timothy 2.5?
  36. Is Jesus God in Titus 2.13?
  37. Is Jesus God in Hebrews 1.8?
  38. Is Jesus God in 2 Peter 1.1?
  39. Who is the True God in 1 John 5.20?
  40. Is the Holy Spirit a Person?
  41. Who Is the Son of Man?
  42. Does Calling Jesus Immanuel Mean He is God?
  43. Did Jesus Indicate He Was God to the Rich Young Man?
  44. Is Jesus God in Acts 20.28?
  45. Does Paul Call Jesus God?
  46. Is Jesus God in Other Pauline Texts?
  47. Is the Trinity in the New Testament?
  48. Why Doesn’t the Trinity Have Three Thrones?
  49. Is Trinitarianism Monotheistic?
  50. What Must Christians Believe?

These articles are authored by Servetus the Evangelical, a.k.a. Kermit Zarley. Visit his website–http://ServetusTheEvangelical.com to read these articles. They represent condensations of his well-researched, biblically in-depth, 600-page book entitled The Restitution of Jesus Christ (2008).


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