Just Give Them The Truth

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Christian actual belief is :

Jesus the Son Of God is actually the  Eternal Father Himself! The King of Kings and the Alpha & Omega.. ( Revelation 22:13, 1:8, 19:16, John 1:1-3 )

Jesus created mankind with imperfections so that mankind will become a sinner.(Romans 3:23, Ecc 7:20 )

Then Jesus, impregnated the 12 years old little  Mary and put himself in the Womb Of Mary so that He will become a “Son of God”… .( Luke 1:35 )

Then he allowed the devil whom he created to tempt himself! ( Heb 4:15 )   

Then he allowed himself to be arrested and go under trial at the court of the Pagans.   ( John 18:3-380 )

Then he created Judas to betray him and Peter to denied him. ( John 6:64, 13:18, 17:12, Psalm 41:9 )

Then he allowed himself to be dragged, bruised, murdered, crucified so that he can redeem you from the sin he originally created.  (Luke 24:44-46)


Wonderful story isnt it?

So this nasty boys… when they are talking of a Holy Ghost or the Father, or God Almighty, or Eli Eli lama sabachtani, or Jehovah commanding Moses, Joshua to masacre the enemy of the Israelites, kill the women, childen, infants, and animals, they are actually talking of JESUS !! AND NO OTHER ELSE!

The point is why Jesus made such a silly drama?  



If He is the Omnipotent, He is the one who created hell,  ( John 1:1-3, Gen 1:26 )          

Why he did not simply create a perfect man who will not be committing a sin? ( John 1:1-3, Gen 1:26 )

Why he simply not destroy the hell so that the sinners will not anymore be punished? Or Why he simply avoided creating a hell in the beginning so that no sinners will be punished? ( John 1:1-3, Gen 1:26 )

Why he simply did not forgive those sinners? so that there will be no more sinners, after all he is God so nobody can oppose him? ( John 1:1-3, Gen 1:26 )

Why he need to create a Satan if at the end of the day he will have to put himself inside the belly of a 12 years old llittle girl and allowed himself to be killed by his own creation so that he can save mankind from hell? ( John 1:1-3, Gen 1:26 )

And when he died for three days and three nights, then the world did not have God for that three days and three nights? Laughter amomg the Moslems  

Does it make sense?


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