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 Now, let’s play a quick memory game shall we? Three weeks ago from you reading this,tell me what you had exactly for breakfast and tell me word for word, what any of your conversations were doing the 12:00p.m. the 3:00 p.m. and the 6:30 p.m.were? Can’t remember that far back? Then let’s say, one week ago? Still can’t remember? Okay then what about 2 days ago or even yesterday?

Well,for some of us, we can’t even remember things from this morning right? So with that being said, if Christians theologians are correct that the Gospel of John was written 60-200 years after Jesus’ death. How on earth could anyone remember WORD FOR WORD anything Jesus could have said? It’s virtually impossible. Even worse there are three MAJOR logic problems with this gospels:

  1. John’s gospel has NO NAME attributed to it to make us believe this is or was JESUS’ Disciple!
  2. John’s gospel was written 60 to 200 years after Jesus’ death
  3. John’s gospel is written in GREEK a language that is not of the Hebrew people with no Hebrew version ever found or in existence!

Face it folks, there is no proof anywhere that any of Jesus’ true Disciples ever wrote any of the Gospels period! Yet, still, I believe there are still some truth (based off the Old Testament) in the gospels. Research those along with the Old Testament word of God. If they do not CONTRADICT God’s word, then they are safe to listen too. However below, we will now see why MOST of these Gospels are purposely ADDED lies of Greece and Rome to turn us away from the GOD OF Jesus to force us into sin and to force us into serving a blasphemous lie!

Now,I have mentioned in my other notes [ https://www.facebook.com/notes/abe-au/john-11-the-beginning-of-confusion/10202170318051540] the GHOST-writer of the book of John plagiarized the Old Testament and deceptively attempted to steal from Proverbs chapter 8 and apply the metaphoric language to Jesus. Now who wrote this Gospel is STILL unknown!For the Gospel of John does not have his “NAME” within it.

[ see this link where Christians scholars plainly tell us that author of Gospel according to John was unknown : http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/biblical-topics/new-testament/gopel-of-john-commentary-who-wrote-the-gospel-of-john-and-how-historical-is-it/ ]

Yet the Roman Church, i.e. the KILLERS of CHRISTIANS want us to merely take their word that this later addition gospel is written by a Disciple. To see how ridiculous this assessment really is, you should go to the website below and see just how this lie became accepted.


Now to show you that GOD had NOTHING to do with this FALSE Gospel we shall do all of the hard work for you and list all of the CONTRADICTIONS from this book.Remember God is not the author of confusion or contradictions either! I hope you enjoy and learn from what you read below. Also don’t forget your bibles!




1)    Who created heaven & earth?

  • John 1:3: Jesus created heaven and earth “WITH” God.
  • Isaiah 44:24: YHWH/God created heaven and earth “ALONE.


2)    Was Jesus literally a God or a literal man?

  • John 1:1: Jesus is a God/YHWH incarnate or wrapped in humanly “flesh?”
  • Numbers 23:19: God is “NOT” a man!
  • Acts 2:22: Luke’s knowledge of Jesus was that he was a mere human “man” that was“approved” by our God.

Luke’s gospel was written before John’s and Luke did not know Jesus was a God. So why is the one man’s gospel accepted as the truth?


3)    Was Jesus actually God?

  • John 1:1 & 10:30: Two misquoted scriptures by Christians who believe Jesus is claiming that He is definitely God?
  • John 17:3: Jesus acknowledges YHWH the Father as the “ONLY” True God.


4)    Who actually saw the Spirit descending from heaven?

  • John: 1:32: It was John the Baptist who saw the spirit descending.
  • Matthew 3:16 & Mark 1:10: It was Jesus who saw the spirit descending.

During this period Jesus had not chosen or seen any of the Disciples at this time. So how can any of them tell you about the spirit, the dove or who actually saw any of these events? As you can see these events are all lies!


5)    What did Jesus immediately do after He is baptized by John the Baptist?

  • John 2:1 Three days after the Baptism Jesus arrives for the wedding at Cana.
  • Matthew 4:1-11 & Mark 1:12, 13: Immediately following the baptism, Jesus spends forty days in the wilderness avoiding temptation by Satan.


6)    When did Jesus begin His actual ministry?

  • Mark 1:14 Jesus began his ministry after the arrest of John the Baptist.
  • John 3:22-24 before the arrest of John the Baptist.


7)    What were Jesus’ views on the word “hate?”

  • Luke 14:26 No one can be a Disciple of Jesus unless he hates his parents, wife, children, brothers and sisters?
  • 1st John 3:15 whoever hates his brother is a murderer?
  • 1st John 4:20 if anyone claims to love God but hates his brother, he is a liar?


8)    Where did Jesus immediately travel after allegedly feeding the five thousand?

a.    Mark 6:53 after the feeding of the 5000, Jesus and the disciples went to Gennesaret.

b.    John 6:17-25 they went to Capernaum. Huh?

(Special Note): Matthew 14:21 says 5000 men were fed by Jesus not including women and children? When you add in the women and children that also ate you then have the number skyrocket up to approx. 15 -20 thousand people? Yet only the bible tells this miraculous tale? Shouldn’t there be at least a legend or even an old wives tale passed around somewhere that speaks of such a miraculous feat in some nation’s archives? Yet there are none, not even among Christian traditions. What did the people eat the next day?


9)    Was Jesus a peaceful Prophet or a violent radical insurrectionist?

  1. John 16:33: Jesus says: “In me you have “PEACE?
  2. Matthew 10: 34-36 & Luke 12:49-53: Jesus denies that He came to bring “PEACE” but to bring the total opposite. Jesus came to bring “violence” with a sword, fire, and division.

radical Prophet versus the humble lamb fabrication? You decide.


10) Was Jesus buried alone or with other people?

  • John 19:38-42: Jesus was buried alone.
  • Isaiah 53:9: Regarded as a prophecy of Jesus being buried with multiple people that were“wicked” & “rich” i.e. the two thieves crucified with Jesus.


11) Does Jesus judge us?

  1. John 3:17, 8:15 & 12:47: Jesus does “NOT” judge.
  2. Acts: 10:42: Jesus “DOES” judge?
  3. 2nd Corinthian 5:10 Jesus “DOES” judge?
  4. John 5:22, 5:27-30, 9:39: Jesus “DOES” all judging? Huh?

12) Does YHWH/God judge us?

  • Romans 2:2-5: God “does” judge.
  • 1st Peter 1:17: God “does” judge.
  • John 5:22: God does “not” judge any man? Huh?


13) Did Jesus give signs and wonders as proof to the fulfillment of His prophecies?

  • Matthew 12:39, Mark 8:12 & Luke 11:29: Jesus says that He will “NOT” give the people any signs at all.
  • John 3:2, 20:30: Jesus gives the people many signs.


14) If there is recorded testimony or scripture of Jesus speaking on his own behalf should that testimony be considered the “truth?”

  • John 5:31: Jesus says that if he bears witness to himself, his testimony is not true?
  • John 8:14: Jesus says that even if he bears witness to himself, his testimony is true?


“We want the truth! You can’t handle the truth!”These scriptures contradict! I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist quoting from one of my favorite movies! As you can see an aging John can’t get the quotes of Jesus straight in his head.

15) Do all men have “free choice” if they can come to Jesus?

  • John 5:38-47: All men have a choice whether or not to receive Jesus.
  • John 6:44: No man can come to Jesus unless the Father draws him.


16) Will any of those who follow Jesus be lost?

  • John 10:27-29: None of Jesus’ followers will be lost.
  • John 17:12 Jesus has lost none of his disciples other than Judas.
  • John 18:9 Jesus has lost none, period.

(Scripture of Note): John 17:12 Mentions a “son of perdition” as appearing in the Old Testament bible. This is an added lie and there is no “son of perdition” scripture anywhere in the bible!


17) John 7:38 Jesus quotes a statement that he says appears in scripture (i.e., the OT). (No such statement is foundin the OT.)

John 7:38  He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.


18)  Who is the ruler of the earth?

  • John 12:31 The Devil/Satan is the ruler (or “prince”) of this world.
  • 1st Corinthians 10:26, Revelation 1:5 Jesus is the ruler of kings–the earth is allegedly His.
  • Psalms 24:1 The earth is YHWH’S and the fullness thereof!

I think answer (Psalms 24:1 )trumps any other scripture, what about you?


19) With all of the talk of Jesus going away, did anyone ever ask Jesus where He was going?

  • John 13:36 Peter asks Jesus where he is going?
  • John 14:5 Thomas does the same?
  • John 16:5 Jesus says that none of them have asked him where He is going.


20) Who finds the donkey that Jesus rides on into Jerusalem for the celebration?

  • Mark 11:2-7, Luke 19:30-35: The Disciples found the Donkey for Jesus.
  • Matthew 21:2-6: In order to make Jesus fulfill a prophecy Matthew has the Disciples bring two animals and has Jesus ride “both” of them?
  • John 12:14: Jesus finds the animal by Himself! What?


21) When speaking to the multitudes did Jesus want the people to understand His sermon messages?

  • Matthew 13:34, Mark 4:34: Jesus speaks to the crowds in unexplained parables stories just so the listeners would not understand His hidden messages. Only the Disciples are told the meaning of the parables.
  • (Note): In John’s gospels Jesus, Just like all Prophets made sure the people knew the context of His messages without using parables.


22) Who anointed Jesus with oil?

  • Matthew 26:7, Mark 14:3, and Luke 7:37: An unnamed woman anointed Jesus.
  • John 12:3: Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus.

23) What part of the body does the woman pour the oil on Jesus?

  • Matthew 26:7, Mark 14:3: The oil is poured on Jesus’ head.
  • John 12:3: The oil is poured on Jesus’ feet.

Jesus said that another “comforter” would come after He is dead. Christians believe that the third entity of the alleged “Trinity” called the “Holy Ghost” is this comforter.  Christians believe this comforter is a being that can only appear “after” Jesus commissions it to make its grand appearance…


24) Were people filled with the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost before Jesus?

  • Luke 1:15 John the Baptist had the Holy Spirit from before his birth or the birth of Jesus.
  • Luke 1:41 Elizabeth had it “Holy Spirit” long before Jesus went away.
  • Luke 1:67 Zechariah had the Holy Spirit
  • Luke 2:25 Simeon had the Holy Spirit
  • Luke 11:13 it is obtained by prayer (presumably at any time).
  • John 7:39, John 16:7, The Holy Spirit cannot come into the world until after Jesus has departed?

Personal Note: If the Holy Spirit was here before Jesus as the bible says then how can Jesus control when He shows up or not? That makes no sense at all! The Holy Spirit is not a circus animal that you can make jump through hoops or perform or control at your command! Think for yourself sometimes!


25) When did Judas allegedly make the betrayal deal with the Chief Priests to betray Jesus?

  • Matthew 26:14-25: Judas made the deal before the Passover dinner.
  • Mark 14:10-12 & Luke 22:3-23: Judas made the deal before the Passover dinner.
  • John 13:21-30: Judas made the deal after the Passover dinner.


26) When did Satan allegedly enter into Judas?

  • Luke 22:3-23 before the supper.
  • John 13:27 it was during the supper.


27) When did Jesus prophesy and reveal his betrayal to the Disciples?

  • John 13:21-30: Jesus prophesies his betrayal before the start of the Passover meal.
  • Luke 22:14-23: Jesus prophesies his betrayal after the Passover meal.

(Personal Note): If Jesus made an announcement to you and your friends that one of those friends was going to betray him wouldn’t you demand to know who the betrayer was? I mean if this person was willing to betray Jesus wouldn’t you be concerned that you would be next? Yet to keep us in suspense like a cheap soap opera the story just ends with no resolution or admission to the betrayer’s identity?So they want us to believe that all of these Disciples are happy to stay ignorant to the end? Give me a break!


28) Did Judas betray Jesus with the sign of a “kiss?”

  • Matthew 26:49-50, Mark 14:44-46: Jesus is betrayed by Judas when Judas kisses Jesus on the cheek which identifies Jesus to the soldiers.
  • Luke 22:47-48: Jesus does not allow Judas to kiss him
  • John 18:2-9: Jesus voluntarily steps forward to identify himself making it completely unnecessary for Judas to even point him out. No kiss is mentioned?


29) Who was Jesus taken to see after immediately after His capture?

  • Matthew 26:57, Mark 14:53, & Luke 22:54: After his arrest Jesus is first taken to Caiphas, the high priest.
  • John 18:13-24: Jesus is taken to Annas the son-in-law of Caiphas, then to Caiphas.


30) When was Jesus first hearing with the Jewish Council?

  • Matthew 26:18-20, 57-68, 27:1-2, MK 14:16-18, 53-72, 15:1: Jesus’ initial hearing was at night on Passover. In the morning he was taken to Pilate?
  • Luke 22:13-15, 55-66: Jesus’ initial hearing was at night on Passover.
  • John 18:28, 19:14: Jesus’ initial hearing was a DAY BEFORE Passover which was the day of preparation?


31) Did Jesus have a formal trial and who was in attendance?

  • Matthew 26:59-66, Mark 14:55-64: Jesus was tried by the entire Sanhedrin Council including the chief priests and the whole council members.
  • Luke 22:66-71: There was no trial but merely an inquiry held by the Sanhedrin.
  • John 18:13-24: There was no appearance before the Sanhedrin Council, only the private hearings before Annas and then Caiphas.

(Personal Note): All of Jesus’ Disciples were in hiding fearing for their lives. Now that is a key point! So how can these three writers tell you who was in attendance at the council or what they said?  Divinely Inspired? I think not!


(Personal Note): Christians sing a song about Jesus in our churches that says:  He “never” said a mumbling word pertaining to Jesus never speaking to answer any questions during his trials. So the question is:

32) Did Jesus say anything in His defense about the charges against Him?

  • Matthew 27:11-14: Jesus answers not a single charge at his hearing before Pilate.
  • John 18:33-37: Jesus answers all charges at his hearing before Pilate.

Jesus’answers are so clear and concise and contrary to the accusations that it forces Pilate to agree with Jesus and say that he finds no fault in Jesus.


33) What was Jesus’ response when Pontius Pilate asked Him if He is King of the Jews?

  • Matthew 27:11, Mark 15:2, Luke 23:3: “You have said so” or “Thou sayest.”
  • John 18:33-34 He answers: “Do you say this of your own accord?”

Jesus didn’t know why He was in custody and was confused when He hears Pilate’s question and wonders why it is asked. This proves Jesus never made the claim that He was god or king of the Jews to the people that heard His real messages of God’s love.

34) What color was the robe that was given to Jesus by the soldiers?

  • Matthew 27:28: Jesus is given a scarlet robe a sign of ridicule and shame.
  • John 19:2: Jesus is given a purple robe a sign of royalty?


35) What was the hour of the day when Jesus was crucified?

  • Mark 15:25 it was the third hour when Jesus was crucified?
  • John 19:14-15 it was after the sixth hour since Jesus was still before Pilate and had not yet been sentenced at that time.

Mark was not a Disciple and John was in hiding so neither man can tell you the actual hour Jesus was crucified! This story is not credible.


36) How many people ascended to heaven?

  • John 3:13: JESUS is the only person ever to ascend to heaven.
  • Luke 23:43: One of the two thieves crucified with Jesus allegedly ascends to heaven on the “same” day He is killed?
  • 2nd Kings 2:11: ELIJAH ascended up to heaven.
  • Hebrews 11:5: Enoch ascended up to heaven.
  • 2nd Corinthians 12:2-4 Paul says that an unknown man ascended up to the third heaven.


37) Did the thief on the cross with Jesus go to heaven with Jesus?

  • Luke 23:43: Jesus says the thief will go to heaven on “this day” which means the same day that he and Jesus pass away.
  • Matthew 27:44: says this is a bold faced lie and that both thieves even as they were dying “mocked” Jesus.
  • Mark 15:27: No conversation took place between Jesus and the thieves.
  • John 19:18: No conversation took place between Jesus and the thieves.

(Special Note): John and Mark’s gospel versions do not tell the lie of the thief’s repentance or ascension. As concerning Luke the non-Jew’s version, he wants us to believe the thief is remorseful and is ascending to heaven. Either the thief repented to Jesus or He mocked Jesus or no conversation with Jesus ever occurred. Conflicting stories that prove these gospels cannot be totally correct!

(2nd Note): Luke 23:43 Jesus promises one of those crucified with him that they will be together, that very day, in Paradise. So we are to believe that a thief gets to go to heaven before Judgment and Yet Moses and the other Prophets still have to wait? Wow! John 20:17 Jesus was not raised until the third day and did not ascend until at least forty days later yet we are supposed to just believe these gospels are Holy and inspired by God? NO!


38) What did the soldiers give Jesus to drink on the cross?

  • Matthew 27:48, Luke 23:36: Jesus was offered vinegar to drink?
  • Mark 15:23 It was wine and myrrh, and he did not drink it?
  • John 19:29-30: Jesus was given vinegar and hyssop to drink?

(Personal Note): Now which story is true? Did Jesus receive wine or vinegar? Did He receive vinegar or myrrh? How can any of these so called writers tell you what was in a cup or sponge when they were not there? This is why the writers cannot agree and are just telling us what they think we want to hear.


39) How close were the women to the Jesus when He was on the cross?

  • Matthew 27:55, Mark 15:40, Luke 23:49 the women looked on from afar.
  • John 19:25-26: they were near enough that Jesus could speak without yelling to his mother and to the “other” Disciple that He was “in love” with. Now I wonder who that Disciple could be hmm. Hint: Mary Magdalene!

(Personal Note): For a man who wasn’t at the crucifixion and in hiding how can John tell you what Jesus said to Mary and that “other disciple?”


40) What were Jesus’ final words?

  • John 19:30:  “It is finished.”
  • Luke 23:46: “Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit?”
  • Matthew 27:46-50, Mark 15:34-37: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

(Special Note): According to Matthew’s gospel Jesus didn’t actually believe that He was actually going to die. He believed God would save Him from death. Now facing the reality that God is going to allow His execution, Jesus angrily lashes out and accuses God of forsaking Him!Wow! Four very conflicting stories from 4 men who weren’t even there to hear anything Jesus had to say?This is very ridiculous!


41) Who were the first person(s) to come yo the tomb of Jesus?

  • Matthew 28:1: the first visitors to the tomb were Mary Magdalene and the other Mary. (Two women?)
  • Mark 16:1: Two “Mary’s” plus Salome (Three women?)
  • Luke 23:55, 24:1, 24:10 Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and “other women” (at least five?)
  • John 20:1 Mary Magdalene only (one)?

One woman, two women or five women!So come on! How many women were there? Which one of these gospel writers can tell you the correct number of women since absolutely none of them were present? These are all invented lies by the Greco-Roman Church!


42) Why were the women coming to the Jesus’ tomb? What purpose?

  • Mark 16:1-2 the women came to the tomb to anoint the body.
  • John 19:39-40 the body had already been anointed and wrapped in linen cloth?


43) Did any of these women ever go inside of the tomb?

  • Mark 16:5 the women actually entered the tomb.
  • Luke 24:3 the women actually entered the tomb.
  • Matthew 28:1-7 the women actually entered the tomb.
  • John 20:1-2 & vs.11 they did not go inside the tomb and ran away in tears fearing someone had stolen the body of Jesus!


44) How many angels were at the tomb when the women arrived?

  • Matthew 28:2 There was only “one” angel.
  • Mark 16:5 here was no angel just “one” ordinary man dressed in a plain white garment.
  • Luke 24:4 There is now “two” angels?
  • John 20:12 There are “two angels”

The other angel probably went out for doughnuts in the other stories?


45) Who rolled the stone away from the tomb entrance?

  • Matthew 28:2 an earthquake happened then an “angel” moved the stone away as Mary “alone” watched.
  • Mark 16:4 Mary has two more women accompanying her in this version and low and behold there is no earthquake and the stone is already removed when they arrived.
  • Luke 24:2 Mary has even more company in this version at least 5 women at the tomb. No earthquake and before their arrival the stone was moved.
  • John 20:1 Mary “alone” and before her arrival the stone was moved?

Special Note: Why can’t they get their stories straight? Matthew says that an earthquake happened and then a great angel appeared to move the stone away?Matthew claims there were also Roman soldiers guarding the tomb yet none of the other gospels tell this lie?


46) When did the Mary and/or the other women see these alleged angel(s) at the tomb?

  • Matthew 28:1 the two Mary’s see just “one” angel and He is on the OUTSIDE of the tomb.
  • Mark 16:5 the three women see a young “man” not described as an angel and he is seen on the “INSIDE” of the tomb by these women.
  • Luke 24:3, 4 the five women enter into the tomb and cannot find Jesus’ body. Then “two” angels allegedly appear on the “INSIDE” of the tomb.
  • John 20:1 the other women all go grocery shopping and Mary goes to the tomb alone. There is no angel and she runs and tells Peter that Jesus’ body has been stolen. She and Peter return and still “NO ANGEL!” Vs. 11, after Peter goes home then allegedly “TWO” angels finally decide to appear and Mary sees them on the “INSIDE” of the tomb.

Maybe the angels stopped at “BURGER HEAVEN” for a cheeseburger?


47) What instructions did the women allegedly receive from the angel(s)?

  • Matthew 28:7,  the “one” angel tell the two Mary’s are told to go and tell the disciples that Jesus rose from the dead and that He will meet them in GALILEE.
  • Mark 16:7 the man found inside of the tomb tells the three women to go and tell the disciples that Jesus rose from the dead and that He will meet them in GALILEE. Yet verse 8 clearly says the women did not believe this man and instead went home and didn’t say anything to anyone! Please go to the internet and research the “MARCAN APPENDIX.”
  • John 20:1 there is no angel to tell Mary that Jesus has risen and she goes directly to the Disciples and says Jesus’ body was stolen!
  • John 20:13 the two angels do not give Mary any instructions because Jesus allegedly appears to her without the other FIVE WOMEN before the angels can give any instructions?
  • However in John 20:17 Jesus tells Mary to tell the disciples that he is going not to Galilee but instead to heaven to his father and their father!

Now please tell me which of these five stories are we supposed to truly believe? My choice isNone of the above.


48) What was the emotional state of the women once they left the tomb?

  • Matthew 28:6-8: The women ran from the tomb “with great joy.”
  • John 20:1, 2: Mary told Peter and the other Disciples that the body had been stolen.

Come on People! Contradiction after contradiction! Now would she feel “great joy”if she thought the body was stolen? Of course not! Here is yet another major black eye to Christianity!


49) When the women allegedly saw Jesus how did they greet Him?

  • Matthew 28:9 on his first appearance to them, Jesus lets Mary Magdalene and the other Mary allegedly hold him by his feet?
  • Mark 16:9 Mark says there was only Mary Magdalene and does not mention any physical contact with Jesus. What happened to the other women?
  • Luke 24:10 Mary and the multiple women never saw Jesus at all!
  • John 20:17 on his first appearance to Mary, Jesus forbids her to touch him since he has not yet ascended to the Father?
  • John 20:27 a week later, although he has not yet ascended to the Father,Jesus tells Thomas to touch him!

Personal Note: These verses are very damaging! Matthew claims Jesus allows multiple women to physically touch Him. Mark says Matthew’s version is a lie. And that there were no other women with Mary Magdalene,she was alone and no mention of any physically contact with Jesus.

Luke’s version says both stories are lies and that Jesus “NEVER” met Mary Magdalene or any woman at all! Mary supposedly went directly to the Disciples as the angels told her too and the Disciples didn’t believe her!Wow! John’s version also contradicts the other stories. There are no other women, Mary Magdalene is “alone,” and Jesus will not allow Mary to touch Him! Wow! How can all of these gospels be correct? All hearsay and exaggerated tall tales! These gospels are not from God and now you are also witnessing these facts on your own!

In my conclusion, I have just recorded fifty different scriptural contradictions from the gospel of John and the other alleged gospel writers and there are many more as well! So when you researched the scriptures that I pointed out how did you feel? Were you able to see the discrepancies or were you like the many other people who didn’t care to find the truth? As I have stated over and over again,none of the Disciples were present at any of these events yet they expect us to believe they know what happened all the way down to the “exact” word Jesus may have used. I’m sorry that is totally impossible. These gospels should not betaken seriously because they are pagan fables. Continue your research and so much more will be revealed. Do not rely on “JOHN” or me for your understanding of God Shalom/Salaam!

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