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Does Jesus Belong To A Cursed Family?

Does the Israelite Prophet’s including Jesus belong to a CURSED FAMILY?

Should Abraham have been pimping out his wife? Is it OK to marry your sister?

This question actually came to my mind after reading an online articles entitled ”

Top 10: Cursed Bloodlines”



I may agree with the author when he said A curse is, by definition, supernatural, which dismisses the two primary factors at work in all families: genetic predisposition and free will. Examined in this light, a curse sounds less like an explanation for bad luck and more like an excuse for poor behavior….

But what puzzled me was why he didnt include the APPROVED Biblical incest in the Christians Bible.

Christians need some explaining on how Isaac, Israelite prophets including Jesus is



The Bible clearly stated that a man who married his own sister is CURSED BY GOD!

” ‘God’s curse on anyone who has intercourse with his sister or half sister.’ “And all the people will answer, ‘Amen!’ [ Deuteronomy 27:22 GNB ]

But we see that the same Bible also tell us that Sarah – The mother of the so-called future redeemer! The mother of Christians Lord was a SISTER OF Abram!

She [Sarah] really is my sister. She is the daughter of my father, but not of my mother, and I married her. [Genesis 20:12 GNB]


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