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Mother and son worship is a perfect example of how Satan has set up a counterfeit religion.

Mother and son worship is a perfect example of how Satan has set up a counterfeit religion.

Mother and son worship is a perfect example of how Satan has set up a counterfit religion. His plan is to make a copy of Gods plan but make it so that humans will worship him.. As you will see in almost every religion there is a mother and child. It all leads back to the mother goddess of Babylon, as I mentioned in this site, after the death of Nimrod, his adulterous wife gave birth to a child who she claims was supernaturally conceived. She taught that Tammuz-the son was a God child; that he was Nimrod, reborn and that her and her child were divine. Thus establishing MOTHER AND CHILD WORSHIP.

Numerous monuments of Babylon shows the Goddess mother Semiramis with her child Tammuz in her arms.(picture to the right) Remember at the time when they built the tower of Babel God changed their languages and they were scattered throughout the earth. God did not change there mind set just their languages, they took with them the worship of the divine mother and god-child with them. This explains why all nations, in one way or another worshipped a divine mother and god child.

Among the Chinese, the Mother Goddess was called Shingmoo or the “Holy mother.” She is pictured with child in her arms and rays of glory around her head. The ancient Germans worshipped the Virgin “Hertha” with child in arms. The scandinavians called her “Disa” who was also pictured with a child. The Etruscans called her “Nutria” and among the Druids, the “Virgo-Paritura” was worshipped as the “Mother of God.”

In India, she was known as Indrani (left), who was also represented with a child in her arms. The Babylonian Mother was known as Aphodite or Ceres to the Greeks; Nana, to the Sumerians; and as Venus or Fortuna to the pagans in Rome, and her child was known as Jupiter. For ages, Isi, the “Great Goddess” and her child Iswara, have been worshipped in India where great temples were erected for their worship. In Asia, the Mother was known as Cybele and the child as Deoius.

The Bible mentions this Mother-Goddess worship when the children of israel fell into apostasy. Judges 2:13, “They forsook the LORD, and served Baal and Ashtaroth.” They turned their backs on the true God of heaven to worship Ashtaroth or Ashtoreth which was also called “the queen of heaven.” You can read in Jeremiah 44:17-19. Jeremiah is rebuking them for worshipping her, but they rebelled against his warning and thus brought sudden destruction from the true God.

In Ephesus, the Great Mother was known as Diana(left)the Goddess of Virginity and Motherhood. She was said to represent the generative powers of nature and so was pictured with many breasts. A tower shaped crown, a symbol of the Tower of Babal. The temple that was dedicated to her in Ephesus is one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world! She was not only worshipped in Ephesus and throughout Asia, but the world (Acts 19:27).

In Egypt, the Babylonian Mother was known as Isis and her child as Horus. It is common to see this kind of monument in Egypt of Horus seated on his mother (as seen in the accompanying statue to the right).  


The worship of Mother and Child was also discovered in England in 1747, a religious monument was found at Oxford, of pagan orgian, on which it exhibited a female nursing an infant. “Thus we see,”says the historian, “that the virgin and child were worshipped in pagan times from China to Britain…….and even to Mexico. Here is some more examples of the Mother and child:

1) Ankh Nes Meryre and Son Pepi. 2) Cyprus. 3)Madonna Guanyin, Goddess of mercy 4) Matrika from Tanesara of India 5) Yasoda and Krishna. 6) Mother and son 2000-1850 B.C. 7) Mexico, Jalisco 200 B.C.- 500 A.D. 8) Maya. 9) Mexico, Colima 200 B.C.- 500A.D. 10) Mykene, Greece 11) Sun Goddess, Arinna. 12) Virgin Mary (thi is not the real Virgin Mary)

As you can see this false worship has spread  from Babylon to the various nations, in different names and forms, and finaly became established at Rome and throughout the Roman Empire. In The Golden Bough, Vol. 1, p. 356. speaking of this time “The worship of the Great Mother… was very popular under the Rome Empire. Inscriptions prove that the two (Mother and Child) received divine honours…not only in Italy and especially at Rome, but also in the provinces, particularly in Africa, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and Bulgaria.

It was at this period that Jesus founded the New Testament Church. By the third and fourth centuries, how ever, what was known as the “church” greatly departed from the original faith, falling into that great apostasy that was prophesied by the apostles. When this “falling away” came, much paganism was mixed with Christianity. Unconverted pagans were taken into the professing church and in numerous instance were allowed to continue many of their pagan rite and customs-usually with a few reservation or changes to make these pagan beliefs appear more similar to Christian doctrine. One example of a compromise to pagans was this Mother and son worship. Little by little the worship and pagan doctrines were being applied to Mary and Jesus.

It is evident that this Mary worship was not the worship of Mary at all, but a continuation of pagan rituals. For while Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a fine, dedicated, and  godly woman-especially chosen to bear the body of our savior-yet never was considered as a DIVINE person or a goddess by the early true church. There is no evidence in the Bible or by the Apostles or even Jesus him self ever hinted at the idea of Mary worship.



“during the first centuries of the church, no emphasis was placed upon Mary whatsoever. it was not until the time of Constantine- the early part of the fourth century-that anyone began to look to Mary as a goddess. But even at this period, such worship was frowned upon by the church, as it is evident by the words of the Epiphanius who denounced certain woman of Thrace, Arabia, and elsewhere, for worshipping Mary as an actual goddess and offerings cakes at her shrine.Yet, within just a few more years, Mary worship was not only considered by what is known today as the Catholic Church, but it became one of her main doctrines-as it is today.”

Further proof that Mary worship is of pagan decent, may be seen in her TITLES that are ascribed to her. For example, Mary is often called “THE MADONNA.” This title has nothing to do with Mary, the mother of Jesus! It is a title in which the Babylonian Goddess was know! In deified form, Nimrod came to be known as Baal. The title of his wife, the female divinity, would be the equivalent of Baalti. In English, this word means “My Lady”;in Latin, “Mea Domina”, and in Italian, it is corrupted into the well known “Madonna”!

Among the Phoenicians, the Mother Goddess was known as “The Lady of the Sea” this title was also given to Mary- though there is no connection between Mary and the sea whatsoever!

The scriptures is clear that there is only ONE MEDIATOR between God and men, our savior Jesus Christ(1 Tim.2:5. Yet Roman Catholicism teaches that Mary is also a “mediator.” So how is it that Mary came to be looked upon as a mediator? You see. the Mother Goddess of Babylon bore as one of her names, “Mylitta”, that is, “The Mediatrix.”  another title that was borrowed is “The Queen of Heaven.” This title came from a pagan Mother Goddess that was worshipped centuries before Mary was ever born. As we read in Jeremiah 7:18-20: “The children gather woo, and the fathers kindle the fire, and the woman knead their dough, to make cakes to the queen of heaven.” And in connection, it is interesting to note that right down to modern times at Paphos, Cyprus, the women made offerings to the Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven, in the ruins of the ancient Temples of Astarte.

Another pagan Mother Goddess in Egypt was Isis and her son Horus. Now one of the title that Isis was known and later given to Mary was “The Mother of God” it was applied to Mary by the Theologians of Alexandria. Again they attempted to make Christianity appear similar to the pagan Mother-Goddess worship. Now we know that Mary was the mother of Jesus, but only in the sense of his human nature, his humanity. The Catholic title and the original meaning of the title, however, went beyond this.

The worship of Isis was not only limited to Egypt. It was introduced into Rome about 80 B.C.. when Sulla founded Anan Isiac College  there.  And  to show  the extent  of compromise and  pagan  mixture in Rome, we only need to mention the fact that Isis was worshipped in a shrine that “stood on the Vatican Hill where now stands St. Peters, the center  of church which worshippers the “Mother of God” in just the same capacity!

Such titles plainly show that the SUPPOSED worship of Mary today is in all reality the continuation of Goddess worship of pagan times. But there is further proof of this that can be seen in the way Mary came to be represented in the art of  the fallen church:

As you can see there are circles behind their heads. A circle in Chaldea was Zero, and also signified “the seed.” Zero evidently comes from the Chaldee, zer, “to encompass,” from which, also, no doubt, was derived from the Babylonian name for a great cycle of time, called a “saros.” (Bunsen vol. i. pp. 711, 712.) The Chaldeans regardedhim as the great “Seed,” he was looked upon as the sun incarnate. A circle was a symbol of the sun.  You can also find it in the pictures of Jesus, but having something extra added to it, it’s a mystic symbol used by the Chaldeans and Egyptians-the true original form of the letter T-the initial of the name of Tammuz. An interesting note is that the Tau was marked in baptism on the forehead of those initiated into the Mysteries, the Catholic Church also marks this Tau symbol on the people on ash Wednesday, nowhere in the Bible does it say to do such a pagan act.  On Chaldean coins you will find the Tau (1). Way before the cruxifiction. Etrurian and Coptic (2)(3). To identify Tammuz with the sun it was joined together with the circle (4) and inserted in the circle (5) as seen behind Jesus (right).           Place your pointer on the picture of Jesus and the mothers above.

It was so strongly written in the paganistic mind the image of the Mother Goddess with a child in her arms, that when the days of the great falling away came, the portrait of Isis and the child Horus was accepted not only in popular opinion, but by formal episcopal sanction, as the portrait of the Virgin and son. Representations of Isis and her child were often enclosed in framework of flowers. This practice too was applied to Mary who is often pictured the same way, as those who have studied Medieval Art well known.

The Egyptian goddess Isis was often represented as standing on the crescent moon with twelve stars surrounding her head. There is another woman mentioned with twelve stars in the Bible, but its not Mary. But it was also adopted to Mary (left). This adoption was to satisfy the superstitions of the heathen mind. And even as the pagans had statues of Goddess, so likewise, statues were made of Mary, even though the scriptures forbid such a practice! In some cases, the very same statues had been worshipped as Isis, were simply renamed as Mary and the Christ child- and the old worship continued! “When Christianity triumphed”, says one writer, “these painting and figures became those of the Madonna and child without any break in continuity: No archaeologist, in fact, can now tell whether some of these objects represent the one or the other.” Not only has this deceived them but it is deceiving and uniting the world.


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