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Seven Scriptures That Debunk the Trinity as a Single Being

Seven Scriptures That Debunk the Trinity as a Single Being

Seven Scripture That Debunk Trinity

The following seven scriptures show the fallacy of claiming that the Father and the Son are one being as the Trinity teaching asserts.

How can one reconcile belief in the Trinity with these simple questions?

Hebrews 1:5 tells us that Jesus was begotten by His Father. Did He beget Himself?

In Matthew 22:44, the Father said Jesus would sit at His right hand until His enemies were made His footstool. Was Jesus to sit at His own right hand?

In Matthew 24:36, when Jesus told His disciples that no one knows the day or hour of His return but the Father only, did He really know but made up an excuse to not tell them?

In John 14:28, Jesus said His Father was greater than He was. Does this mean He was greater than Himself?

In John 17:1, Jesus prayed to His Father. Was He praying to Himself?

In Matthew 27:46, Jesus cried out, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?” Had He forsaken Himself?

In John 20:17, Jesus said He would ascend to the Father after His resurrection. Did He ascend to Himself?

These and many other biblical passages demonstrate to a rational Bible reader that the Trinity teaching is not only unbiblical, but also utterly illogical!

Is Isaiah Chapter 53 A Prophecy About Jesus? Or Someone Else?

Who was wounded for our transgression in Isaiah 53?



Jesus Or Someone else?


Isaiah 53 is by far one of the most misunderstood chapters in the bible.

The Christians believe that this Isaiah 53 is proof that Jesus was sent to literally die for the sins of mankind and thereby redeem them from bondage of sin

Now, is this the truth?

Does Isaiah 53 have anything to do with Jesus? As a Muslim, I can say no! but that would be too easy. That will just be my opinion against others and no one will learn by bickering. However, I do certainly believe if we take our time and study one verse at a time in context we will be able to find out what Isaiah the writer is trying to say.

Before we scrutinize Isaiah 53 verse by verse some preliminary matters have to be addressed first. To all reader, if you want to learn the truth, then just for a moment please forget what you know about the New Testament.

Anyone can write a new gospel hundreds of years in the future and tell you it is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. First you have to diligently study the Old Testament to see exactly the arguments the writer is trying to drive home.Then you can see if the New Testament is true or a Greek fairy tale. So let’s begin…

Isaiah 53 is properly understood if properly read in whole context. In other book of Isaiah, he predicted the Jewish people would go into exile from their homeland- Jerusalem and would be slaves to foreign countries such as Assyria. However Chapter 53 occurs in the midst of the Babylonian captivity. Isaiah’s overall message is only for these Babylonian exiled slaves. Isaiah tells the Jews of God’s plan of eventual salvation once they have paid the price for their disobedience- i.e. turning their back on YHWH.

In Isaiah chapters 41 through 53, the nation of Israel/Jacob is illustrated as a singular entity. Now always bear this fact in mind. So Isaiah will on many occasions speak ofIsrael/Jacob as a “he,and his.” You must not forget this point or you may start to assume that Isaiah is speaking of a singular person in his verses. Another thing that is crucial for you to remember is that it is he Jacob/Israel that is known as God’s “SERVANT.”


  • But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend. ISAIAH 41:8

Isaiah lets us know that it is the nation of Israel/Jacob that is God’s chosen nation and servant.  Notice how in chapter 52 for example, Israel is described as “oppressed without cause” (v.4) and “taken away” (v.5), yet God- YHWH promises a brighter future in just a few years. Israel will once again prosper and all the other-nations will look in total amazement at what has happened. (Read Isaiah 52:1-3,8-12).

Isaiah Chapter 53 starts with speaking of the suffering of the Jews in the Babylonian captivity.

Now the Christians want us to believe that Isaiah suddenly, pauses for “station identification” in the middle of his conversation to give us a futuristic prophecy of Jesus as the messiah. This is absurd!  Then after pausing to give us an irrelevant future prophecy, Christians want us to believe Isaiah once again changed subjects in Chapter 54 and suddenly went back to his original point of deliverance from Babylon. Huh?

That is the most hilarious thing I have ever heard!

I want you to think about this for a moment  and use a common sense given to us by God:

“Why would someone being starved, raped and tortured need to know about a futuristic Messiah that they will never live to see?”

Does that make any sense to you If you had someone that was raping your daughter over and over again do you think she would care about who the 1000th President of the United States will be in the future??? Heck no! The Christians Pastor do not want you to know the truth! Start reading God’s Holy words on your own.

Hear me clearly Brothers and Sisters! Isaiah 53 is not a prophecy of a Jewish/Christian Messiah! and it is not a prophecy of a Christian God either. It is a story of Jewish redemption from the oppression from their enemies. To make you further understand this commentary you will note how Chapter 54 summarizes the chapters by ending as follows:

  • “This is the heritage of the servant(s) of the Lord and their vindication is from ME, declares the Lord.”ISAIAH 54:17

What does “HERITAGE” mean? It means:

(Legacy,Tradition and Birthright.)

What does “VINDICATION” mean? It means:

(Exoneration,Absolution & Acquittal)

As you can see God declares that all of the Chapters of Isaiah leading up to this last verse in Chapter 54 is about His

1)    “Plural” servants i.e. “Jacob/Israel.”

2)    The historical “heritage/legacy” of the Jews.

3)    God’s “vindication/absolution/forgiveness” of Israel from their sins.

Now that wasn’t hard to learn was it? These verses alone prove to us that Isaiah is not giving a prophecy concerning Jesus! However, In the next section we will break down chapter 53 to see exactly what Isaiah wanted us to know…

Isaiah Chapter 53 True Answer Revealed!

In this section we are breaking down each verse to find out what message Isaiah is trying to tell us. Forget about what you think you already know. Read these verses just as they are written as though you are reading the chapters of Isaiah for the first time. Please read each verse slowly! Do not read all the way through and miss the significance of each verse by itself. Each verse tells a wonderful story in itself. In addition to Isaiah 53,we must read the coinciding scriptures from the other prophets who lived during Isaiah’s day to see if their words also support Isaiah’s words and my answers that I will show you. That is the only way we will learn the real truth…

Isaiah chapter 53 is about the suffering “servant.” Chapter 53 is also a continuation of the message that begins at 52:13. So let us begin at that verse.

  • Behold, MY SERVANT will prosper.  Isaiah 52:13

As we start our knowledge journey we see that God is doing the speaking. God says that His servant will prosper? The verses below show us just who that servant really is:


  • But thou, Israel, art MY SERVANT Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend. ISAIAH 41:8
  • …Thou art MY SERVANT I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away. ISAIAH 41:9
  • Yet now hear O Jacob my servant; and Israel, whom I have chosen: Thus saith the Lord that made thee, and formed thee from the womb, which will help thee; Fear not, O Jacob, my Servant; and thou, Jesurun, whom I have chosen. ISAIAH 44:1-2

Now you see who Isaiah says the servant really is. All throughout Isaiah’s words it is Israel/Jacob the nation that is spoken of in the singular as the servant or servants of God. Israel is constantly referred to as: Him, Her,they, She or “HE” depending on what the writer is trying to express.

The worst part about this discussion is that Isaiah has not changed his writing style in any chapter of his books. So why do Christian theologians choose to ignore this fact? Isaiah saysboth the “literal” and “proverbial” servant is Jacob/Israel.

See Isaiah. 41:8-9. 42:19-20, 43:1, 44:1-2.45:4, 48:20 and 49:3.

Other Old Testament writers confirm this fact:

  • Therefore fear thou not, O my Servant JACOB, saith the Lord… JEREMIAH. 30:10

See also Jeremiah 30:17, 46:27-28, Isaiah 53:4, and Psalms 136:22 and Luke.1:54.

Now no one will be able to confuse you concerning who the servant of God is ever again. Let’s continue:

  • “So shall HE (the servant) startle many nations, the kings will stand speechless; for that which had not been told them they shall see and that which they had not heard shall they ponder. Who would believe what we have heard?”  ISAIAH 52:15

Quite clearly, the other nations and their kings will be amazed at what happens to the “Servant of the Lord,” and they will say,

“Who would believe what we have heard?”

52:15 tells us explicitly that it is the nations of the world, the Gentiles, who are asking the question here in Isaiah 52. With this knowledge let’s move on to chapter 53…

  • 53:1: “Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the ARM of the LORDrevealed?

Verse 1 is a continuance from chapter 52 and God is about to do something miraculous!  (A special note for you) When ever you see the terminology in scripture concerning God’s: Arm, Right Hand,or Spirit doing something it merely means God’s “POWER.” So in this context God is asking: Who will witness my miraculous ARM/POWER? Here you see the Gentile Kings and their people are going to see the power of God deliver the Servant/Israel from their affliction right before their very eyes.

  • “Fear thou not; for I am with “THEE (ISRAEL) be not dismayed; for I am thy God; I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the “RIGHT HAND” of my righteousness.” ISAIAH 41:10
  • The Lord hath made bare his holy Arm in the eyes of all the nations; and all the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God. Isaiah 52:10

God gives consolation and assurance to Israel that He will deliver them with His metaphoric right HAND/POWER of righteousness. God then warns that all the Kings of the earth will not believe the report of Israel’s redemption and will be dumbfounded!

  • “Behold all “THEY” that were incensed against thee shall be“ASHAMED” and “CONFOUNDED” they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish.” ISAIAH 41:11

God now assures the suffering servants/Jews that even though they may have heard about the prophecies of redemption He is now going to do a miracle so amazing that even they/Israel won’t believe it!

  • “Behold “YE” among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously: for I will work a work in “YOUR DAYS,” which“YE” will “NOT BELIEVE,” though it be told you.” HABAKKUK 1:5

In Isaiah, and throughout the Jewish Bible, God’s “arm” refers to God’s power and the physical redemption of Israel from the oppression of other nations.

  • …and I will redeem you with a stretched out ARM and with great judgments. Exodus 6:6
  • For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own ARM save them: but thy “RIGHT HAND”and thine ARM and the light of thy countenance, because thou hadst a favour unto them. Psalms 44:3

So as you can see Israel is not saved because of their own swords or military might.They are saved by God’s arm or God’s power. Look also in

Deut. 4:34, Deut. 7:19, Ps. 44:3 Isaiah 52:8-12 and Isaiah 63:12. So let’s move on to the next verse:

  • 53:2: For HE shall grow up before him as a tender PLANT, and as a ROOT out of a dry ground…

Verse 2 ties directly into verse 1. This scripture is a two part scripture; first God is speaking about Israel.

Notice the analogy GOD uses:

  • “For HE (Israel) shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground.”

We all know that crops/plants need water and will not grow in a dry ground, so the power of God will do the miraculous for Israel! Although lowly Israel is weak and oppressed, God promises to redeem them and make them a physically powerful nation again.  Let’s continue with the second half of the verse.

  • 53:2: …He hath no FORM or “COMELINESS”and when we shall see him there is no BEAUTY that we should desire him.

Now look at the three highlighted words in the second part of verse 2. This verse also ties in with the overall subject of verse 1 and gives us the Gentiles perspective of the Jewish situation. This verse tells us two special things:

I.      Israel has no form. This means as a nation, they have no “structure” or foundation.

II.     Israel has no comeliness. Since their destruction Israel has absolutely nothing; no riches, no commodities no comeliness/attractiveness/beauty or anything of value.

Remember verse 2 is connected to verse 1. So in context, when Isaiah continues his point and uses these three words: form, comeliness and beauty he eliminates this scripture being associated with Jesus. How can you say Jesus had no form/structure? Jesus received His ministry structure from God. This is why He could teach the masses and they all followed His ministry.

Isaiah also told us that the “he”character had no comeliness/beauty or anything that made someone desire him. In the context of the two verses that also cannot apply to Jesus, Jesus’ words and miracles drew multitudes of people to Him. Jesus popularity was so great that it was nearly impossible for Him to find personal rest and relaxation. So these two points truly prove to us that Isaiah wasn’t applying this verse to a futuristic Jesus. In the scriptural context, Israel has nothing other nations would desire so their enemies do not acknowledge them as a real nation. Since being afflicted by God, the nations that loved her/Israel so much now see nothing beautiful about them and have turned their backs on Him/Israel!

  • When thou with rebukes dost correct man for iniquity, thou makest his “BEAUTY” to consume away like a moth: surely every man is vanity. Selah. Psalms 39:11

Concerning this beauty of Israel, the Psalmist tells us that because of their iniquity/sin their comeliness/beauty withered away to nothing.

  • “And thy renown went forth among the heathen for thy “BEAUTY”: for it was “PERFECT” through MY “COMELINESS, which I had put upon Thee, saith the LORD GOD. But thou didst trust in thine own BEAUTY,and playedst the harlot because of thy renown, and pouredst out thy fornications on every one that passed by; his it was.” Ezekiel 16:14, 15

Their enemies are in charge now! Jeremiah cries out in Lamentations about this very subject:

  • “All that pass by clap their hands at thee; they hiss and wag their head at the daughter of Jerusalem, saying, is this the city that men call the perfection of “BEAUTY,” The joy of the whole earth?” Lamentations 2:15
  • “Her adversaries are the chief, her enemies prosper; for the LORD hath AFFLICTED (HER) for the multitude of (HER) Transgressions: her children are gone into captivity before the enemy. And from the daughter of Zion all her BEAUTY is departed: her princes are become like harts that find no pasture, and they are gone without strength before the pursuer.”LAMENTATIONS 1:5, 6
  • “Thus wast “THOU” decked with gold and silver; and thy raiment was of fine linen, and silk, and broidered work; “thou/Israel” didst eat fine flour, and honey, and oil: and “THOU” was exceeding “BEAUTIFUL,” and“THOU” didst “PROSPER” into a kingdom.” Ezekiel 16:13

Wow! Jeremiah lets us know that the nation of Israel has just become the Rodney Dangerfield of nations they get “NO RESPECT!

Israel’s beauty is gone just like Isaiah said in verse 2. Israel’s enemies clap their hands, hiss and shake their heads in disgust and ask the question:

“Is this the city that we used to think was so great and beautiful?”

As Isaiah said, they have no beauty or comeliness that her enemies should desire him/them. Israel is a nation lost! Her enemies have conquered her! This is why they are lamenting over their pain and torment and grief:

  • My FLESH” and MY SKIN, hath he made old: he hath broken my bones.” LAMENTATIONS 3:4
  • OUR SKIN, was BLACK like an oven because of the terrible famine.” LAMENTATIONS 5:10

Israel’s beauty is gone they no longer wear fine linen and silks. He/Jacob is crushed by the hands of his enemies and his bones are broken and pierced. Famine and disease has made his beautiful skin old wrinkled and black. Now you know the truth, “HE/JACOB/Israel” lost his beauty because he/they no longer had God’s spiritual covering…

Theologians want us to believe this verse speaks of Jesus beating by the soldiers and this is why no one desired Him. Can you actually believe this was the best education their money could buy? No one can make you believe that lie ever again.

Through God’s power, all of the kings and kingdoms will see Israel rise out of the ashes to their rightful place of power. All the kings are confused at what has happened and shake their heads in total disbelief. Just as we have said before the subject matter of Isaiah 53 is merely a continuation from chapter 52:

  • “So shall HE/Israel (the servant) startle many nations, the kings will stand speechless; for that which had not been told them they shall see and that which they had not heard shall they ponder. Who would believe what we have heard?” ISAIAH 52:15

It is amazing what we can learn when we take the bible back from men/preachers and we take the time to really read on our own. Let us move on overseer 3…

  • 53:3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

Wow! This is a long verse. Just as we tied the subject matter of verse 2 with verse 1, we must also tie the subject matter of verse 3 with verse 2 as well.

Notice all of the highlighted words in the verse attributed to the “he” entity.

Notice the “he” person is:

1.    Despised & Rejected by men.

2.    A man of sorrows/sadness

3.    A man familiar/acquainted with grief/suffering.

4.    People hid their faces from him

5.    He is not esteemed/not valued by the people.

These five key points are very insightful.

Despised & Rejected:

Within the context of the verses before 53:3 the despised and rejected phrase cannot apply to Jesus. Luke 4:14-15 tells us that Jesus was a man who was supposedly praised by all:

  • And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a “FAME”of him through all the region round about. 15. And he taught in their synagogues, being glorified of all. LUKE 4:14-15

Yep, you heard it, “praised by all!”  Yes Jesus was despised and rejected but only by a small amount of jealous people such as the High Priests and a small faction of Pharisees. Verse 3can’t apply to Jesus because it says in MATTHEW 4:25 that Jesus was followed by multitudes and He would later be acclaimed as a great Prophet upon his triumphal entry into Jerusalem in MATTHEW. 21:9-11.

Thousands upon thousands of Jews followed Jesus years after His death. (See Acts 21:17-24). Wow! This man doesn’t seem despised and rejected to me. I want you to see the magnitude of this next scripture concerning Jesus’ popularity:

  • And there followed him a great company of people, and of women, which also bewailed and lamented him.Luke 23:27 KJV

Who complains & mourns for someone they supposedly despise? That is ridiculous. Does Jesus sound like someone despised and rejected in Luke 23:27? No! Christian theologians seem to forget about verses like these when they made up these new doctrines. According to the New Testament scriptures the Jews continued to follow Jesus’ ministry even after his death and were cast to the lions by the Romans just for listening to Jesus’ message and turning back to Yahweh! Since we see Isaiah wasn’t talking about Jesus then we can see that Isaiah 53:3 speaks of Israel being despised &rejected by others:

  • “JERUSALEM” hath grievously sinned; therefore she is removed: all that honoured her “DESPISE”(her/Israel,) because they have seen her nakedness:LAMENTATIONS 1:8
  • “Whereas THOU/Israel hast been “FORSAKEN” and “HATED”, so that no man went through thee, I will make THEE/Israel an eternal Excellency, a JOY of many generations.” ISAIAH 60:15
  • “Thou makest “US/Israel” a REPROACH to our neighbours, a SCORN and DERISION to them that are round about us. Thou makest us a byword among the heathen a shaking of the head among the people.”PSALMS 44:13, 14

As you can see Isaiah and the other prophets all tell us who the“he” is in chapter 53. How can you argue with the very writers who wrote the text?

A man of “SORROWS”, and acquainted with “GRIEF”:

The definition of SORROWS:

Grief, mourning, disease, sadness, troubles, & regret!

This person is full of mourning, full of sadness, and full of regret. This person has suffered many times before so they are used to such troubles.  Jesus wasn’t a man full of sorrows. Jesus wasn’t a man who had sores on His body and probably never had a sick day in His life. Why? Well it’s because Jesus obeyed God’s laws and statutes. The man i.e.Jacob/Israel in Isaiah’s scripture did not obey God’s word and he/they are very sorrowful. This applies to Israel’s suffering and sorrows for their sins.

The definition of GRIEF:

Heartache, unhappiness woe, misery & pain!

Was Jesus acquainted or familiar with suffering? No! Jesus was a righteous man and God protects the righteous. Jesus was beaten only during His imprisonment processing so again, in context with the other two verses Isaiah was not talking about Jesus. Notice Isaiah says this“he” entity is very familiar with this sort of suffering/grief. They repeatedly sin against God therefore they continue to suffer massive amounts of grief and turmoil. Isaiah even asked the Jews why they would continue to go through such grief earlier in his writings:

  • “Why should ye be STRICKEN anymore? Ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is SICK, and the whole heart FAINT. From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but WOUNDS, and BRUISES, and PUTREFYING SORES: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment.” ISAIAH 1:5, 6

Isaiah says the Jews would revolt against God “MORE & MORE.”So we see why he says 52 chapters later that the Jews are acquainted or familiar with such grief.

For repeatedly disobeying God’s statutes over and over Jacob/Israel is familiar with grief and sorrows as we shall now witness:

  • “I am FEEBLE and SORE BROKEN: I have roared by reason of the disquietness of my heart.” PSALMS 38:8
  • “I am “TROUBLED” I am bowed down greatly; I go “MOURNING” all day long. For“MY” loins are filled with a loathsome “DISEASE” and there is no soundness in my flesh.” PSALMS 38:6, 7

Unlike the New Testament, the Old Testament writers are in total correlation with each other and they all speak of the history of their torment:

  • “Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? Behold, and see if there be any SORROW like unto (MY) SORROW, which is done unto me, wherewith the LORD hath afflicted me in the day of his fierce anger.”LAMENTATIONS 1:12

Who is speaking about his sorrows? Clearly it is Jacob, the nation of Israel.

  • “ZION/Israel spreadeth forth her hands, and there is none to comfort her. The LORD hath commanded concerning “JACOB that (HIS) adversaries should be round about (HIM): “JERUSALEM” is as a menstruous woman among them. The LORD is righteous; for “ I ” have rebelled against his commandment: hear, I pray you, all people, and behold “MY” SORROW: my virgins and my young men are gone into captivity.” LAMENTATIONS 1:17, 18

Wow! Jerusalem is suffering like a “menstruating woman!” Yikes! This gives a new meaning to P.M.S. doesn’t it?

Remember, “He/JACOB” is not one man. Jacob has long been deceased but His legacy or“seed” still lives on as a Singular Nation of “HE/ZION/ISRAEL.

  • “Hear ye this O house of “JACOB” which are “CALLED” by the name of “ISRAEL…” ISAIAH 48:1

Now come on? I am not that smart. Are you trying to tell me that our so called educated theologians never read this verse in context? Do they want us to believe after reading Isaiah’s own words here in this verse that he spoke of someone else? Yeah right! Let’s look at more words from Isaiah:

  • “Hearken unto me “O’JACOB” and “ISRAEL “MY CALLED.” ISAIAH 48:12
  • “I, even I, have spoken; yea, I have called “HIM (JACOB) I have brought “HIM” and “HE” shall make “HIS” way prosperous.” ISAIAH 48:15

The use of “he and him” is a continual writing style of Isaiah’s when he is speaking of God’s singular servant Jacob/Israel in every chapter leading up to Chapter 53. Now you know…

  • “…The Lord hath redeemed his “SERVANT JACOB.”ISAIAH 48:20

All throughout the book of Isaiah, he speaks only of Israel and Israel related issues. The other writers all agreed with Isaiah’s terminology. All of God’s Old Testament prophets are on one accord.

  • 53:3 …We hid as it were our faces from HIMHE was Despised, and we Esteemed HIM not.

This is the second part of verse 3. Remember the first half of the verse just told us that the“he” person became so ugly and undesirable because of their sins. Because of their ugliness they are despised and rejected by the other nations. When they needed help their old friends and allies suddenly hid their faces from them and wouldn’t come to their rescue. His friends no longer esteemed/respected him.

All those who used to love him, i.e. JACOB/ISRAEL and used to sing his/their praises now have turned their backs or seemingly hid their faces from Him/Israel. We all have been in this situation before haven’t we? When a friend or a loved one was in need, have you ever given them all you’ve had? Sadly, when you suddenly fell on hard times these same friends acted like you didn’t exist. You are walking down the streets and when they saw you coming they suddenly hid “as it were” their faces from you and suddenly had to leave to get away from you? Those low downing rates!

It’s amazing when you are the one destitute how quickly people will start to DESPISE you or no longer Esteem/Respect you either. That’s just the way people are and that’s the pain and reality Israel had to endure after they sinned against God and played the harlot to other nations.

Isaiah says these same so called “friends” turned their backs on them and hid “as it were” their faces from Jacob/Israel. Lamentations quotes Isaiah 53:3 almost verbatim:

  • “JERUSALEM hath grievously sinned; therefore SHE is removed: all that “HONOURED” “HER  DESPISE her because they have seen her nakedness:LAMENTATIONS 1:8

The once glorious nation of Israel is now despised by all that used to honor Her, Him, Them, Jacob, Israel or whatever word you or the writer choose to use. We are only up to verse 4 and yet you and I don’t have to guess what Isaiah is talking about.

Why has it taken regular Christian theologians so long to catch up to the truth? Well maybe you and I can help them along. Let’s continue:

  • 53:4 Surely HE hath BORNE “OUR” GRIEFS, and carried our SORROWS:

Now verse 4 has always been a little confusing to most people.

The first thing you would have to ask is:

I.      WHO is carrying the “GRIEF & SORROWS?

II.     WHO exactly is doing the speaking in this verse?”

III.    WHO is initially responsible for these “GRIEFS& SORROWS?

IV.    Are these the “GRIEFS & SORROWS” of the whole world that Christianity claim Jesus accepted when He died on the cross?

All of these are very valid questions, so are there additional scriptures in the Old Testament that tell us almost word for word who it is that bears someone’s “grief & sorrows?” Yes there are and you are going to love them! Let’s take each question one by one and get the answers from the bible:

1.   WHO is carrying the “GRIEFS & SORROWS?

It is Jacob/Israel that is suffering from this grief &sorrow and the rest of the bible lets us know this:

  • “OUR fathers have sinned, and are not; and “WE”have “BORNE” “THEIR” Iniquities.” Lamentations 5:7

So now you see that it is a biblical fact that Israel is carrying these sins. The Old Testament writers acknowledge this point and try to put their suffering into perspective:

  • “It is good for a “MAN” that “HE BEAR” the yoke of HIS youth.” Lamentations 3:27
  • “It is good for “ME” that “I” have been “AFFLICTED”;that “I” might learn thy statutes.” Psalms 119:71
  • “( I ) know O Lord that thy Judgments are right, and that thou in faithfulness hast “AFFLICTED ME.” Psalms 119:75
  • “Woe is (ME) for (MY) hurt! (MY) WOUND is(GRIEVOUS); but I said, truly this is a (GRIEF), and “I”must (BEAR IT).” Jeremiah 10:19

The Jews definitely knew what Isaiah was talking about in his text. As you can see, the other Old Testament Prophets who also suffered during Isaiah’s time wrote identical words…

2.   WHO exactly is doing the speaking in this verse?”

Isaiah is speaking on behalf of himself and his fellow priests and prophets that cause Israel to have to bear this “grief & sorrow”in the first place. Jeremiah, the writer of the book of Lamentations confirms Isaiah’s words:

  • “THIS was for the SINS of her PROPHETS and the INIQUITIES of her PRIESTS, who shed in the midst of “HER” the blood of the righteous.” LAMENTATIONS 4:13 RSV

We can’t give you any more insight to the truth than all of these verses. Are you starting to see why the Catholic Church false scribes didn’t want you to learn from the Old Testament? It is easy to write a new gospel and steal Old Testament verses and create a new man-god. When we study the verses in original context no preacher can mislead us again…

3.   WHO is initially responsible for these “GRIEFS & SORROWS?

Again as you can see it was the priest and prophets that caused all of this ridiculousness in the first place. Israel suffered because these men of God chose not to teach the truth of the law of God. So God chose to punish all of the people rich, poor, young and old alike because they chose not to use common sense!

  • “For Thus saith the LORD of hosts; As “I” thought to“PUNISH” “YOU,” when “YOUR FATHERS” provoked me to wrath, saith the Lord of hosts, and I repented not.” ZECHARIAH 8:14

After we have seen the truth as written by all of the prophet sin the Old Testament I’m sure there are a few of you who still want to believe the Catholic theologians when they claim Isaiah is speaking of a so-called“DUAL” prophecy. So we have to answer the last question too.

4.   Are these the “GRIEFS & SORROWS” of the whole world that we in Christianity claim Jesus accepted when He died on the cross?

Did Isaiah say that Jesus was to carry the “grief & sorrow” or in other words the:  “Sins” of each and every one of us that accept Him? The answer is no, he did not. Why would I say such a heresy? There are several reasons for me to honestly state this fact.

  1. Isaiah 53 is carried over in context from chapter 52
  2. When Isaiah writes about an actual Messiah/Anointed One, he specifically tells us in his text about that distinct individual. See the actual words Messiah in Chapters 44 and 45 concerning Cyrus.
  3. Isaiah never tells us in actual context in chapters 52 or 53 that he is talking about a soon to come Messiah and neither did Isaiah ever imply that one single man or Messiah would carry these “GRIEFS & SORROWS” that the Christendom claim.

Simply put there are no scriptures in the Old Testament that say God would let the responsibility of our PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE sins fall on the shoulders of one Messiah.Let’s put it in a true perspective:

a)    If Jesus died for your sins then shouldn’t sin have ended by now? I know very well that I still sin, don’t you? We all at some point still sin.

b)    If we still have to ask for forgiveness just like the people did before Jesus allegedly died on the cross for us, then what was the point of Him dying?

Please, Please, Please don’t say that through Jesus we now have an advocate to the Father who will plead our case to God. That makes no sense at all. That is Church Dogma; made up doctrine by the Catholic churches and adopted by every other religion that broke away and formed new denominations. I challenge anyone of any educational background to show me just one scripture that says we needed an “ADVOCATE” to the Father? You will never find this in the Old Testament because we didn’t need one. Sincere repentance reconnects you to the Father. No not the blood of Jesus and not the blood of animals either. Even the Old Testament tells us this fact. The Old Testament book of Samuel says the following key words:

  • OBEDIENCE is better than “ANIMAL SACRIFICES!” 1st Samuel 15:22

Lastly, don’t forget the most damaging Old Testament scripture that proves Isaiah wasn’t speaking of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed or any other man god dying for our sins:

  • If my People… would “HUMBLE” themselves and “PRAY” then will I hear from heaven and “I/YHWH” would “FORGIVE THEIR SINS” and I will heal their lands.”2ND Chronicles 7:14

So ask your Minister:

“Pastor, has YHWH God lost His power to forgive our sins like He said He would in the Old Testament and now has to send Jesus to do His work for Him?”

Now I warn you, they will look at you very strangely and think you are some sort of “SMART ALEC.” Also, ask them if there are any verses in the Old Testament that say we have lost our“CONNECTION” with God. They will give you a philosophical answer only. Feel free to put this book on hold until you have done more research on those questions. You can then pick up where you left off in this publication. Let’s get back to Isaiah’s words:

  • “For the LORD will not cast off for ever: But though HE caused GRIEF yet will HE have compassion according to the multitude of his mercies for HE doth not AFFLICT willingly nor GRIEVE the CHILDREN of MEN.” Lamentations 3:31-33

Both Isaiah and Jeremiah are saying the same exact thing.

Now we see that it is ZION/ISRAEL that is to BEAR the grief and sorrows. Moses says that all of Israel is a “HE” the same as Isaiah does:

  • For the LORD’S portion is His people; JACOB is the lot of his inheritance. He found “him” in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led “HIM”about, he instructed “HIM”, he kept “HIM” as the apple of his eye. DEUTERONOMY 32:9, 10

As we can see here from all the scriptures the “HE” and the “HIM” is JACOB/ISRAEL not JESUS! We have further proof straight from GOD:

  • “But thou “ISRAEL” art my SERVANT JACOB whom I have “CHOSEN” the “SEED” of “ABRAHAM” my friend.” ISAIAH 41:8
  • “Therefore fear thou not, O MY SERVANT JACOB saith the Lord: neither be dismayed,O ISRAEL for, lo I will save thee from afar, and THY SEED from the hand of their captivity and JACOB shall return and shall be in rest and be quiet, and none shall make HIM afraid.”Jeremiah 30:10

Here GOD makes it perfectly clear that the “SERVANT” is ISRAEL!

The “who” in question has been clearly answered for us. GOD says the “HE” and the “HIM” is ISRAEL not JESUS! Now you know…

  • 53:4 …yet WE did ESTEEM him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

The “we” spoken of in this verse refers to the enemies of Israel. The other nations surrounding Israel esteemed or “assumed” they were destroyed because they sinned against their God. So in their minds they have no reason to feel they have done anything at all to offend Israel. Jeremiah confirms their enemy’s point of view.

  • “All that found them have devoured them; and their ADVERSARIES SAID we offend not, because “THEY” have SINNED against the LORD, the habitation of justice, even the LORD, the hope of their fathers.” JEREMIAH 50:7

So as you can see Isaiah and Jeremiah make the same point. Even the enemies of Israel believe the Jews are suffering because of their own sins.

  • “THEY”(enemies) have heard that “I” sigh: there is none to comfort ME: all mine enemies have heard of my trouble; “THEY”are glad that “THOU” (GOD) hast done it: thou wilt bring the day that thou hast called, and they shall be like unto me.”LAMENTATIONS 1:21
  • “All thine ENEMIES have opened their mouth against thee: they hiss and gnash the teeth: “THEY” say, “WE” have swallowed her up: certainly this is the day that “WE”looked for; “WE” have found, “WE” have seen it.” LAMENTATIONS 2:16
  • “Now also many NATIONS are gathered against thee that SAY; Let HER be DEFILED, and let “OUR” eye look upon ZION.” Micah 4:11

God has shown us that the “WE” in context of this verse is the “ENEMY NATIONS” Enough said…

  • 53:5 But HE was wounded for “OUR” Transgressions, HE was bruised for “OUR” Iniquities…

When Isaiah uses the word ‘our” in this passage he is giving a two fold answer. When Isaiah uses the “he” phrasing, he speaks about the suffering of the singular nation Jacob/Israel. When he uses the word “our” he tells us who is responsible for causing the wounds. So “he/Israel” was wounded and bruised because of “our” sins. In other words Israel suffered defeat and calamity because of the sins of their lying priest/prophets. Notice Isaiah’s exact words are also confirmed by the prophet Ezra below:

  • “Since the days of  “OUR FATHERS” have “WE” been in a great trespass unto this day; and for “OUR INIQUITIES” have “WE,” “OUR KINGS,” and “OUR PRIESTS” been delivered into the hand of the kings of the lands, to the sword to captivity, and to confusion of face, as it is, THIS DAY.” Ezra 9:7

Here is word for word confirmation straight from the bible. The book of Ezra gives a recap of the events from Isaiah’s scriptures. Are there any other writers who confirm the points of Isaiah and Ezra? Yes for Jeremiah says:

  1. “WE” have transgressed and have rebelled: thou hast not pardoned.” Lamentations 3:42

Why did all of this happen you ask? Well the bible tells us why…

  • “Her adversaries are the chief, her enemies prosper; for the LORD hath AFFLICTED” “HER” for the multitude of “HER”Transgressions: “HER” children are gone into captivity before the enemy.” Lamentations 1:5
  • “HORROR hath taken hold upon “ME” BECAUSE of the WICKED that forsake thy law.” PSALMS 119:53
  • “OUR FATHERS” have sinned and are not: and “WE” have “BORNE “THEIR” INIQUITIES.” Lamentations 5:7
  • “This was for the SINS of her “PROPHETS” and the INIQUITIES of her PRIESTS who shed in the midst of her the blood of the righteous. Lamentations 4:13 RSV

Wow! How do you argue with the truth? So here yet again other prophets confirm Isaiah’s words. Can God put an end to this mystery? Let’s see:

  • “For Thus saith the LORD of hosts; As “I” thought to“PUNISH” “YOU,” when “YOUR FATHERS” provoked me to wrath, saith the Lord of hosts, and I repented not.” Zechariah 8:14

Now do you see? Even God confirms the message of Isaiah and the other prophets. God tells us clearly that it is He that punished the whole nation because of the sins of their fathers; the Priests and Prophets.

Enough said…

  • 53:5 …the CHASTISEMENT of our PEACE was upon HIM; and with His STRIPES we are healed.

For clarity reasons I want to break down this verse into two parts.

  • The punishment of our peace was upon him?
  • And with his “stripes” we are healed.

This part of the verse reveals two things first:

Chastisement means: punishment. However when reading the King James’ version of this scripture it is confusing.

  • The punishment of our peace was upon him?

Now what does the punishment of our peace mean? When you read other bibles the truth starts to unfold:

  • …He was beaten that we might have peace; he was lashed–and we were healed! Isaiah 53:5 Living Bible
  • …upon him was the chastisement that made us whole, Isaiah 53:5 Revised Standard

Now this makes more sense to me in context. Isaiah says He/Israel received the punishment that God inflicted on them so that they may-once again obey God which leads to peace. Do you remember the adage that says spare the Rod & Spoil the child?”

Well just like you are to spank or chastise disobedient children so that they will learn to obey and to do what is right God also loved-Israel so much that He had to spank or chastise Israel so that they too would learn obedience, gain correction from their sinful ways and once again have peace. This lesson that is in the book of Proverbs:

  • My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; neither be weary of his correction: For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. Proverbs 3:12-13
  • In the lips of him that hath understanding wisdom is found: but a rod is for the back of him that is void of understanding. Proverbs 10:13
  • He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes. Proverbs 13:24
  • “For the “CHASTISEMENT” of MY PEOPLE has been greater than the punishment of Sodom, which was overthrown in a moment, though no hand was laid on it.” Lamentations 4:6
  • “…the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes everyone he accepts as a son. Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father?” Hebrews 12:6-7:

So as you can see when you disobey God there is much“pain/chastisement” before pleasure or peace.

  • Correction is grievous unto him that forsaketh the way: and he that hateth reproof shall die. Proverbs 15:10
  • “Surely it is meet to be said unto God, “I” have BORNE CHASTISEMENT“I” will not offend ANYMORE.” JOB 34:31

Wow! even Job learned this point about his “chastisement.” Enough said… Now for the second part…

  • And with his “stripes” we are healed.

Just like the first half of the verse speaks of suffering so that Israel can finally have “peace,”the second half of the first verse puts the suffering into reflection or expression. By suffering they are healed from their evil ways. Time and time again God forewarned Israel that if they ever disobeyed His commandments, He would punish them severely with punishment/stripes and that He would administer this punishment by the stripes of men.I.e. by the hands of their enemies!

  • If his children forsake my law, and walk not in my judgments; if they break my statutes, and keep not my commandments; then will I visit their transgression with the ROD and their iniquity with STRIPES. Psalms 89:30-32
  • I AM THE “MAN” that hath SEEN “AFFLICTION” by the ROD of HIS wrath.  He hath led me, and brought me into darkness, but not into light. Surely against me is He turned; He turneth His hand against me all the day.” Lamentations 3:1-3
  • Judgments are prepared for scorners and STRIPES for the back of fools. Proverbs 19:29
  • The blueness of a wound cleanseth away evil: so do STRIPES the inward parts of the belly. Proverbs 20:30
  • “I will bear the “INDIGNATION” of the LORD, because “I” have sinned against Him, until He plead “MY” cause, and execute judgment for “ME” He will bring “ME” forth to the light and “I” shall behold his righteousness.” MICAH 7:9

Can you argue with Micah when he admits that he has sinned against God? Jesus taught these Old Testament verses to the original Jews. Jesus says God will punish us with stripes according to our sins:

  • And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many STRIPES. But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few STRIPES. Luke 12:47

The Jews have always known what God’s words meant yet they continually chose to ignore Him and follow their own hearts:

  • 53:6 All we like SHEEP have “GONE ASTRAY” we have turned every one to his own way…

This verse is self explanatory right? There is no dispute from anyone that Isaiah and Psalms are speaking about themselves as being the “Sheep” that have gone astray. It is Israel whosuffers for their Iniquities as a Nation.

  • I have GONE ASTRAY like a lost SHEEP; seek thy servant; for I do not forget thy commandments. Psalms 119:176 KJV
  • The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they are born, speaking lies. Psalms 58:3 KJV
  • “Before “I” was afflicted (I) “WENT ASTRAY” but now have “I” kept thy word.” Psalms 119:67 KJV

The Psalmist new that he was punished because he disobeyed God’swords:

  • 53:6 …and the LORD hath LAID on “HIM” the iniquity of “US” all.

Who has God laid INIQUITY upon? It is Israel! Isaiah lets us know that Israel as a whole will have to pay for the sins of their fathers. Isaiah repeats this prophetic proclamation just a few chapters later:

  • Your iniquities and the iniquities of your fathers together, saith the Lord, which have burned incense upon the mountains, and blasphemed me upon the hills: therefore will I measure their former work into their bosom. Isaiah 65:7

As you can see from the verse above, Isaiah gives us his own definition of 53:6. Isaiah tells us that God punished the entire Jewish nation because of their sins and the sins of their fathers.That’s right, they all forgot about their God and decided to do their own thing:

  • “OUR FATHERS” have sinned and are not: and “WE” have “BORNE “THEIR” INIQUITIES.” Lamentations 5:7
  • “This was for the SINS of her “PROPHETS” and the INIQUITIES of her PRIESTS who shed in the midst of her the blood of the righteous. Lamentations 4:13 RSV
  • “THOU broughtest “US” into the net: Thou “LAIDST ” AFFLICTION upon “OUR” loins.” PSALMS 66:11 KJV

How can you still argue about these verses when Isaiah repeats his statements again in the same context? Something is just wrong with that. So in conclusion: Who is the HIM that Isaiah claims the Iniquity has been laid upon?  It is Israel and not Jesus. You as the reader only come to this conclusion because a so- called “new” Testament teaches you this. Without a new doctrine you would be open to learn the truth the way it was taught to Israel for centuries. Let’s continue…

  • 53:7 HE was “OPPRESSED” and HE was “AFFLICTED,”

This cannot be Jesus because Jesus was not singularly oppressed as in context with Isaiah’s other 6 verses that leads up to this one. In this particular text it is clear that the verse speaks of Israel’s oppression by their enemies with God’s approval:

  • “Wherefore hidest thou thy face and forgettest OUR AFFLICTION and OUR OPPRESION. PSALMS 44:24

You must remember that chapter 53 is a continuation from chapter 52.

Do you remember Isaiah’s conversation when he told us in the prior chapter about the two other times Israel was oppressed and taken away without a reason?

  • “For thus saith the LORD GOD, MY PEOPLE went down aforetime into Egypt to sojourn there: and the ASSYRIAN “OPPRESSED” HIM WITHOUT CAUSE. Isaiah 52:4-5 KJV

Are you noticing the same “him” characterization in the above chapter? As you can see, Isaiah is still addressing the entire nation of Israel/Jacob as a singular he and him all throughout his verses. Chapter 53 is only one chapter away from chapter 52.This should not be that hard to understand! If Isaiah’s conversation all throughout his text has been about the Jewish nation, what on earth would make you believe he would suddenly switch his thoughts and conversation in midstream and tell us of a futuristic prophecy about Jesus?Does that make any sense to you now? Sorry, that is just plain stupid. God is not the author of confusion and neither is Isaiah in his text! In the scripture below the Psalmist repeats Isaiah’s words almost verbatim!

  • “Let not them that are “MINE” enemies wrongfully rejoice over “ME” neither let them wink with the eye that hates “ME” WITHOUT A CAUSE.” Psalms 35:19 KJV

The Psalmist makes it clear for us that the Egyptians and the Assyrians once oppressed him/Israel.No one can argue this point especially when GOD made it so clear when He says:“MY PEOPLE are taken for nothing.”

Now that you know the facts, Isaiah’s next verse will really become clearer to you:

  • 53:7 …Yet HE did not open His mouth, Like a LAMB that is LED to SLAUGHTER, and like a SHEEP that is silent before its shearers.

Now if in verse 53:6 Isaiah said Israel was the “SHEEP” then we must also understand that verse (7) has to be about Israel as well.  Here is confirmation from other writers who tell us that Israel is the suffering “SHEEP”:

  • “Thou makest us (Israel) to turn back from the enemy: and they which hate us spoil for themselves. Thou hast GIVEN us (Israel) like “SHEEP” appointed for MEAT; and hast scattered us among the heathen. Thou sellest thy PEOPLE for nought, and dost not increase thy wealth by their price.” Psalm 44:10-12 KJV

Same Sheep same circumstances…

  • “Yea for thy sake are we (Israel) KILLED all the day long; we (Israel) are counted as SHEEP for the SLAUGHTER.” PSALMS 44:22

For “GOD’S SAKE” or for God’s purpose and decreed judgment it is Israel that is afflicted and LED as LAMBS to the SLAUGHTER. Jeremiah confirms this even stronger:

  • “But ( I ) was a LAMB or an OX that is brought to the Slaughter and ( I ) knew not that they had devised devices against ME, saying, Let us destroy the tree with the fruit thereof, and let us cut him off from the LAND of the LIVING. That HIS name may be no more remembered.” Jeremiah 11:19 KJV

Can you argue with the truth as God is showing us? Jeremiah makes it perfectly clear that he is speaking about Israel being as LAMBS led to the SLAUGHTER! In no way can this be mistaken as the great Deceptive lie of the New Testament!

  • 53:7 …so he did not open his mouth.”

Christian sing a song in church about Jesus that says:

He never said a mumbling word.” We know that Jesus had much to say when He was taken captive! Jesus spoke in His own defense over and over. So much so Jesus was punched in the mouth for His words. See John18:22. Jesus was NEVER silent! Check out these particular facts on that subject:

  • Matt. 27:46 Mark 14:48- 49, Luke 22:53, Luke 22:67-70. Luke 23:28-31, John 18:19-23 & 36-37.

Jesus NOT only defended Himself of the false charges but also asks questions as to why He was receiving such abuse for teaching the true word of God.

Since we have this information we can now see that Isaiah 53:7 is not a future prophecy of Jesus. Clearly this scripture speaks of Israel’s silence as they are being led away by their enemies into bondage. Even the Hebrews knew this point and gave us testimony to the fact:

  • I was “DUMB, I opened not my mouth because “THOU”“DIDST IT.” PSALMS 39:9
  • “I” was DUMB WITH SILENCE “I” held “MY” peace, even from good and “MY” sorrow was stirred.” PSALMS 39:2
  • “Thus saith the LORD; though “THEY” be “QUIET”, and likewise many, yet thus shall they be cut down, when he shall pass through. Though “I” have afflicted thee I will afflict thee no more.” NAHUM 1:12
  • “But “I” as a “DEAF MAN”, heard not; and “I” was as aDUMB “MAN” that OPENETH NOT HIS MOUTH. Thus “I” was as a “MAN” that heareth not and in whose “MOUTH” are NO REPROOFS.” PSALMS 38:13, 14

There you have it! The Psalmist tells us that Israel didn’t open their mouths nor was there any reproof/fault in their mouths. They always knew that it was God that allowed their enemies to destroy them. Once again just in case you missed the truth, why didn’t they open their mouth?The Psalms answers that question for us also:

  • “I was “DUMB, I opened not my mouth because “THOU”“DIDST IT.” PSALMS 39:9

So now we know why Isaiah says that He/Israel did not open his/their mouths.According to the Psalmist he and all of Israel knew that this punishment from God was because of their own disobedience enough said…

  • 53:8 HE was taken from PRISON and from JUDGMENT: and who shall declare HIS GENERATION

Now here lies the trickery in the King James’ Translation of this scripture. The King James Bible translated the first part of this verse as

“He was taken from “PRISON” and from “JUDGMENT.”

Christians believe this verse is proof of a prophecy concerning Jesus. The Hebrew writing does NOT say he was taken from “PRISON.” The Hebrew says that He was taken by “OPPRESSION!” This means that he/Israel was taken by physical FORCE!Wow! This is a big difference and changes the Christian doctrine tremendously. So how did we get the word prison in place of the word oppression?

The King James theologians purposely changed the true definition of the word and strategically placed the wrong word in the bibles to make us believe this was to be a prophecy about Jesus. Other Christian bibles confirm that oppression was the correct definition word too:


By oppression and judgment He was taken away; And as for His generation, who considered That He was cut off out of the land of the living For the transgression of my people, to whom the stroke was due? (NASB ©1995)


By oppression and judgment he was taken away; and as for his generation, who among them considered that he was cut off out of the land of the living for the transgression of my people to whom the stroke was due?


They took away from him help and right, and who gave a thought to his fate? For he was cut off from the land of the living: he came to his death for the sin of my people.


He was taken from oppression and from judgment; and who shall declare his generation? For he was cut off out of the land of the living; for the transgression of my people was he stricken.


By restraint and by judgment he hath been taken, And of his generation who doth meditate, That he hath been cut off from the land of the living? By the transgression of My people he is plagued,


By oppression and judgment he was taken away; and as for his generation, who among them considered that he was cut off out of the land of the living? For the transgression of my people was he stricken.

And finally the true words by the very Hebrew writers which says:


By oppression and judgment he was taken away, and with his generation who did reason? For he was cut off out of the land of the living, for the transgression of my people to whom the stroke was due.

So what is now learned from this?

As you can see this story is still about the Jews. Isaiah said the Jews were taken away into captivity by brute force i.e. by their “enemies.” They were NOT taken away from prison or from judgment but by “JUDGMENT. Whose judgment was this? It was by the judgment of YHWH/God. Israel suffered because of their sins against Him. The Greco-Roman writers purposely use this mistranslated verse as proof that Jesus was taken from a prison cell to have a corrupt trial. Now you can see just how evil Christians are!!!!

There are four things going on in this verse and that person or entity has to answer all four points in context with all the other verses as well and they are:

1.    This entity was taken away by oppression.

2.    There was a judgment decreed.

3.    The oppression is for a certain “generation” of people.

4.    This happened because of their transgressions/sins.

Have you ever read any biblical verse where Jesus ever said He was a king? What about a verse where Jesus was taken from rulership by anyone? No! of course not. By Jesus’ own testimony He never had rights to ruler ship or judgment, at least not on the “first coming.” See,e.g., John 3:17; John 8:15; John 12:47; John 18:36. So in context Israel, God’s suffering servant was taken away by oppression.

  • “I” have done “JUDGMENT” and “JUSTICE” leave me not to mine OPPRESSORS. Be surety for thy SERVANT for good; let not the proud “OPPRESS ME.” Psalms 119:121-122
  • Art thou not from everlasting, O LORD “MY” God, “MINE” Holy One? “WE” shall not die, O LORD; thou hast ordained “THEM” for “JUDGMENT; and, O mighty God, thou hast established “THEM” for “CORRECTION. Zechariah 1:12

So remember, Israel was taken by oppression or by brute force into captivity. This point ties into the second half of verse 8 which asks the following question:

  • 53:8 …who shall declare HIS GENERATION?

Is all of this starting to make sense to you now? Israel was taken by oppression into captivity and Isaiah is wondering who will rescue this generation of people from this oppression? Jesus did not rescue His generation-from oppression. Even after Jesus’ alleged death His generation was still under Roman authority and oppression. So we must understand that this is positively speaking about God rescuing the generation or heritage of Israel not the generation of Jesus. Look as the scriptures tell us the truth all by themselves:

  • Thou shalt keep “THEM” O LORD, thou shalt “PRESERVE THEM” from “THIS GENERATION” for ever. Psalms 12:7
  • This is the “GENERATION” of “THEM” that seek him, that seek thy face “O JACOB” Selah.  Psalms 23:6
  • Who is a God like unto thee, that “PARDONETH” Iniquity, and passeth by the transgression of the “REMNANT” of his“HERITAGE?” He retaineth not his anger for ever, because he delighteth in mercy.” Micah 7:18

I love it when the Old Testament writers all stand together so that no one can deceive those who read for a true understanding. So as you can see from the first two parts of verse 8 we have learned that Israel was taken by oppression or brute force and Isaiah wanted to know who would declare their generation. This leads us to the third part of verse 8 where Isaiah gives us the reason why he/Jacob/Israel had to suffer such awful destruction:

  • 53:8 …For he was CUT OFF out of the LAND OF THE LIVING: for the transgression of my people was He stricken.

From the scriptures we see that Israel not Jesus was cut off out of the Land of the living. Because of their sins they were Afflicted:

  • He hath CUT OFF in his fierce anger all the horn of Israel: he hath drawn back his right hand from before the enemy, and he burned against Jacob like a flaming fire, which devoureth round about. Lamentations 2:3
  • Therefore will I do unto this “HOUSE,” which is called by my name; wherein ye trust, and unto the place which I gave to you and to your fathers as I have done to Shiloh and I will

“CAST BUYOUT” of my sight, as I have “CAST OUT” all your Brethren, even the whole seed of Ephraim. Jeremiah 7:14.15

  • But thou hast CAST OFF, and put US to shame; and goest not forth with our armies. Psalms 44:9
  • “And ( I ) will strengthen the house of “JUDAH”, and I will save the house of Joseph and I will bring them again to place them; for I have mercy upon them and “THEY” shall be as though I had not CAST THEM OFF for I am the LORD Their God, and will hear them. Zechariah 10:6
  • For the LORD will not CAST OFF for ever: Lamentations 3:31

God has shown us that it is ISRAEL and not Jesus that is-cut off:

  • But (I) was a lamb or an ox that is brought to the slaughter and(I) knew not that they had devised devices against (ME),saying, Let us destroy the tree with the fruit thereof, and let us(CUT HIM OFF) from the LAND OF THE LIVING. That (HIS)name may be no more remembered. Jeremiah 11:19
  • They have said, Come, and let us “CUT THEM OFF” from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” Psalms 82:4
  • I will walk before the “LAND OF THE LIVING.” I believe, therefore have I spoken: “I” was greatly “AFFLICTED. Psalms 116:9-10

As you can see the Hebrews knew that God would severely punish them for their disobedience. It doesn’t matter which words you choose to use such as cast off, cut him off or even cast him off. The truth is the Psalmist tells us that God forewarned all of them that He would cut them out of the land of the living if they didn’t obey His laws and statutes.

  • God shall likewise destroy thee for ever, he shall take thee away, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living. Selah. Psalms 52:5

Ezekiel is another great Prophet who also prophesied Babylon would conquer Israel and attempt to cut them off from the land of the living.

  • They have set her a bed in the midst of the slain with all her multitude: her graves are round about him: all of them uncircumcised, slain by the sword: though their terror was caused in the land of the living, yet have they borne their shame with them that go down to the pit: (HE/ISRAEL) is put in the midst of them that be slain. Ezekiel 32:25

There are prophecies of the unrighteous being cut off all throughout the Old Testament books. The Old Testament bible repeatedly says that if a descendant of David is righteous, he will not be cut off. For example, see 1st Kings2:4, 8:25, and 9:4-5; Jeremiah 33:17;2Chronicles 6:16,7:18.  If a descendant of David or priests is unrighteous, they will be cut off. For example, see Jeremiah 33:18;Joel 1:9.Therefore, if this verse is speaking of Jesus being cut off, then that must mean he was unrighteous and was cut off from his royal heritage. Sorry folks! These are not prophecies about Jesus.  Now we can move on to the next verse and see the damage that their sins caused them:

  • 53:9 HE made HIS GRAVE with the wicked, and with the rich in his death…

“Did Jesus share a grave with the WICKED and the RICH in HIS death?” Of course not!!!!  Does that even make any sense to you now? Christian theologians want us to be that the two thieves crucified with Jesus carries out the first part of this scripture and a “rich” man by the name of Joseph of Arimathaea fulfils the second part of the verse. That is totally ridiculous! Isaiah tells us that Israel disobeyed the ordinances of God and started learning and practicing the ways of the unclean heathen nations.

  • “Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will PUNISH ALL “THEM” which are CIRCUMCISED (WITH) the Uncircumcised. Jeremiah 9:25

We have all heard people say things like: “You are guilty by association.”\

If you hang out with drug dealers or prostitutes then you will be assumed to be one and will suffer the same punishment that they will receive!

  • Egypt, and JUDAH, and Edom, and the children of Ammon, and Moab, and all that are in the utmost corners, that dwell in the wilderness: for all these NATIONS are uncircumcised, and All the house of ISRAEL are uncircumcised in the heart.” Jeremiah 9:26

Notice how Jeremiah repeats Isaiah’s words and says Israel will suffer the same punishment of death/grave as the other wicked nations! Guess what? Other prophets repeated Isaiah 53:9 too!

  • They have set her a bed in the midst of the slain with all her multitude: her graves are round about him: all of them uncircumcised, slain by the sword: though their terror was caused in the land of the living, yet have they borne their shame with them that go down to the pit: (HE/ISRAEL) is put in the midst of them that be slain. Ezekiel 32:25

Ezekiel gives us the same prophecy of dieing with the wicked/uncircumcised as Isaiah and Jeremiah. Notice the last part of the verse tells us that he will be added in the midst of them that are to be slain. Read the entire chapter of Ezekiel 32 and see what also happened in this prophecy.

Now Job also forewarned Israel their disobedience would cause them to die alongside the wicked and unclean.

  • But if THEY obey not they shall perish by the sword and They shall DIE without knowledge.  THEY DIE in youth, and Their life is AMONG the UNCLEAN. Job 36:12, 14

Notice how Job knew that if he and the other Hebrews disobeyed God that He would punish them right alongside the other filthy, unclean nations?

God says that He will punish them for learning and doing the evils of the Gentile Nations. The funny thing is, the people being punished knew exactly why they were being punished and also told us the true interpretation about who MADE their graves with the wicked and unclean as in Isaiah 53:9:

  • For “MY SOUL is full of troubles and MY LIFE draweth nigh unto the GRAVE.  “I AM” counted with “THEM” that go down into the “PIT”  “I AM” as a “MAN” that hath no strength.”Psalms 88:3, 4

All I can say after reading this verse is: “Wow!” So as we can see it is Israel that is counted among “them/SINNERS” or the wicked that go down into-the grave. Let’s continue with their confession:

  • “Free among the “DEAD,” like the slain that lie in the“GRAVE,” whom thou rememberest “NO MORE” and “THEY” are “CUT OFF” from thy hand. Thou hast “LAID ME” in the “LOWEST PIT,” in “DARKNESS” in the deeps. And thou hast“AFFLICTED ME” with all thy waves.  Psalms 88:5-7

You know these scriptures give a new meaning to the old phrase:

“You made your bed/grave now “LIE IN IT!”

Now as concerning dieing with the rich men the bible tells the Hebrews of taking care of the widows and the fatherless. By doing this you are performing the works of the law. Jesus even gave two distinct parables of the horrible death of the rich in their graves:

  • And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a RICH man to enter into the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:24
  • …the RICH man also DIED, and was buried; And in Hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments. Luke 16:22-23

So according to Jesus the rich are evil, wicked and will never see the kingdom of Heaven. Interesting isn’t it? Are you-listening “prosperity” preachers?

Jesus, Isaiah, Jeremiah and the Psalmist all tell the truth. Now we know the true meaning of Isaiah’s verse. It was the nation of Jacob/Israel and not Jesus that “MADE” their bed with the wicked men and with the evil rich.  God says those who repent and turn back to Him, will return to their homelands. To those who will not repent they will share their graves with theWICKED and RICH! Enough said…

  • 53:9 …although HE had done no violence, neither was any deceit in HIS mouth.

Even though on the outside Israel never raised a hand in violence or spoke deceitful lies against any other nation, Israel’s enemies have taken them in to captivity. This all happened because they dishonored their God. Look at the corresponding verses below as God takes credit for their suffering!

  • Thus saith the LORD; though “THEY” be “QUIET”, and likewise many, yet thus shall they be cut down, when he shall pass through. Though “I” have AFFLICTED THEE, I will afflict thee no more.  Nahum 1:12
  • Mine enemies chased ME sore, like a bird, WITHOUT CAUSE.They have cut off “MY LIFE” in the dungeon, and cast a stone upon ME. Lamentations 3:52-53
  • Let the proud be ashamed for they dealt perversely with “ME”WITHOUT A CAUSE: but “I” will meditate in thy precepts.Psalms 119:78
  • “All thy commandments are faithful: “they” persecute “ME”WRONGFULLY; help thou “ME.” Psalms 119:86

So as you can see God afflicted Israel because they sinned against Him and not because they spoke deceitfully against other nations. Isaiah knew this and then tells us God’s response in the very next verse:

  • 53:10 …yet it PLEASED THE LORD to bruise HIM; “HE” hath put HIM to GRIEF:

Wow! I’m really, really excited about this one!

Now if you have read this verse and the one before this one together you start to get a clearer understanding of the text!  Remember verse 9 told us that the “he” entity had to endure death and suffering a midst other wicked men and also death with wicked rich men.  Oh Wait! Here’s the clincher! God says in verse 10 that God took immense “PLEASURE” in making the “him” entity suffer such death and agony! Huh?  Just repeat that to yourself for a moment:

God took pleasure in making him suffer.

God took pleasure in making him suffer?


God took “PLEEEEEEEASURE” in making him suffer!!!

Wow, what an amazing revelation for us! As concerning Jesus ask yourself:

  • “Why would God get so much satisfying “pleasure” out of causing his son such PAIN and inflicting so much GRIEF on Him?

Even if Jesus’ death was for a good cause such as dieing for the sins of mankind would God actually take pleasure out of making Jesus suffer? Of course not! That theology has to be themost asinine doctrine of any church in the world!

People, Isaiah is not prophesying about Jesus at all. The scriptures as written speak of God’s decision to turn His back on Israel because of their sins and misbehavior. Israel started to think that they were above God’s laws and statutes. God decided to punish Israel with the help of their enemies and have a good pleasurable laugh-at Israel’s grief!  Both YHWH and the victims also confirm this fact:

  • Because “I” have called, and ye “REFUSED” “I” have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded 26, “I” will “LAUGH” at your “CALAMITY,” “I” will “MOCK” when your fear cometh. Proverbs 1:24&26

GOD is laughing and taking great “PLEASURE” at Israel’s terrible CALAMITY/GRIEF! Oh my!

  • Thou didst say, Woe is “ME” now! For the “LORD” hath added “GRIEF” to (MY) “SORROW,” I fainted in my sighing, and “I” find no rest. Jeremiah 45:2, 3
  • The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming. Psalms37:13
  • But Zion said, The LORD hath “FORSAKEN” me, and my Lord hath FORGOTTEN me. Isaiah 49:14

So who is this “he” entity that is suffering at the hands of God? Let’s listen to someone that can testify about it:

  • I AM THE “MAN” that hath SEEN “AFFLICTION” by the rod of His wrath.  He hath LED “ME”, and brought “ME” into darkness, but not into light. Surely against “ME” is He turned; He turneth His hand against “ME” all the day. Lamentations 3:1-3

Jeremiah says he along with his fellow Jews are the ones suffering this terrible affliction. All of the Prophets knew God placed this on them:

  • Thus saith the LORD of hosts; “I WAS JEALOUS” for “HER”with great fury. Zechariah 8:2
  • And the “LORD” REJECTED all the SEED of “ISRAEL”, and“INFLICTED THEM” and DELIVERED them into the hand of Spoilers, until HE had (CAST THEM) OUT OF HIS SIGHT.2nd KINGS 17:20

Now you can see how all of these verses have added upto Israel the suffering servant being punished by God for their sins.However God made a promise to David that He would not cast off or kill all of the children of Israel. God promised David that if they would again repent and turn from their wicked ways, then He would once again return them home and they would see their seed again. The second part of verse 10 confirms this point:

  • 53:10 …When thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, HE shall see HIS SEED, HE shall prolong HIS DAYS,

Here is yet another amazing and damaging verse to modern day Christianity!

So what exactly is Isaiah trying to say in this verse?

  1. Someone will offer his and/or their soul as an offering atonement for sin.
  2. Once they have atoned for their sins they will be able to once again see their children.
  3. If they atone for their sins their days/life spans will be “PROLONGED.”

Does this verse apply to Israel or does it apply to Jesus? When you break down the verse you start to see the truth, don’t you? Notice clearly this verse is a promise from God which says that once this person offers his soul to God in atonement for sin, he will once again be able to see his “CHILDREN.” Now what does this particular passage mean when it says they will be able to “see their children?” I suddenly rub my chin as though I am in deep thought.

Again according to Isaiah, someone was supposed to do something to “GET” something. This verse eliminates Jesus from the entire prophetic equation!

Did Jesus have children? No!!!! Then how can He make His soul an offering in order to see his children? This is making you think right?

Even more, tell me, how is it that this man whom Christians claim to be an actual all knowing Omnipotent/All Powerful God be able to:


Doesn’t omnipotent mean everlasting? Huh? So how can an everlasting God’s days be prolonged? Again how can you prolong everlasting? Duh!Does that make any sense to you now?

God is forever; but whoever this person or persons may be that Isaiah speaks of in verse 53:10 is not eternal at all! Are you finally seeing how ridiculous our Greco-Roman inspired theology has been?

Isaiah was not giving a new prophecy in verse 10. Isaiah was merely reminding the Jews of the benefits of sin atonement. This is the same warning Moses also gave them about never turning away from God:

  • And he said unto them, set your hearts unto all the words which I testify among you this day, which ye shall command your CHILDREN to observe to do, all the words of this LAW. For it is not a vain thing for you; because it is YOUR LIFE: and through this thing ye shall “PROLONG YOUR DAYS” in the LAND, whither ye go over Jordan to Possess it. Deuteronomy 32:46, 47

Notice how Moses was the first one to use all of these same keywords in his text long before Isaiah?

So permit me to give you the entire verse again for key word comparison:

  • When thou(ISRAEL) shalt make his(YOUR) soul an offering for sin,HE(ISRAEL) shall see HIS(YOUR) SEED, he(ISRAEL) shall PROLONG HIS DAYS and the pleasure of the Lord shall PROSPER in HIS hand.Isaiah 53:10

As you can see Moses and Isaiah are on the same page. Let’s explore a little more so that I may show you that the other Prophets have repeated these same words in identical context.

After making a sin offering to God for His soul three thing swill happen:

1. He/Israel will once again see their SEED/children.

a)     Only after repenting and fearing God will they be able to see their seed/children once again.

  • Praise ye the Lord. Blessed is the (MAN) that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in His commandments (HIS SEED) shall be mighty upon the earth; the GENERATION of the upright shall be blessed.Psalms 112:1-3
  • But thou are the same, and “THY YEARS” shall have “NO END”. The CHILDREN of thy servants shall continue and THEIR SEED shall be established before thee.  Psalms 102:27-28

Here the Psalmist repeats the words of Moses and Isaiah and tells us those that keep God’s law will see their children grow mighty and be blessed.

  • Therefore thus saith the Lord who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob, JACOB(ISRAEL) shall not be ashamed, neither shall his face now wax pale. But when he seeth HIS CHILDREN the work of mine hands, in the midst of HIM, they shall sanctify my name, and sanctify the Holy One of JACOB, and shall fear the God of ISRAEL.THEY that also “ERRED” in spirit shall come to UNDERSTANDING,and they that murmured shall LEARN DOCTRINE. Isaiah 29:22:24

Can you argue with Isaiah when he is the one giving us the definition of his own words?

2.  He/Jacob shall prolong his days.

b)    Again only after giving God an atonement offering for their disobedience will He/Israel be able to prolong his/their days.

This is a clear biblical fact supported with many other biblical texts:

  • If they obey and serve him, they shall spend THEIR DAYS in Prosperity and their YEARS in pleasures. Job 35:11
  • “He weakened my strength in the way, HE SHORTENED MY DAYS, I said, O my God, take “ME” not away in the midst of MY DAYS: thy YEARS are throughout ALL GENERATIONS. Psalms 102:23-24

3. God’s ministry shall prosper in his hand.

When Israel shall make the SIN OFFERING, Israel will redeem their family heritage and dwellin peace:

  • Therefore thus saith THE LORD, who REDEEMED Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob, Jacob shall not be ashamed, neither shall his face now wax pale. But when he/Jacob seeth (HIS) CHILDREN the work of mine hands, in the midst of (HIM), they shall sanctify my name, and sanctify the Holy One of Jacob, and shall fear the God of Israel. (THEY) that also “ERRED” in spirit shall come to Understanding, and (THEY) that murmured shall LEARN DOCTRINE. Isaiah 29:22:24

We do not have to guess about Isaiah’s prophecies when he has already given us its meaning. These verses have all of the same attributes of Isaiah 53 verse 10. The Jews will realize that they’ve made a mistake and erred in spirit. They will offer up a repentance sacrifice and learn how to obey their God as Isaiah 29:22 tells us, and start following God’s laws once again.

By obeying God’s word the Jews were redeemed from suffering, saw that their children’s lives were spared, and their days prolonged all by the power of God.

  • Then answered “I” them, and said unto them, The God of heaven, he will “PROSPER US;” therefore “WE”  (HIS) “SERVANTS” will arise and build; but “YE” have no “PORTION” nor right, nor memorial, in Jerusalem. Nehemiah 2:20
  • THEIR “CHILDREN” also multipliest thou as the stars of heaven, and broughtest “THEM” into the “LAND,” concerning which thou hast promised to “THEIR FATHERS,” that “THEY” should go in to POSSES IT. Nehemiah 9:23

As you can now see verse 10 is about the Jews and not a prophecy of Jesus.

  • 53:11 “HE” shall see of the TRAVAIL of “HIS” soul, and shall be SATISFIED:

After putting his soul through so much unnecessary heartache,he/Jacob learns a valuable lesson from God. Isaiah repeats this point in later chapters:

  • And if thou draw out thy “SOUL” to the hungry, and “SATISFY” the “AFFLICTED SOUL,” then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noon day: And the Lord shall guide“THEE” continually, and “SATISFY THY SOUL” in drought, and make fat thy bones; and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not. Isaiah 58:10, 11

Isaiah the original writer makes it clear what he was speaking of!

  • Wherefore have “WE” fasted, say “THEY”, and thou seest not? Wherefore have “WE” (AFFLICTED) “OUR SOUL”, and thou takes no knowledge.” ISAIAH 58:3
  • Is it such a fast that I have chosen? A day for a “MAN” to Afflict (HIS) SOUL,” ISAIAH 58:5

Isn’t it funny that Isaiah clearly explained his own writings yet since it didn’t fit our theology, we choose to ignore it? This is not brain surgery people! Isaiah already told us that it is was Israel’s soul that was suffering from affliction and not Jesus! Will you please listen to him?

  • It is good for “ME” that “I” have been AFFLICTED; that “I” might learn thy statutes. PSALMS 119:71
  • Out of the mouth of the Most High proceedeth not evil and good? Wherefore doth a living “MAN” complain, a “MAN” for the punishment of “HIS SINS?” Let US SEARCH and TRY OUR WAYS, and TURN AGAIN to the LORD. Let US lift up Our heart with OUR hands unto God in the heavens. “WE”have transgressed and have rebelled: thou hast not pardoned. Lamentations 3:38-42
  • “I know O Lord that thy Judgments are right, and that thou in faithfulness hast “AFFLICTED ME.” PSALMS 119:75
  • I thought on my ways, and turned my feet unto thy testimonies. I made haste, and delayed not to keep thy commandments. The bands of the wicked have robbed me: but I have not forgotten thy law. Psalms 119:59-61

Can we argue with the Hebrew writers when they tell us they are the ones who suffered because of their own sins? The Scriptures tell us that God made Israel suffer their “WOUND”themselves for their transgressions and SINS not JESUS, as the New Testament would have us to believe. God said that if Israel sinned He would punish them with the rod of their enemies and their iniquity with the stripes/whips of men.

  • “If they break my statutes, and keep not my commandments; then will I visit their “TRANSGRESSION” with the “ROD” and their “INIQUITY” with “STRIPES,” PSALMS 89:31, 32

Now you can see why Isaiah’s writings were never confusing to the Jews. They knew exactly what he was speaking of in context. Isaiah 53 is merely confirming the “P.P.P” or the Prophetic Promise of Punishment. They disobeyed and had to suffer at the hands of their enemies!

  • LORD “MY” God, (I) cried unto thee, and thou hast HEALED ME. PSALMS 30:2
  • I acknowledged “MY SIN” unto thee and “MINE” iniquity have I not hid. “I SAID,” I will confess “MY” transgressions unto the LORD; and thou Forgavest the iniquity of “MY SIN” Selah.PSALMS 32:5
  • I REMEMBERED thy judgments of old, O LORD; and have comforted MYSELF. PSALMS 119:52

The Servant/ISRAEL shall see the Affliction/SUFFERING/PAIN of His soul. When they Repent and turn back to God, the Servant’s SOUL shall receive comfort from YHWH and be in rest.

  • 53:11  By “HIS KNOWLEDGE” shall my righteous “SERVANT” JUSTIFY many;

Note again the IN-correct translation based upon the Hebrew translation: “the Servant will cause many to be just” he will not…. “Justify the many.”

This cannot be Jesus because it is through “KNOWLEDGE” that the servant justifies many people not by an Alleged Death on a Cross!

  • And “THEY” shall “TEACH” my people the difference between the HOLY and Profane, and “CAUSE” them to discern between the unclean and the clean. Ezekiel 44:23

Israel is to serve as a “light to the nations” which will ultimately lead the world to knowledge of the One True God of Abraham. Even though they are AFFLICTED at the hands of their oppressors, they are to lead by example and preserve the word of God:

Now let’s see more of the Servant‘s Knowledge:

  • I have more “UNDERSTANDING” than all “MY” teachers: for thy testimonies are “MY” meditations. I “UNDERSTAND” more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts. I have refrained “MY” feet from every “EVIL” way, that “I” might keep thy word. I have not departed from thy judgments: for thouhast “TAUGHT ME. Psalms 119:98-102

Now that is true knowledge don’t you agree? I mean if Israel can learn these principles of God they will live a righteous life. Let’s see if Israel will cause many to be “JUST”:

  • Behold “HIS SOUL” which is lifted up is not upright in “HIM”:but the “JUST” shall live by (HIS) “FAITH. Habakkuk2:4
  • Then will (I) “TEACH” transgressors thy ways; and Sinners shall be “CONVERTED” unto thee. PSALMS 51:13

I love it when the scriptures come together in agreement…

Can you argue with these answers? As you can see, Israel is the one who shall cause many to become “JUST” by their faith and knowledge of YHWH.

  • A hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through KNOWLEDGE shall the JUST be delivered.Proverbs 11:8
  • Arise, shine: for thy light, is come and the GLORY of the Lord is risen upon thee. ForBEHOLD, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: But the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon THEE. And the GENTILES SHALL COME TO (THY LIGHT), and kings to the brightness of thy rising Isaiah 60:1-3

Again, who does God say is the Light of the World?  That’s right ISRAEL is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD! It is Israel that will cause many to become JUST, NOT JUSTIFY THE MANY, as the alleged writers of the New Testament would have US believe! Hallelujah! God reveals truth!

  • 53:11 …for HE shall “BEAR THEIR INIQUITIES.”

Again notice that it is by this person’s knowledge that causes many people to be just and he shall bear their iniquities. Who is the “HE” that shall BEAR their Iniquities? It is all of Israeli.e., the people, their Leaders and their priests that shall bear their-iniquities not Jesus.

Why did God let this happen? Well I’ll let God Himself tell you the reason:

  • And if the “PROPHET” be deceived when he hath spoken a thing, I the Lord have deceived that prophet, and I will stretch out my hand upon “HIM” and will destroy “HIM” from the midst of my people Israel. And “THEY” shall “BEAR” the punishment of THEIR INIQUITY.”  The punishment of the “PROPHET” shall be “EVEN” as the punishment of “HIM’ that seeketh unto“HIM. Ezekiel 14:9, 10

God made it clear to Israel the consequences of listening to their false Priest and Prophets God clearly told the Jews that if they chose to listen to these false Prophets that the false prophets would die and the people would have to bear the iniquity of their prophets too!

  • And the “LEVITES” that are gone away far from me, when “ISRAEL” went astray, which went astray away from me after their idols: they even they shall even BEAR THEIR INIQUITY.Ezekiel 44:10
  • Because they ministered unto them before their idols, and caused the house of ISRAEL to fall into INIQUITY, therefore have I lifted up mine hand against “THEM,” saith the Lord GOD, and they shall “BEAR THEIR INIQUITY. Ezekiel 44:12
  • And they  shall not come near unto me, to do the office of a “PRIEST” unto me, nor to come near to any of my holy things, in the most holy place: but they shall “BEAR THEIR SHAME,”and “THEIR ABOMINATIONS” which they have committed.Ezekiel 44:13
  • Lie thou also upon thy left side, and lay the iniquity of the house of ISRAEL upon it: according to the number of the days that thou shalt lie upon it thou shalt “BEAR THEIR INIQUITY.Ezekiel 4:4
  • And when thou hast accomplished them, lie again on thy right side, and thou shalt “BEAR THEIR INIQUITY of the house of JUDAH forty days: I have appointed thee each day for a year.Ezekiel 4:6

It is Israel and the Levite Priest that Isaiah was referring to that was to bear the iniquity and shame of their sins and the sins of their brothers that went astray. Sorry this was not a future prophecy concerning Jesus.

  •         53:12 Therefore will “I” divide HIM a Portion with the GREAT and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out His SOUL unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and HE BARE the Sin of many, and made intercession “FOR” the transgressors.

Listen to these key phrases in this verse:

1.   Divide him a “PORTION” with the GREAT.And Divide the “SPOIL” with the strong.

2.   BECAUSE he has poured out his soul unto death.

3.   He was NUMBERED with the transgressors.

4.   He bare the sins of “MANY.”

5.   He made INTERCESSION for the transgressors.

Now this is a good summarizing verse from Isaiah. He tries to put everything into perspective for us. So let’s examine the meaning of the highlighted words in scriptural context:

God says the word: “Therefore.” This is a continuation of verse 11. So Therefore God will divide a PORTION of the SPOILS of war between the “He”character and between the Great? Huh?Now if Jesus is God as Christians claim, then please answer the following questions for me:

  • Who is God dividing a portion with?
  • Who are the great ones that God is dividing the spoils of war with?
  • Who is as great as God?
  • If the whole earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof(Psalms 24:1) and we Christians believe Jesus is supposed to be God, then explain why God would be divide up that which is already His?

As you can see these questions negate Isaiah’s prophecy relating to Jesus.

The truth is God is dividing the spoils of war with regular humans. Isaiah was speaking about the Levite Priests of Israel that bear the iniquity and shame of their brethren who led the people astray:

  • But YE shall be named the “PRIESTS” of the LORD: men shall call you the Ministers of our God: YE shall eat the “Riches” of the Gentiles, and in their glory shall ye boast yourselves. For Your SHAME ye shall have DOUBLE; and for confusion they shall rejoice in THEIR PORTION: therefore in THEIR Land they shall possess the double: everlasting joy shall be unto THEM. Isaiah 61:6-7

So this “HIM” was among those who violated God’s laws, commands or duties. God says that this “HE” entity bore the sins of many and will have a great PORTION added to them.

Now did these priests of Israel receive the portions,as God said they would? Let’s see:

  • The holy “PORTION” of the LAND shall be for the “PRIESTS”the ministers of the sanctuary, which shall come near to minister unto the LORD: and it shall be a place for “THEIR HOUSES” houses, and a holy place for the sanctuary. Ezekiel 45:4

There’s your answer from God up front and personal. Now remember there are more people getting in on the goodies from God. Judah and Jerusalem also get an inheritance from God!

  • And the LORD shall inherit (JUDAH) “HIS” “PORTION” in the holy land, and shall choose “JERUSALEM” again. Zechariah 2:12

So Israel is to receive this dynamic blessing from God not Jesus. As we can see the Priests and Judah and Israel received their Portions from the Lord. We can see that Isaiah has no prophecies of Jesus in any of his scriptures.

Traditional Judaism never believed that there would be a supernatural virgin-born Messiah who would be killed as atonement for their sins.

In (Jeremiah. 23:5-6, Isaiah11:1-9, 2:1-4, Ezekiel 37:21-28,) the true messianic prophecy scriptures, this had always been the Jewish understanding of Messiah.

The Jews-always knew that Isaiah 53 referred to the suffering of the Jewish people all along. It changed only after the sons of Satan i.e. the ROMAN EMPIRE, infiltrated and wrote a false New Testament gospel. The Greco-Roman Church lied and arrogantly tried to make us all believe they had more knowledge than the Jews. Are we supposed to listen to the very people that attempted to kill all of the genuine follower of Jesus? Does that make any sense to you now?

GOD Isaiah chapter 54, which Scholars agree is a continuance of 53, ends in GOD’S OWN WORDS!

  • And all THY CHILDREN shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the PEACE of THY CHILDREN. Isaiah 54:13
  • This is the HERITAGE of the (SERVANTS) of the LORD and(THEIR) righteousness is of ME, saith the LORD. Isaiah 54:17

You have heard it directly from GOD’S mouth. God’s Covenant is withTHEM, JUDAH and ISRAEL.

What reason would God send Jesus to deliver you from the Laws as Paul says? 

God says you can follow His perfect laws! Will you ARGUE WITH HIM?

I say again Fast, Pray, and Study.  Read for yourself to find the truth that God has for each and every one of us.
Note : 

Rabbi Michael Skobac de-consturcts the Missionary interpretation of this passage and clearly shows how Isaiah 53 can only refer to Israel and cannot refer to the Messiah.


PART 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioDqH7TAQhM

PART 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX8e0IXc4yo

PART 3 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN4r41qPUUc

PART 4 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TeOtzTaAco







Walter Brueggemann Ph.D., Isaiah 40 – 66 (Louisville: Kentucky, 1998), p. 143, states:

“There is no doubt that Isaiah 53 is to be understood in the CONTEXT of the Isaiah tradition. Insofar as the SERVANT IS ISRAEL – a common assumption of Jewish interpretation – we see that the theme of humiliation and exaltation serves the Isaiah rendering of Israel, for Israel in this literature is exactly the humiliated (exiled) people who by the powerful intervention of Yahweh is about to become the exalted (restored) people of Zion. Thus the drama is the drama of Israel and more specifically of Jerusalem, the characteristic subject of this poetry. Second, although it is clear that this poetry does not have Jesus in any first instance on its horizon, it is equally clear that the church, from the outset, has found the poetry a poignant and generative way to consider Jesus, wherein humiliation equals crucifixion and exaltation equals resurrection and ascension.”


The Virgin Birth Lie ISAIAH 7:14 ( “The Immaculate DECEPTION?” )

immaculate deception 1

“The Immaculate DECEPTION?” 

The Virgin Birth Lie ISAIAH 7:14 


I hope that what you see here edifies God and helps you understand how the ROMAN’S have lied to us and forced us into believing their pagan lies. So sit back get your bibles out and let’s study to show ourselves approved.

Isaiah 7:14 is one of the most widely accepted and sacred scriptures in Christianity. For centuries Christians have accepted the Greco/Roman Theologians view that Isaiah foretold the miraculous birth of Jesus. They want us to openly believe that the Jewish nation knew this verse to be a prophecy and that these Jewish fathers were waiting in total anticipation for such an event to take place. Now is this the truth? I can simply tell you “NO!” But that doesn’t mean you will believe me. I need for you to study along with me so that we can determine just what Isaiah was actually trying to say at the time in verse fourteen is that okay? Then let’s begin:

  • Therefore Yahweh Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive, and bear a Son, and shall call his name IMMANUEL.” ISAIAH 7:13-14KJV

Now if we were to merely read this one verse by itself it would seem as if this verse justifies the claims that there is a prophecy of a miraculous verse right? I mean it does say that God was given a sign that a“virgin” was going to have a child. However here is something the Christians theologian hope that you and I will never do and that is to, Read all of the verses! You cannot skip over thirteen other verses as if they don’t exist and accept just the one that fits your theology.To understand verse 14, we need to see what was happening in all of the other verses that have lead up to it.

In the original context, Judah and Israel were two separate nations. God chose David as His first-born son (Psalms 89) and as King of Judah. Years later after David’s death, King Resin of Syria and King Pekah of Israel decided to join forces and attempt to destroy Judah without God’s permission. Even though Judah’s King(Ahaz) openly disobeyed God’s covenant, God refused to let these two nations destroy David’s house. In verses 5 thru 7, God then sends Isaiah to King Ahaz to alert him of the plans of these two other nations. Isaiah assures King Ahaz that his house would survive as long as he would trust God’s word. Hoping that Ahaz would put his trust in God, Isaiah gave him a “prophetic” timeline for his enemies’ destruction!


  • “For the head of SYRIA is Damascus, and the head of Damascus is Rezin: and within THREESCORE AND FIVE YEARS shall EPHRAIM be broken, that it be not a people.” ISAIAH 7:5-9

So God lets King Ahaz know that if he puts his faith in God, his enemies have no chance of defeating him. God says that since Ephraim has committed a host of sinful acts, then they too will also be conquered and cease to be a nation! God gives Ahaz the assurance that their complete downfall shall happen within a 65-year span! That’s right people this prophetic event had an exact time frame as to when all of these events were to occur! Let’s stop for a second,because I have to ask you:

“Does any of this sound like a prophecy of Jesus yet?”

I’m sure your answer is the same as mine, “NO!” Let’s continue…

King Ahaz hears the words of Isaiah but he is not convinced that God alone can save him. Agitated at Ahaz’ lack of faith in God’s word, Isaiah then tells Ahaz to ask God for a specific sign. Ahaz refuses to ask for a sign.Guess what? God decides to give Ahaz a sign anyway! Ahaz receives a prophetic sign from God!

  • Therefore Yahweh Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the(Virgin) shall conceive, and bear a Son, and shall call his name IMMANUEL.” ISAIAH 7:14KJV

As you can see we have now arrived at the infamous verse 14. So as you read this verse in context you can see that it was given specifically for King Ahaz. There is nothing in context before or after verse 14 that could make anyone believe that this prophecy was about Jesus or any other futuristic Messiah. Don’t you remember just five verses earlier in ISAIAH 7:5-9 when God said this would all happen within a 65 year time frame? Then how do they expect us to believe this verse could be about Jesus? You have seen the verses and the theologians are terrified that you will exercise your God given spirit to think on your own!

Now that we have discovered the truth some of you may ask:

“How did we come to believe this was a prophecy of Jesus in the first place?”

Most of us were never taught to read the entire verses in context for a true understanding. The Satanic mistranslation of(ONE) word by the false writers of the (Greek) Septuagintwhich is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament and the (Greek) book of Matthew 1:23, started all of these lies.

The sons of Satan purposely combined their pagan virgin stories with the words of Isaiah. The word translated from Hebrew doesn’t necessarily mean “virgin.” There are two Hebrew words usually translated to mean “virgin” in English.“Bethulah” means virgin in the sense that we understand it. It was used, for example, in Isaiah 62:

  • “For as a young man marrieth a virgin/Bethulah, so shall thy sons marry thee: and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.” ISAIAH 62:5

As you can see Isaiah uses the proper term for Virgin as: (Bethulah) whenever he wanted to actually speak of a woman who has not had sex. Isaiah wanted to convey another message in 7:14.

The Hebrew word:

(ALMAH) is the word used Isaiah chose to use in this verse. This word simply means a Young maiden or young woman.

The word ALMAH appears in the Jewish scriptures seven times.Although it can mean a virgin in some instances theologians want you to believe that YHWH as the giver of the word and Isaiah as the writer would confuse us to their own meaning. Does any of that logic make sense to you? It couldn’t possibly make sense especially in the context that Isaiah is using it to warn King Ahaz about Resin and Remaliah? So how can theologians claim that Isaiah didn’t know what proper words he wanted to use? Isaiah knew exactly why he used the proper word Alma because he wasn’t giving a 700-year futuristic prophecy. Now place yourself on the scene at this time. You are so scared because you think you and your kingdom are about to be destroyed. Some little Prophet walks up to you and say:

  • “Hey, you and your kingdom are about to be destroyed. You will die a horrible death, your women will be raped, and all of your sons will have their genitals cut off and become eunuchs.” But, I do have some good news for you! I just saved some money on my insurance by switching to G**CO?”Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Jesus will be born of a virgin later on in the future for mankind’s sins? Have a nice day. See ‘ya!”

Would that conversation make any sense to you? Of course not! A conversation like this wouldn’t have made sense to King Ahaz at the time either. Simply put, we have been lied to!

The “CHILD” was the sign and “NOT” a miraculous birth. Now I want you to pay special attention to the writings of Isaiah. When Isaiah actually spoke of a true virgin he used the proper word Bethulah five times-throughout the book of Isaiah. (23:4; 23:12; 37:22; 47:1; 62:5). He uses-the Hebrew word Alma only one time throughout all of his writings.

From the above verses of Isaiah we can see without question that Isaiah definitely knew the difference between the two words Bethulah and Alma,Isaiah was not “Foreshadowing” a prophecy of Jesus as the blinded theologians-expect us to blindly believe. Now look at another scripture outside of Isaiah-where Alma is used:

  • “There are three things which are too wonderful for me, four which I do not understand: the way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a serpent on a rock, the way of a ship in the middle of the sea, and the way of a man with a young woman (b’alma).  This is the way of an adulterous woman: she eats and wipes her mouth, and says, “I have done no wrong.” PROVERBS 30:18-20

Solomon uses the same word Alma as well. Clearly the context in which he uses the word proves this Alma cannot be a virgin because she was an adulterous woman!What is Solomon saying about this woman in the context? Well Solomon is making a comparison of an eagle in the sky, a serpent on a rock, a ship in the middle of the sea and this Alma. What do these have in common? None of them leave a trace that they have been in a particular place. After an eagle flies in the sky there is no trace. If a snake slithers on a rock he doesn’t leave an impression like he would in the grass, mud or sand. When a ship parts the waters during its voyage the water closes in behind it as if it never went through. Lastly Solomon speaks of that after the young woman has done her fornication she gets up and there is no trace of it for anyone to see as well except for God of course. To reiterate, this Alma was not a virgin at all.

The confusion arose when the Greek Septuagint used the Greek word “PARTHENOS” to translate Isaiah 7:14. This Grecian translation does speak of a woman who hasn’t had Sexual experiences. However, the person that translated the Hebrew word didn’t know the proper term Isaiah used or chose to ignore it for their own agendas. The church copied a scripture from the Old Testament and simply applied it to the none-existent pagan inspired Virgin Birth of Jesus. In no possible way can you mistake this CHILD for JESUS!  We-know that IMMANUEL means: “God is with us.God gave this child as a sign to Ahaz to show him and his people that the Almighty Father of Abraham was with them!

So after reading Isaiah 7:14 in the context we know this CANNOT be the prophecy of Jesus because of the very next verse:

  • “For BEFORE the “CHILD” shall know to refuse evil, and choose the good, the land that thou abhorrest SHALL be forsaken of both her kings.” ISAIAH 7:16

Here yet again the theologians are proven wrong by the word of God. We can clearly see another example of a true prophetic “TIMELINE!”

Now I may be wrong but I think Jesus’ birth is not scheduled for another 700 years. Wow! I don’t think the priest saw that one coming did they? The scripture says that BEFORE this“CHILD” will know to refuse evil, the literal lands that attempt to destroy Judah will be forsaken by both of their”KINGS!” Now ask yourself a great question:

“Are there any documents of lands that were conquered when Jesus was a BABY?NO!

This event didn’t happen in Jesus time. Now we no longer have to guess who the child was. So that future generations would know the truth, God told Isaiah to write down in a scroll who the CHILD really was!


  • MOREOVER the LORD said unto me, Take thee a great roll, and write in it with a man’s pen CONCERNING MA’-HER-SHAL’-AL-HASH’-BAZ. ISAIAH 8:1 KJV

Chapter 8 continues the message of Chapter 7. Notice closely that Isaiah is now showing the prophetic fulfillment of the prophecy of the “CHILD” in chapter 7 by starting the chapter with the word “MOREOVER.”

Amazingly Isaiah then tells us the identity of the “ALMAH” or should I say the identity of the “young woman” who gave birth to the child for the actual fulfillment of His prophecy.


  • And “I WENT unto the prophetess and she conceived, and (BARE A SON,) then said the Lord to me call his name MA’-HER-SHAL’-AL-HASH’-BAZ.” ISAIAH 8:3 KJV

WOW! Are you seeing the truth yet? Isaiah says this child belongs to him and his very own wife! The Jewish nation knew this wasn’t a prophecy of Jesus and as a Christian I now can see that this verse wasn’t written for modern day Christians or any other future generation outside of these inhabitants of-Judah.

Clearly God has shown us the truth!  He personally commands Isaiah to “WRITE DOWN on a scroll so that WE,the future generations will know who the prophetic (child) really was!”  Notice in verse (3)where Isaiah clearly says that it was he not the Holy Spirit that had SEXUAL-RELATIONS with the Prophetess, who we now know is ISAIAH’S very ownWIFE. God used Isaiah’s own children to facilitate the signs as proof to King Ahaz and the House of David.

As we now can see, Isaiah’s wife gave birth to Isaiah’s own prophesied son (Maher-shalal-hash-baz) in Ahaz’ lifetime. Again, let’s compare the two scriptures in Isaiah 7:16 and Isaiah 8:4 where God gives crystal clear descriptions on what will happen during this “CHILD’S era:

  • “For BEFORE the “CHILD” shall (know) to refuse evil, and choose the good, the land that thou abhorrest SHALL be forsaken of both her kings.”  ISAIAH 7:16

Notice now that two Kings and two Lands will suffer destruction during this child’s lifetime. Does the next verse say the same thing? Let’s see:

  • “For BEFORE the “CHILD” shall have (knowledge) to cry, my father and my mother, the riches of DAMASCUS and the spoil of SAMARIA shall be taken away before the king of Assyria.” ISAIAH 8:4

Clearly this verse says the same thing too. Look at how the beginnings of both bible scriptures are identical. Both verses proclaim:

“For BEFORE the “CHILD” shall know.”

From these two verses it is clear that the Child and not some imaginary miraculous “VIRGIN” birth is the promised sign. Here God gave King Ahaz clear instructions on what will happen to the two kingdoms that are attempting to attack him. Clearly from reading both Isaiah 7:16 and also Isaiah 8:4, in the context that God had Isaiah write them we seethe truth that MAHER-SHALAL-HASH-BAZ is the prophesied Child of Isaiah and his young wife! Since we are proclaiming this is not Jesus,we must then answer the question:

“Was this prophecy of the Destruction of Damascus and Samaria during King Ahaz’ dayactually destroyed as God said it would?”

Good question! Let’s see if the bible gives us the answers…

Question# 01: “Was King Resin and Damascus destroyed”?


  • “And “AHAZ” took the silver and gold that was found in the house of the LORD, and in the treasures of the king’s house, and sent it for a present to the “king of Assyria.” And the king of ASSYRIA hearkened unto him: for the “KING OF ASSYRIA”went up against “DAMASCUS” and “TOOK IT,” and carried the people of it captive to Kir, and “SLEW RESIN.” 2ND KINGS 16:8, 9

So as you can see God’s word stands true for all generations to see. God promised the destruction of Damascus and it was fulfilled in the Old Testament during King Ahaz’ days not during Jesus’ lifetime.

Question# 02: Was Samaria/Israel destroyed too?”


  • “In the twelfth year of “AHAZ” king of Judah began Hoshea the son of Elah to reign in “SAMARIA” over “ISRAEL” nine years.” 2ND KINGS 17:1 KJV

So far so good, King Ahaz isin the picture as the prophecy starts to unfold before our very eyes.


  • “Then the “KING OF ASSYRIA” came up throughout all the land, and went up to “SAMARIA” and besieged it three years. In the ninth year of Hoshea the King of Assyria took“SAMARIA,” and carried “ISRAEL” away to “ASSYRIA,”and placed them in Halah and in Habor by the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes.” 2ND KINGS 17:5, 6 KJV

The scriptures provide one hundred percent proof that this prophecy cannot be Jesus in any shape, form, or fashion! God provided all the proof we needed.Isaiah told King Ahaz the word of God that both, Damascus and Samaria were going to be destroyed and that Ahaz would definitely see the destruction in his lifetime. This is why God provided a sign as an assurance that this prophecy would soon reach fulfillment.

The “CHILD” was the prophetic sign, not that is was to have an alleged miraculous birth.  This sign is equal to the signof the rainbow that God gave to Noah after the great flood. The child’s birth stands as confirmation that God’s word is true and stands forever. Through this sign God confirmed His word and power over Judah’s enemies. Isaiah himself confirms this with no interpretation needed:

  • BEHOLD, I and the (CHILDREN) whom the Lord hath given (ME) are for SIGNS and for WONDERS in Israel from the LORD OF HOSTS, which dwelleth in MOUNT ZION.” ISAIAH 8:18 KJV

Now how can you argue with the original writer when he tells us that these prophecies are about His very own children?

The Hebrew names of Isaiah’s children had significant meanings:


“A remnant shallreturn,”


“Speeding to the prey,” or “`your enemies will soon bedestroyed.”’


“God is with us.”

Now before you jump on me and say:

“The bible says God says the child’s namein 7:14was called Immanuel and not Maher-shalal-hash-baz!”

I must make it clear to you “IMMANUEL” is not a third son of Isaiah. “ImmanuEl” and Mahershalalhashbaz “is the same child.How can this be you man ask? Let me show you why this is so…

Although God tells Isaiah to call the child Immanuel this is not really the child’s actual name.

The name “Immanu-El” is only a “BATTLE CRY” or statement of faith. This child was to be a prophetic sign and a comfort to King Ahaz and the “House of David” that God will not let them be defeated by their enemies. Hence, the House of David shall see this prophetic sign and shout with a loud voice and proclaim: “O’ Immanuel! Because: “God is with them!”

This is also proven when God decided to punish Ahaz and Judah for their disobedience. God chose to forsake Ahaz/Judah and strengthen the hands of their enemies.Assyria can now shout with a loud voice and proclaim:

O’ Immanuel! Meaning: “GOD IS NOW WITH US ASSYRIANS!”

Watch as God uses this term again:

  • “Since the people of Jerusalem are planning to refuse my gentle care and are enthusiastic about asking “KING RESIN” and “KING PEKAH” to come and aid them, therefore I will overwhelm my people with Euphrates mighty flood; the “KING OF ASSYRIA” and all his mighty armies will rageagainst them. This flood will overflow all its channels and sweep into your land of JUDAH,“O’IMMANUEL.” ISAIAH 8:6-8 KJV

The title of: O’ Immanuel is used here once again. So why do you think God is calling the name Immanuel again in this verse?  I’m sure you will agree that in verse (8) God was not callingon the name of Jesus or the name of the child of chapter 7:14 when he says: (0’Immanuel) right?

By God using the name again in verse 8:6 this proves that the name Immanuel is not the child’s literal name but it is testimonial statement of faith and consolation. Isaiah expresses this point one last time just two verse later inverse (10) when he orders the people to trust in Him alone and warns them what will happen if they decide to join forces with any other nation:

  • “Take counsel together, and it should come to nought; speak the word, and it shall “not” stand; for (GOD IS WITH US/.O’Immanuel)” ISAIAH 8:6-8

No I didn’t just add the word O’Immanuel to the verse to prove my point. If you look at the Hebrew words you will see the name in the verse.

Isaiah says: “God is with us!” or better still“O’IMMANUEL!” ISAIAH 8:6-8

I hope now the contextual truth is starting to appear to you.Now even after this stern warning from God the Jews still disobeyed God. In Isaiah 10:5-6, God chooses to become O’ Immanu-El with Assyria just like He said He would in chapter 8:6-8. In that chapter God uses Assyria as His “CHOSEN“ones to destroy the hypocritical nations of Judah and Israel.

Notice God says in the verse that He gave Assyria a charge or commandment not only to take the riches from Judah and Israel but also to murder them and viciously runt hem down just like the dirt of the streets. Not only does God tell us that this child is not Jesus, and gives the child’s true name in chapter 8 but God-also warns us in the following verses not to believe the lies of the false prophets such as those of Paul’s and the Greco-Roman Pagan churches of the FUTURE:

  • “And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? For the living to the dead?TO THE LAW and to the TESTIMONY: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” ISAIAH 8:19, 20 KJV

GOD SAYS if someone writes a new Doctrine or New Testament that teaches the Jews to follow a new essence of God such as a son of God that is a deity who has the same power of YHWH then the Jews are to deny this new doctrine because: IT IS A LIE!


Is this not what we have done listening to PAUL/SATAN and His False Gospels? It is so wonderful that we do not have to go to any other book than the Bible for God to reveal His truths to us.

My Brothers and Sisters, think about these questions:

1.     If a Miraculous birth was prophesied in the Old Testament about an alleged “virgin” to give birth in the future, wouldn’t the Jews have passed that information down from generation to generation?

2.     If Isaiah had prophesied about such an event wouldn’t there be many false fulfillments of this prophecy by every fornicator who suddenly came up pregnant? I mean the scriptures would have provided the greatest alibi for their sins. They could say: “No I never had sex,Yahweh impregnated me!”

3.     If the Jews believed there was a virgin prophesied in the Old Testament there would be no reason for Joseph to shamefully hide Mary from public view because what Jew would risk stoning an alleged Descendant of the royal bloodline of David?

As you can see only the Gentile Greco-Roman writers would ever believe this lie. The weirdest part of my research about the prophecy of 7:14 was the commentary from Christian theologians themselves on what is actually happening in the true context of Isaiah 7:14. Let me read for you the commentary first from the Tyndale bible:Commentary letter “d” it states:

“The controversial Hebrew word used here refers to Isaiah’s young wife and her newborn son (Isaiah8:14). This of course, was not a virgin birth. God’s sign was that before this child was old enough to talk(verse 4) the two invading kings would be destroyed.” TYNDALE.

So even Christian bibles tell us the truth if we would just read it for ourselves! Now I want you to see that these same writers then give us a so-called double meaning for this chapter, again commentary from the Tyndale bible:

“However,the Gospel of Matthew (1:23)tells us that there was a further fulfillment of this prophecy, in that a virgin (Mary) conceived and bore a son, Immanuel,the Christ, “WE” have-therefore properly used this HIGHER meaning, “VIRGIN,” in verse 14, as otherwise the Matthew account: LOSES IT’S SIGNIFICANCE. TYNDALE.

Now people of God I must ask “HUH??” First,they tell us the truth that Isaiah-was not speaking of Jesus and that the child was Isaiah’s son. Seeing the contradiction in their own words they attempt to offer a better excuse to justify the book of Matthew?

This is getting ridiculous! So they now want us to believe that the false writer of the Book of Matthew can ALSO be correct according to the Book of Isaiah too? They then offer a decree and tell us:

Therefore we have changed the meaning of Isaiah and used the wrong word virgin instead of young woman Isaiah’s wife, OTHERWISE the FALSE WRITER of the book of Matthew’s account LOSES IT’S SIGNIFICANCE. Huh?

In other words the book of Matthew is an OUTRIGHT SATANIC LIE!!  So since these men are our so-called educators andI use that term very loosely, they really expect us to believe there is a“DOUBLE” prophecy in Isaiah’s prophecy. That is totally ridiculous to those whostudy for themselves. My Brothers and Sisters make up your own mind.

Now people of God, if you still think that you can in some way salvage a prophecy of a virgin birth in these verses then ask yourself this important question:

“Who was the “FIRST VIRGIN” to give birth in Isaiah’s lifetime then?”

If you cannot answer that question you must understand that Satan and the false writers have lied to us. It is not your fault. God has shown us His truths from His words. It’s now up to you to learn what the scriptures are really saying. It is no secret to any of you that the Apostle Paul or should I say the“IMPOSTER PAUL” is by far the one person that I have the most problems with as far as contradictory statements concerning Jesus. However Paul gives a written statement concerning Jesus that unknowingly helps destroy the credibility of the virgin birth stories and also proves the original Disciples never wrote those stories in Matthew and Luke.Concerning knowledge of Jesus’ ancestry Paul admits the following:

  • Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh. ROMANS 3:10

Wow! Did you understand what Paul just said??? Paul admits to having no knowledge of a virgin birth! Paul says that Jesus was David’s grandchild not by adoption but “ACCORDING’ to the physical flesh. Translation,Mary had sexual relations and produced a child with Joseph her husband! Amazingisn’t it! Paul wrote approximately 70 percent of the New Testament. Paul never had a problem with lying in those chapters about the ending of the law, Jesus taking away our sins or with Jesus being equal to God. However Paul never lied and said he knew of God supposedly impregnating Mary or even that he knew that Jesus was allegedly born without Mary having literal sexual relations with a human father’s seed i.e. Joseph’s “semen.”

As we close this chapter let’s go over a few key points so that we can have clarity in what has been exposed to us in this chapter for us:

1.   The name “IMMANUEL” was a statement of faith that YHWH would not forsake the house of Judah. (Isaiah 7:14)

2.   The name “IMMANUEL” is used once again when God chose to give power to Assyria to punish Judah for disobedience to God.(Isaiah 8:6-8)

3.   The actual “CHILD” was the sign to King Ahaz not a miraculous birth. (Isaiah 7:16 & Isaiah 8:4)

4.   Isaiah admits that the prophetic child was actually His own son(Isaiah 8:18)

5.   Isaiah 7:14 never said an unmarried woman would be impregnated without a HUMAN father who saves mankind from their sins.

6.   Other than the Non-Hebrew or Aramaic writing of Matthew no other New Testament Gospel makes the mistake of believing a child born without a human father’s sperm cell was an Old Testament prophecy.

7.    God not only blessed Isaiah to be the father of the prophetic child but commands Isaiah to record the child’s true name in his text with witnesses for the world to see: MAHERSHALALHASHBAZ.

8.   The prophecy Isaiah gave to Ahaz was fulfilled in the Old Testament. (2nd Kings 16:8-9, & 17:5-6)

9.   Christian bibles also have openly confirmed the truth in all references bibles that the child is Isaiah’s son.

10.       Christian Theologians have uncovered the falsehood in the Ghostwriter of Matthew’s words and attempted to hide the errors.

11.       If we are to believe Matthew’s story is correct why didn’t the alleged Angel tell Mary and Joseph to name their son “IMMANUEL” instead of Jesus? (Matthew 1:21)

The person who wrote the story in Matthew was not a Hebrew and didn’t have a true knowledge of the language. The writer attempted to either deceive us or bring Judaism and Pagan religions under one flag by adding a little information from all of them. Isaiah 7:14 was not a prophecy for our time frame. Isaiah lived to see this prophecy come true and as you have witnessed the Old Testament bible confirms this fact backed by scriptural verses.

How can you debate those facts? That’s right you can’t. I’m sure there are still those with closed minds who cannot stand change and want us to remain in darkness. Take this chapter and read it again with your bibles open. Read one verse at a time! Do not read all the way to the end of the chapter and then try to come to some sort of conclusion like we were taught in school. Each verse has something to say on its own. You have to pray for a true understanding of the verses. Don’t worry, a light will come on and God will speak through His word.

I hope this note was an eye opener for you. Please don’t continue the lies of the Greco-Roman Church. You know the truth. The truth is supposed to set you free right? Do you want to be free?  Reach each verse for an understanding and YHWH will direct your path…Shalom/Salaam/Selah…

Muhammad(saw) was The Spirit Of Truth in John 16:13!

Who is The Spirit Of Truth in John 16:13? Is It The Holy Prophet Of Islam? or the Christians third god – Holy Ghost?

Note : Click THIS to learn the appropriate response to ALL Christians polemics regarding this subject

While proving here that the Comforter in John’s Gospel is not the Holy Ghost we will also prove simultaneously that Jesus is not a member of the Trinity by exposing the mysterious Comforter.

Look at the following words of Jesus in the next verses. Instead of the word “father” let’s add God’s real name: YHWH to the verse to make it very personal to each of us:

But the hour cometh and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the YHWH in spirit and in truth: for the Father/YHWH seeketh such to worship him. JOHN 4:23 KJV

Notice Jesus leaves no room for interpretation of His words. Jesus clearly lets us know that we are only to worship the Father YHWH only. However, that is not what we observed in Christianity. Christians worship Jesus which is definitely a sin! This is why Jesus gives us two categories of people:

I.    People who worship YHWH the heavenly Father.

II.   People who ignore the Father and instead worship Jesus.

Now maybe I am misinterpreting Jesus’ words; maybe Jesus does want us to worship Him. The next contextual verse should tell us what Jesus is trying to say right? Then let’s see what Jesus is trying to tell us:

  • YHWH is a SPIRIT: and they that worship YHWH must worship him in spirit and in truth. JOHN 4:24

Again Jesus takes Himself out of the worship equation! How did the theologians get this one so wrong?  According to Jesus, YHWH is the only entity to be known as God and we must worship YHWH in spirit and in truth. Now how hard is that people?

Stop listening to the Greco-Roman Catholic Churches and stop worshipping Jesus. Now that you can finally see this truth it is safe to proceed on to learn about the comforter…

Christians have been taught by the theologians of the past that when Jesus allegedly died, He sent back a supernatural entity to the Disciples which we call the Comforter. Christians are also told that this comforter is supposed to be the alleged”Third” entity of the alleged Holy Trinity; which is called the HOLY GHOST.

Once again we need to go back to the scriptures and see if what is written in the book of John is true. We also need to see if John’s gospels can be confirmed with the rest of the bible. Now if it cannot be substantiated with the rest of the bible, then you will have to accept that the false writers of the Catholic Church probably changed the true meaning of the words of Jesus or just added more lies to the bible to justify their false pagan doctrines.

The Representative of God on Earth is Prophet Of God!

I do believe that as we review the scriptures in the bible God will reveal to you that our interpretation of Jesus’ words is based on a falsehood doctrine with no biblical backing whatsoever.

There is no “SEPARATE” Holy Spirit.  If you are ready then let’s go directly to the bible for true enlightenment. To get a true understanding of Jesus’ words we have to start at John 14:1 thru 8. Jesus knows His ministry time is about to end and informs the Disciples that He will no longer be able to lead them. Now the next verses are crucial in gaining an understanding of what Jesus is trying to say:

  • I am the way the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also; and fromhenceforth ye know him and have “seen” him. JOHN 14:6-7

These verses are misunderstood by Christians because of the lies of the Catholic Church. The words of Jesus above apply to all of God’s prophets and not just to Jesus. When a man is chosen by God he is speaking on behalf of God on earth and becomes God.That man becomes the “word”of God manifested in human form.

That particular prophet becomes the way to God, he tells the truth of God, and he teaches of the keys to eternal life! There is no way for any of us to reconnect to God unless we learn and follow the principles that are taught by Jesus and the other prophets of God as well. This was all Jesus was trying to say; nothing more. Let’s go to the next verse:

  • If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also; and from henceforth ye know him and have “seen” him. JOHN 14:7

Now is Jesus trying to say that He is literally God/YHWH?? Of course not and in the context of each additional verse we will see that the Disciples never believed Jesus was making that sort of claim either. Now in verse 8, Philip asks Jesus to reveal to them who the Father YHWH really is. A frustrated Jesus looks at Philip in verse 9 and says the following:

  • …he that has seen me hast seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father? JOHN 14:9

Jesus was a little agitated because Philip wasn’t really grasping Jesus’ true purpose for teaching them. Again Jesus is not claiming to be literally YHWH and I will prove that with the very next verse!

  • Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? The “WORD”that I speak unto you I speak NOT OF MYSELFbut YHWH the Father that dwelleth in me “HE/YHWH” doeth the works. JOHN 14:10

I think this verse clearly says it all! As you can see Jesus gives us the definition of what He was trying to say all along. He is not the Father!

In the verse above Jesus takes Himself out of the heavenly Trinitarian equation again. First Philip wanted to see the Father, and Jesus tells Philip that since He is sent as God’s representative then you are seeing the Father. Why? Because Jesus is speaking on behalf of the Father, duh! For those who still do not understand Jesus’ words Jesus then adds to the verse and says that He is not talking about Himself!

Now if the man tells us that He is not talking about Himself, then who do you think He is speaking about? He is speaking only about the Father. Lastly, Jesus says that just like Moses, Elijah, Isaiah and the other Prophets, He is nothing more than a vessel that God uses to do the“works.” That’s right people, Jesus was just a prophet sent with the words of God!

In verse 12, Jesus tells the Disciples that they too can have the “same” power to become the “way, the truth, and the life.”

  • Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth on me; the “works” that I do shall“he (Disciples) do also; and greater “works” than these shall he (Disciples) do; because I go unto my Father. JOHN 14:12,14

Wow, Jesus is a great teacher isn’t He! Jesus does not have any special powers. Jesus tells the Disciples that they also will be able to walk on water, turn water into wine or even raise the dead and even greater miracles than these. All the Disciples have to do is one thing:

  • If ye love me. Keep my commandments. JOHN 14:15

Just keep the commandments and follow Jesus’ commandments and instruction. Again how hard is that? Now we can move on to understand Jesus words about the comforter:

Let’s read Jesus’ words:

  • And I will pray the FATHER and HE shall give you ANOTHER Comforter,that (HE) may abide with you for ever; Even the SPIRIT OF TRUTH whom the world cannot receive because it seeth Him not neither knoweth Him but ye know Him for He dwelleth with you and shall be in you. JOHN 14:16, 17

Now this is where the story gets interesting.We have all read verses 16 and 17 as one full statement. That is totally incorrect. The problem with that is you do not get the full understanding of what each verse is actually saying. Each verse is actually saying something different and distinct and we didn’t understand it.

As I break down each verse I’ll show you what I mean. Now in the verse below, Jesus is trying to console the Disciples:

  • And I will pray the FATHER and HE shall give you ANOTHER Comforter,that (HE) may abide with you forever. JOHN 14:16

Since Jesus is about to leave, Jesus tells the Disciples that He is going to pray and ask God to see if God will send them another teacher that will be allowed to stay with them always. Now let’s move to the next verse:

  • Even the SPIRIT OF TRUTH whom the world cannot receive because it seeth Him not neither knoweth Him but ye know Him for He dwelleth with you and shall be in you. JOHN 14:16, 17

Now is this comforter person going to “be” the spirit of truth or is he going to“teach” the word of truth? The answer is that He is going to teach the “word”of truth and he will replace Jesus as God’s voice on earth. This new prophet will teach the lost people the “truth”about God because the people are lost and refuse to receive Him. The world cannot see God because the world does not know who He is.

Jesus tells the Disciples they already have knowledge of YHWH because He lives inside them. YHWH/HOLY SPIRIT shall always be “in” them.Now you are starting to gain an understanding! Now before we go on, I want you to see another misunderstood concept of Jesus:

  • …and I will “manifest myself” to him.  JOHN 14:21

We all think that Jesus was saying that He has power to appear and reappear to us from heaven. This is not what Jesus meant by manifesting Himself to us. Even Judas wanted to know what Jesus meant by these words. So let’s have Jesus give us an explanation of His words:

  • …If a man loves me, he will keep my “words”; and my Father/YWHW will love him, and we will come unto him and make our abode with him.  JOHN 14:23

So as you can see, if we simply follow and obey the principles of Jesus about God then the love of God and the love of our teacher Jesus will always be in our hearts. People will look upon us and when they see us, they will see the Father!

When they look upon us they will see Jesus and Elijah, Moses and the rest of the ministers of God too! Now let’s move on to Jesus next mention of this comforter:

  • But the COMFORTER, which is the HOLY GHOST{SPIRIT}, whom the FATHER WILL SEND in my name HE SHALL TEACH you “ALL” things: and bring ALL THINGS to remembrance whatsoever I have said unto you.  JOHN 14:26

Jesus says the new prophet whom the Father will send to replace Him will be the Holy Spirit, YHWH on earth.

Jesus says that this prophet will teach the world all things and bring all things to remembrance!”

Jesus makes it clear that He and this Comforter are representatives or prophets of God.

Now for the shocking verse!

  • Hereafter I will not talk much with you; for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.  JOHN 14:30

Now Jesus tells us something that Christians can’t accept. Jesus clearly says:“Hereafter or, soon I will not be able to talk to you anymore.”

Now why is that Jesus? It was because the prince of the world, Satan was about to come and cause His death. Now you know straight from Jesus’ own mouth that He is not supernaturaland a part of the Trinity Godhead!

John 14:31 eliminates Jesus from being a supernatural god altogether and show us that He considered Himself to be only a prophet that was sent by God!

  • But that the world may know that I love the Father; and as the Father gave me a commandment, even so I do.  JOHN 14:31

The comforter that Jesus told us about was supposed to make us remember the TRUE message of Jesus concerning all the things GOD has told us to do in the faithful service of Him.

As you can see, mainstream Christians have no idea what Jesus was trying to say.

Christian’s concept of the Holy Ghost in their churches is a learned false act of vain showmanship for the masses. This is definitely not what Jesus was speaking of in any of the scriptures.

Lets move on…


The Comforter is definitely not the “Holy Ghost” because the coming of the Comforter wasconditional whereas that of the Holy Ghost was not as we observe in the prophecy :

Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: It is expedient for you that I go for If I Go Not Away, The Comforter Will Not Come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. John 16:7

“lf I don’t go he won’t come, but if I go, I will send him.

There are numerous instances in the Holy Bible about the coming and going of the HOLY GHOST, before the birth and departure of the Messiah. Do yourself a favour, please verify these references in your Bible –


1. … and he (John the Baptist) shall be filled with the Holy Ghost,even from his mother’s womb.(HOLY BIBLE) Luke 1: 15

2. … and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost. (HOLY BIBLE) Luke 1: 41

3. And his father Zacharias was filled with the Holy Ghost.(HOLY BIBLE) Luke 1:67


4. … and the Holy Ghost was upon him (Simeon).(HOLY BIBLE) Luke 2:26

5. And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him (Jesus). (HOLY BIBLE) Luke 3:22

From the above quotations, before and after the birth of Jesus, one cannot help admiring St. Luke who appears to be a specialist on the Holy Ghost. We may well ask the Christians, after the descent of the “dove”, with whose help did Jesus perform his many miracles if not with the help of the Holy Ghost?

Let the Master himself tell us. When accused by his own people, the Jews, that he was working in league with Beelzebub (the chief of the devils) to work his miracles, Jesus (pbuh) rhetorically questions them, “How can Satan cast out Satan?” The Jews imputed that this spirit of holiness – the Spirit of God – which was helping him, was devilish. This was treason of the highest order. So he gives them a dire warning:

… but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, it shall never be forgiven (HOLY BIBLE) Matthew 12:31

This “Holy Ghost” is non other than what Matthew himself has described in three verses before quoting the Master:

But if I (Jesus) cast out devils by the Spirit OF God, then the kingdom of God is come upon you. (HOLY BIBLE) Matthew 12:28

Compare the same statement by another Gospel writer

But if I (Jesus) by the Finger Of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you. HOLY BIBLE) Luke 11:20

You do not have to be a Bible scholar to understand that the expressions (a) “Finger of God” (b) “Spirit of God” and (c) “Holy Ghost” are all synonymous phrases. So the Holy Ghostwas helping Jesus in his ministry. The Holy Ghost was also helping his disciples on their missions of preaching and healing. If there is still any doubt in your minds about the workings of the Holy Ghost then please read:


as my Father hath sent me, even so I send you (the disciples of Jesus),And when he had said this, be breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive Ye The Holy Ghost(HOLY BIBLE) John 20: 21 –22

This was surely no empty promise. The disciples must have received the gift of the Holy Ghost. So if the “Holy Ghost” was with (1) John the Baptist, (2) Elizabeth. (3) Zacharias. (4) Simeon. (5) Jesus and (6) the Disciples of Jesus; then all this makes nonsense of the saying that “if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you.

Therefore the Comforter is not the Holy Ghost!

Let’s continue.

  • And now I HAVE TOLD YOU BEFORE IT COME TO PASS, that when it is come to pass YE MIGHT BELIEVE. JOHN 14:29

Jesus prepares the Disciples for the arrival of the new Messiah or Anointed one. Jesus tells them the reason He is saying all of these things so that when he finally arrives they might believe. See what happens when you take your time and read each verse carefully, you gain true understanding.

Every Prophet, priest and teacher that God calls to proclaim and teach His Holy words is in fact a “COMFORTER!” 

Noah was a Comforter in Genesis 5:29

Isaiah was a Comforter in  Isaiah 51:12

Isaiah’s mother was a Comforter, Isaiah 66:13

II Samuel 10:3 speaks of the Comforter as a person

I Chronicles 19:3

Job 16:2

Psalms 69:20

Ecclesiates 4:1

Nahum 3:7

We know that anyone who was sent by God to give His words was also known as “GOD” all throughout the Bible:

  • And the LORD said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a GOD to Pharaoh: and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet. EXODUS 7:1

Now was Moses actually YHWH God? Of course not, when Moses went to Pharaoh he was a representative of YHWH just like Jesus and he became God in flesh!

  • And the LORD said unto JOSHUA, this day will I begin to MAGNIFY THEE in the sight of Israel that they may know that as I WAS WITH MOSES so I will be WITH THEE. JOSHUA 3:7

As you can see Joshua also became God in flesh just like Moses. Doesn’t this sound just like the words of Jesus?

  • …he that has seen me hast seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father? JOHN 14:9
  • And JOSHUA said unto the children of Israel, Come hither, and hear the “WORD” of the Lord your God. And JOSHUA said, Hereby ye shall know that the Living God is AMONG YOU JOSHUA 3:9, 10
  • Jesus answered them and said, “My doctrine is not Mine, but (His) Who (SENT ME). JOHN 7:16
  • He who does not love me does not keep my words; and the word which you hear is not mine but the Father’s who SENT me. JOHN 14:24
  • Now therefore GO, and I will be with thy MOUTH and teach thee what to WHAT TO SAY! EXODUS 4:12

Compare this scripture to the words of Jesus below:

  • For I have NOT spoken on my own authority; but the Father who (SENT ME) gave me a command, WHAT I SHOULD SAY and what I SHOULD SPEAK. JOHN 12:49

As you can see the words of all of the prophets are the same as Jesus’ words!

Jesus tells us that the words that He speaks belong only to the God that SENT Him.

He tells us that He is speaking on behalf of the Father who gave Him a command and taught Him what He should “SAY”and what He should

“SPEAK.”  Jesus the “Man” received His teaching ministry from God the same way Moses did:

  • And (thou) shalt speak unto him, and put words in his mouth and I will be with THY MOUTH, and with HIS MOUTH, and WILL TEACH YOU WHAT YE SHALL DO.   EXODUS 4:15
  • And he shall be thy spokesman unto the people: and he shall be, even he shall be to thee instead of a mouth, and (THOU) SHALT BE TO HIM (INSTEAD) OF GOD. EXODUS 4:15, 16

God makes it perfectly clear for us that anyone He sends to the people is standing and speaking in His name!   Now do you see the true status of Jesus?  Jesus and Moses were both COMFORTERS sent by God!

Moses like Jesus was made GOD because He represented God. Moses had his Disciple, Aaron and taught him about God just as Jesus also prepared His Disciples to teach and become“God on earth” as Jesus and Moses were.

We see from the above scriptures that all the Prophets that God sent were all “AS ONE” with GOD and as a representative of GOD. They became GOD because HE IS “ONE” WITH THEM AND THEY ARE “ONE” IN HIM. Now let’s move on to Jesus’ next usage of the word: comforter:

  • Nevertheless I tell you the TRUTH; it is EXPEDIENT for you that I go away;for if I go not away the COMFORTER will not come unto you: but if I depart, I will send him unto you. JOHN 16:7

Jesus tries to cheer up the Disciples and tells them that a good thing is about to happen when He leaves.  A new comforter or leader will come to them.

Now here is the million dollar question:

“Is this Comforter a “MAN” or an actual “Holy Ghost” as Christianity proclaims?”

My answer is that the new comforter is the long awaited Prophet Muhammad(saw). I can easily come to that conclusion by Jesus’ own description of the man:  Let’s see:

  • And when (HE) is come, (HE) will reprove the world of SIN and of RIGHTEOUSNESS and of JUDGMENT.  JOHN 16: 8

So as you can see the comforter is in fact a human man and not a supernatural Holy Ghost character! I want you to read this verse again and I want you to notice clearly the specific tasks this man will perform once He finally arrives on earth.

The comforter will reprove or scold the entire world and teach the world all things about sinfulness, true righteousness and of the soon coming judgment and dreaded



Now let’s look at the next three verses as Jesus breaks down the three things the new Comforter will address to the world in great detail:

  • Of SIN because they believe not on me. JOHN 16: 9

Jesus lets us know that the new Comforter will have a greater impact on the people than He has. I know that doesn’t seem possible especially since millions in the world worship Jesus to this very day.

However Jesus says this man will be sent by God to rebuke the world and teach them the truth about their sins. Now why does Jesus say this man will be sent to do this? Jesus says clearly:

Because they do not believe my words!”

Wow! How much clearer can that statement be? Yes people, this man will have an even greater impact on the world than Jesus did! Now what else does Jesus say this man will do? Let’s see:

  • Of RIGHTEOUSNESS, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more; JOHN 16: 10

Oh my! This verse is a good one! Jesus says this new Comforter will come to teach the world true righteousness.

Why does Jesus say this man has to come and teach this? Jesus says it is because He is about to die and, here is the good part:

“You will see me NO MORE!”

Yes you heard it clearly! Jesus tells the Disciples that once he ascended they will not see Him again!

So now do you see why the stories of Jesus coming back and speaking to the Disciples and toPaul were all Pagan additions to the bible? You have had to swallow a lot, so take a step back for a moment and catch your breath. Now let’s finish the last part of Jesus’ words:

  • Of JUDGMENT, because the prince of this world is judged.; JOHN 16: 11

Here again Jesus says that the new Comforter will warn the world about the soon to come judgment of God against the whole world. In other words, He is warning us of the “END TIMES” or that the Day of the Lord is coming.

Notice Jesus says that the end times period is when the prince of this world i.e. Satan will be judged also. Now if Satan is going to be judged at this time what do you think is going to happen to the rest of us? Huh? Wake up people!

These verses altogether eliminate all other false doctrines in Christianity. Jesus tells us something that Christians do not want to accept and that is, He is not the prophesied Comforter plain and simple! 

I could stop here at this verse but Jesus has a few more words for those of us that are just toobull-headed and stubborn and would rather die and go to hell rather than repent and change our ways.

So let’s have Jesus finish out His point in the next verse about this human man that we call the “Comforter:

  • I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. JOHN 16:12

JESUS mission is incomplete as evidence by his statement ..”I have yet many things to say unto you..”  Somehow, 
Jesus had quite a bit of knowledge about the new Messiah, A Prophet, ANOTHER COMFORTER. Jesus knew that the Disciples weren’t ready to grasp the concept of a futuristic Prophet. Even so, Jesus gives them one last piece of information concerning the ministry of the new human Comforter.

  • Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; JOHN 16:13

Now I stopped this very early so that we wouldn’t miss what is being said. Jesus says that when this man comes he will guide us all into truth. Now remember earlier Jesus eliminated Himself from the Trinitarian equation by telling us that He wasn’t speaking about Himself.

Now look at the last part where Jesus also eliminates the Comforter from a Trinitarian equation as well. Jesus says that this Comforter will not teach or say anything to the Jews on his own behalf. Remember that point as we finish out the remainder of the verse:

  • …for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall HEAR, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. JOHN 16:13

Wow! What have we just learned from Jesus’ words in this verse?

1.    This man is not a supernatural being.

2.    This man’s words are not about himself, they are about YHWH the Father of heaven only.

3.    Just like all prophets, this man will only tell us the direct words of God as he is given them by God.

4.    This man will tell us of the things that are about to come such as the “END TIMES!”

As you can see when you read this in context and put aside your pre-established bias thoughts, you can comprehend exactly the message that Jesus was trying to teach to His Disciples.

The Comforter that Jesus was talking about was the future Comforter. Jesus Comforter message is not new at all, it is the same message that John the Baptist was preaching in the wilderness when he was preaching about the kingdom of God is at hand.

  • In those days came John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness of Judaea, And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. MATTHEW 3:1-2

John the Baptist died for teaching the word of God. God always has a Comforter in the bush. After John dies, Jesus is sent to continue the message of John:

  • From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. MATTHEW 4:17

As you can see Jesus was commissioned to continue the works of John the Baptist. Do you see the pattern? Now that it is Jesus’ time to die Jesus says that once again God has another Comforter in the bush!!!

This is why Jesus tells us another Comforter was coming to teach us the ALL TRUTH. That’s right, another prophet and Anointed one!  It’s not over people of God! we have much more to learn!

So who is this person you might ask?

Remember I mentioned earlier that Jesus’ prophecy wasn’t new at all. So to find the true answer to your question we have to go back to the original prophecy in the book of Malachi and see if God gives us the name of this futuristic Comforter:

  • Behold I will send you ELIJAH the PROPHET before the coming of the great and dreadful DAY OF THE LORD. MALACHI 4:5

Are you just as excited as I am? John the Baptist, Jesus and Malachi are all on  “one accord!”

So as you can see YHWH says in the book of Malachi that Christianity was totally wrong.

God was not sending Jesus to the rest of the world and Jesus confirmed this point all throughout the book of John. You cannot say that I am twisting anything in these verses because you have followed right along with me step by step as we have heard Jesus’ own words.

Jesus told us clearly that He was NOT a part of a Trinitarian Godhead. 

In the verse above YHWH tells us that His futuristic Comforter will be someone named “Elijah” and that Elijah the Comforter will be a human Prophet!

Let’s continue…

Remember in John 16:8-11 Jesus told us what the mission of the comforter was earlier. Now listen to Malachi confirm Jesus words about Elijah the Comforter, Messiah,Christ or Anointed One:

  • And (HE) shall TURN THE HEART of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and SMITE THE EARTH WITH A CURSE.  MALACHI 4:6

So Malachi confirms the words of Jesus. Malachi tells us the same exact story as written in the book of John where Jesus says the “Comforter” will reprove/rebuke the people for their sins before the Great Day of the Lord. 

Now what do you think Elijah will teach the world about the Father?

Well that is very easy and I will let God tell you what that message is from the book of Malachi:

  • And Remember ye the LAW OF MOSES my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments. MALACHI 4:4

Now you know the total truth! We are not to listen to the lies of Mainstream Romanized Pagan Christianity at all. We are to turn and obey the Laws of the Old Testament Gospels only. Notice the following from the above verse:

  1. God says that you and I must follow and obey the Laws of Moses and all of the statutes and judgments that are written in the Old Testament books.

This contradicts the lies of Paul/Satan,and the Catholic sons of Satan. They lied and told us that we are under “Grace” and not the Laws of Moses because Jesus allegedly freed us from the law by dying for our sins.

  1. God says contrary to Paul’s lies that if we fail to obey these laws then He will smite the entire earth with a curse!

As you can see, calling on the name of Jesus will never help us out of this terrible situation! From all that we have learned we can see just what Jesus was trying to tell us before the Greco-Roman Church tampered with the bible. Jesus and Malachi’s message was without question totally identical.

Now there is another piece to this puzzle that I have to clear up for the most stubborn of Christianity to prove that the Comforter was not the Holy Ghost. So let’s go back to Jesus’ words and find out the meaning of the phrase: “SPIRIT OF TRUTH.”

  • … Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into ALL TRUTH. JOHN 16:13

Now because of the word “spirit” Christians have been led to believe that this is the magical Holy Ghost/Spirit character and the third entity of the Trinity. This spirit of truth is not the comforter’s name. The spirit of truth is the “TRUTH” of God that he brings to the people about God.

The way Jesus phrases His statement is not new at all. Others in the bible have used this same word phrasing when speaking about other humans chosen by God to teach the good news of the gospel such as Levi:

  • And ye shall know that I have sent this commandment unto you, that my covenant might be with Levi, saith the LORD of hosts. My covenant was with him of life and peace; and I gave them to him for the fear wherewith he feared me, and was afraid before my name. MALACHI 2:4-5
  • The LAW OF TRUTH was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips: he walked with me n peace and equity, and did turn many away from iniquity. MALACHI 2:4-6

Did you see what God said as concerning Levi? Notice clearly God says that He used Levi just like He used Jesus and the other prophets to give us His commandments.

Secondly, Jesus said earlier that He was the way, the truth and the life. As you can see from this verse Levi also can make the same claim. The bible says that all the people that obeyed Levi’s commandments turned away from their iniquity/(SIN) just like those of us that will obey Jesus’ commandments will also turn away from our sins.

God says that He made a special covenant with Levi concerning eternal life and peace the same as the one He made with Jesus. This is where God used the phrasing the “LAW OF TRUTH” in pertaining to Levi.  The Law of Truth was the “WORD” of God manifested in flesh in the mouth of Levi. 

Just like Jesus, when Levi spoke the words of God to the people, he became God unto the people to all that would obey his words and commandments.

My Brothers and Sisters, WILL YOU ARGUE WITH GOD? Still not convinced yet?

Then let’s continue:

  • … Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: JOHN 16:13

Notice that Jesus called the futuristic Comforter/Messiah/Prophet the:


In Malachi 2:6, God called Levi the prophet the:


Now some of you will say these two verses are saying something totally different. How you can come up with that theory I do not have a clue. So to prove to you that the “spirit of truth” that Jesus was talking about is a literal human prophet sent to administer God’s word, let’s stay in the book of John.

Since the writer of the book of John was a Disciple, let’s see if he can explain Jesus’ use of the phrase “spirit of truth.”

Does John tell us that the “SPIRIT OF TRUTH,” is a man? Let’s see.

John says:

  • “WE” (Disciples) are of God: he that knoweth God HEARETH US; he that is not of God HEARETH NOT US.

Hereby know (WE) the SPIRIT OF TRUTH and the “SPIRIT OF ERROR.” 1st JOHN 4:6

Can you argue with the truth now? John uses the term “spirit of truth” to describe himself and the other humans that represent God! So how can you argue with the writer who clearly explains Jesus’ definition of the term: “spirit of truth?”

As you can see anyone who is sent from God is a representative of God! This MAN or Woman when they have received the word directly from God, this person is then known as the Spirit of Truth.


It may be noted that no Biblical scholar of any standing has ever equated the “paracletos” of John in the original Greek with the Holy Ghost. Now we can say with one breath that if the Comforter is the “Holy Spirit” then that Holy Spirit is the Holy Prophet!

As Muslims we acknowledge that every true prophet of God is Holy and without sin. But whenever the expression “The Holy Prophet” is used among Muslims it is universally accepted as referring to the Holy Prophet Muhummed (pbuh). So even if we accept the above incongruous saying — “the Comforter which is the Holy Spirit,” as Gospel truth, even then this prophecy will fit Muhummed (pbuh) like a glove, without any stretching of its meaning.

The same John, who is supposed to have authored the Gospel bearing his name, also penned three more Epistles which are also part of the Christian Bible. Amazingly he has used the same terminology of “Holy Spirit” for “Holy Prophet.

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 John 4:1

You can observe that the word spirit is used here synonymously with a prophet. A true spirit is a true prophet, and a false spirit is a false prophet But for the so-called “born-again” Christians who see only with eyes of emotion, I recommend that they lay their hands on C.I. Scofield’s Authorized King lames Version of the Bible who with an Editorial Committee of 9 D.D.’s adding their notes and comments. When they come to the First word “spirit” in the above verse they should give a notation to compare it with Matthew 7: 15 which confirms that false prophets are false spirits. So according to St. John the Holy Spirit is the Holy Prophet, and the Holy Prophet is Muhummed (pbuh) the Messenger of God.

But St. John does not leave us in the air, guessing the true from the false. He gives us an acid test for recognising the true Prophet, he says –

Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ iscome in the flesh is of God: 1 John 4:2

According to John’s own interpretation in verse one above the word “spirit” is synonymous with the word prophet. So verse two “Spirit of God” would mean “Prophet of God” and“Every spirit” would stand for “every Prophet”. You have a right to know as to what the Holy Prophet Muhummed (pbuh) says about “Jesus Christ.”



We now come to the four most comprehensive and decisive verses in John. chapter sixteen to solve the enigma of the Successor to Christ. For Jesus (pbuh) did truly say:

I have yet Many Things to say unto you, but Ye Cannot Bear Them Now. (HOLY BIBLE) John 16: 12

We will later tie up the phrase “many things” from the above verse with “guide you into all truth” from the verse that follows, when discussing it. For now. let us discuss the phrase —“YE CANNOT BEAR THEM NOW”

The truth of this statement “ye cannot bear them now” is repeated monotonously throughout the pages of the New Testament:

And he (Jesus) saith unto them (the disciples). Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith.Mat 8:26

AND (JESUS) said unto him (Peter) O Thou of little faith. Mat 14:31


he (Jesus) said unto them (the disciples), O Ye of little faith, why reason among yourselves Mat 16:8


And he (Jesus) said unto them (his disciples). Where is your faith? Luke 8:25

We must bear in mind that this is not the indictment of Jesus (pbuh) on the indecisiveness of the Jews, but on his very own elect. He stoops down to the level of little children to make things plain to his disciples but he is compelled to burst out in frustration

And Jesus said, Are Ye Even Yet Without Understanding? Mat 15:16

And when he was provoked to breaking point, he rails against his chosen ones —“…

…Oh faithless and perverse generation how long shall I be with you, how long shall I bear with you? Luke 9:41



I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. John 16:12

Howbeit when he, the Spirit Of Truth, is come, he will guide you into ALL truth, John 16:13

It has already been established that. Biblically, the word “Spirit” is used synonymously for“Prophet,” by the same author in 1 John 4: 1 (as seen earlier).

Hence the “Spirit of Truth” would be the “Prophet of Truth”. A prophet in whom Truth is personified. He had walked through life so honourably and industriously that he had won for himself even from his pagan fellow countrymen the noble designation of as-Saadiq (the Truthful One) and al-Amin, “the Honest,” “the Upright.” “the Trustworthy;” the Man of Faith who never broke his word. His life, his personality, his teachings are the veritable proof of Muhummed (pbuh) being the embodiment of Truth (al-Amin) — the Spirit Of Truth

we will now combine, “I have yet MANY things to say unto you” from verse twelve, with“he will guide you into ALL truth.” From John 16: 12 and 13.
If the Christian still persists that the Spirit of Truth of this prophecy is the Holy Ghost then ask him or her whether in their language does “MANY” means more than one? Also if “ALL” in the above verse means more than one? If you get a halting, wavering, hesitant “y-e-s” then close the book. it is not worth pursuing dialogues with opinionated fools. But if you get the answer “yes!” with alacrity then proceed …

The one prophesied by Jesus (pbuh) was to unravel many things which he had left unsaid, as well as to guide humanity into all truth. There are many problems facing mankind today, for which we are fumbling for answers. Can you please give me one new thing that the alleged Holy Ghost gave to anybody in the past two thousand years, which Jesus Christ had not already given in so many different words? I don’t want many, I’ am looking for just one!NO SOLUTION FROM THE HOLY GHOST!!!Yet the promise was that the coming Comforter -“he will guide you into all truth!” If the Spirit of Truth of this prophecy is the Holy Ghost then every Church and denomination, and every ‘born-again’ Christian is claiming the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Roman Catholics claim that they have the whole Truth because of the so-called “in-dwelling” of the Holy Ghost. The Anglicans make the same claim, and the Methodists, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Seventh Day Adventists, the Baptists, the Christadelphians. etc. etc. not forgetting the ‘born-agains’ who claim to be numbering over 70 million in the United States alone.

You have the right to demand solutions from them, on the authority of the Holy Ghost, for the problems listed below:

1. Alcohol
3. Fortune Telling
4. Idol Worship, Devil Worship
5. Racism
6. Problem of Surplus Women etc etc.
Zakir Hussain DEBUNKS Christian arguments for ‘The Comforter’ being the ‘Holy Spirit’!

Can we “ WORSHIP ” Jesus Christ?


Can we “ WORSHIP ” Jesus Christ?

My answer to the question can we worship Jesus Christ is Yes and No. No. We can not worship Jesus as the way we worship YHWH.   And; Yes. We can worship him the way other prophet “worshipped” other person.   What is worship? The answer to this question is important, not only because Christians should know what worship really is, but in discovering what worship is as well. We also find out who can be worshipped. Since the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek, it is therefore necessary to begin our study of worship by looking at the Greek and Hebrew words that are translated as  “worship.” Unfortunately, because of the way the Greek and Hebrew words for “worship” have been translated into English, it can be difficult to learn correctly about worship from an English version oft he Bible. The Hebrew word shachah and the Greek word proskuneo account  for more than 80% of the appearances of the word “worship” in most English versions of the Bible, so these are the two words with which we want to concern ourselves. There are a few other words that are occasionally translated “worship” but have a more specific meaning outside of the idea of worship, and really should be translated differently. An example would be the Greekword latreuo, which means “to serve,” but in a few cases is translated “to worship.” A study of the Hebrew word shachah and the Greek word proskuneo reveals that both these words mean “to bow down.” The Hebrew word shachah (Strong’s number 7812) is used of bowing or prostrating oneself, often before a superior or before God. [1] In the King James Version, it is translated by a number of different English words, including: “worship” (99 times), “bow” (31 times), “bow down” (18 times), “obeisance” (9 times), and“reverence” (5 times). The Greek word proskuneo (Strong’s number 4505) comes from the Greek words pros, “to” or “toward,” and kuneo,“to kiss.” It literally means to kiss the hand to (toward) someone in token of reverence, and among the Orientals, to fall upon the knees and touch the ground with the forehead as an expression of profound reverence. Hence, in the New Testament it means kneeling or prostration to do homage or make obeisance,whether in order to express respect or to make supplication. [2] The examples of “worship” in the Bible confirms that in the biblical culture,people bowed down before those to whom they wanted to show respect or honor.

Lot “worshipped” (shachah) the strangers who came to Sodom even though he had never seen them before. He prostrated himself before them to show them respect (Gen. 19:1). Moses “worshipped” (shachah) his father in law, whom he respected and honored (Ex. 18:7). Abigail “worshipped” (shachah)David. She honored him by prostrating herself before him. ( 1 Samuel 25:40-41 )

These three examples can be multiplied many times over, but they show that when someone wanted to honor another, he would fall down before him. The act of falling down is called“worship,” and reveals the heart of the worshipper—respect and honor towards the one being worshipped. Many cultures besides the biblical culture have the custom of bowing to show respect or honor. The Japanese and Chinese bow to those they respect. In the courts of Europe it was customary to bow (or for women, to curtsy) to those of higher rank. In fact, even in the colonial culture of the United States it was common for men to bow in respect of one another and for the women to curtsy to show honor or respect, and occasionally we still see bowing and curtsying today. In some churches the custom of bowing before God has been modified into kneeling or genuflecting. For example, in the Roman Catholic Church people often genuflect, a shallow bow of the knee, to show their respect to God. In most protestant churches, although people no longer perform a full bow before the Lord, people “bow” their heads in prayer as a sign of respect. It is important to realize that in both biblical and modern “worship” (bowing down), the outward act of bowing reveals the inner heart of respect and honor. Why do we use the English word “worship” at all? Our word “worship” comes from the Old English “weorthscipe,” which means worthiness. We “worship” someone because they are “worth” the respect they receive. In British English, “Worship” was actually used as a title for various officials, usually magistrates and some mayors. Thus even in the derivation of the English word “worship” we see that it was not exclusively used of God or Jesus, but was used to designate someone worth the respect they received. When the words shachah appears in the Hebrew text, or proskuneo in the Greek text, they usually refer to the action of bowing down, and we can translate them that way into English, as the following examples show. Genesis 23:7

Then Abraham rose and bowed down [shachah]before the people of the land, the Hittites.

Genesis 33:3

He himself [Jacob] went on ahead and bowed down [shachah] to the ground seven times as he approached his brother[Esau].

Genesis 42:6

Now Joseph was the governor of the land, the one who sold grain to all its people. So when Joseph’s brothers arrived, they bowed down [shachah] to him with their faces to the ground.

Matthew 18:26

“The servant fell on his knees [proskuneo] before him. ‘Be patient with me,’ he begged, ‘and I will pay back everything.’

It is clear from the verses above that people “bowed down to,” or “worshipped” other people. A study of the Greek and Hebrew words and how they are translated shows something else—something that has misled many Christians. In many Bible versions, when the words shachah or proskuneo are used of one person to another, the translators use the English words “bow down” or something similar.However, when shachah or proskuneo refers to a person “bowing down” before God or Jesus, the translators almost always use the English word“worship.” The three examples below are typical. Exodus 24:1 Then he said to Moses, “Come up to the LORD, you and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel. You are to worship [shachah]at a distance, Exodus 33:10 (NASB) When all the people saw the pillar of cloud standing at the entrance of the tent, all the people would arise and worship [shachah],each at the entrance of his tent. John 4:24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship [proskuneo] in spirit and in truth.” The verses above reveal a pattern that has caused many Christians to misunderstand“worship.” When the Hebrew or Greek words for worship refer tomen“worshipping” men, the translators use the English words “bow down.” However,when the act of worship is toward God or Jesus, then the translators use the English word “worship” in their Bibles. This way of translating understandably leads the English reader to believe that only God and Jesus are “worshipped.”How can a person reading the English Bible be expected to know that biblical“worship” is not just for God and Jesus when in his Bible the word “worship” is only used in reference to them? He cannot. Thus, although it is sad, it is understandable that people reading the English Bible conclude that Jesus must be God because Jesus is “worshipped.” As Bible students, we must get the facts straight. “Worshipping,” i.e., bowing down to someone, shows honor and respect. It can be toward anyone the person wants to honor, even, as we saw earlier in the case of Lot, a total stranger.People “worshipping” Jesus does not make him God any more than Abraham “bowing down” before the Hittites makes them God. The Greek and Hebrew need to be translated consistently. When they are, we can see that people “worshipped”other people and God (or they “bowed down to” other people and God). In practical application, superiors, kings, God, and Jesus get most of the honor or worship. There are times when it is not appropriate to honor or “worship” someone. God says that it is wrong to bow down before (shachah;worship) other gods (Ex. 23:24). That makes perfect sense. How could a person with any sincerity honor both God and demons? A different case involved Peter,who recognized that it was not appropriate for Cornelius to bow down to (proskuneo; worship) him, even though Cornelius respected Peter. Peter felt he was not superior to Cornelius, and accepting the worship would have sent the wrong message to Cornelius, so he stopped him (Acts10:25 and 26). Similarly, the angel stopped John from “worshipping” him. John felt the angel was superior and started to “worship” him. The angel had to correct him and remind him that the angel was only a “fellow servant” (Rev.22:8 and 9). In the following verse we find an account of the prophet Nathan coming in to see King David. 1 Kings 1:23

And they told the king, “Nathan the prophet is here.” So he went before the king and bowed [shachah] with his face to the ground.

Nathan was a prophet of God and yet he had no problem with “worshipping” King David,i.e., bowing down before him. It is perfectly appropriate to bow down to(worship) a king. However, it would have been improper for Nathan to bow down to David and then to someone in David’s court that he knew was plotting against David. “Worship” is not a hollow act. True worship comes from the heart. Thatis why Mordecai would not bow down before Haman, because Haman was an enemy ofthe Jews (Esther 3:2; 9:10). However when Jesus met the women who had come to his tomb, they “worshipped” him and were correct in doing so because he was their king, and they honored and respected him. The act of placing oneself face down at the feet of the king showed respect and honor. 2 Samuel 14:22 provides a good example. 2 Samuel 14:22 Joab fell with his face to the ground to pay him honor [shachah], and he blessed the king. Joab said, “Today your servant knows that he has found favor in your eyes, my lord the king, because the king has granted his servant’s request.” In this verse the NIV translators chose to translate the Hebrew word shachah (bowing down or worshipping) with the phrase “to pay him honor” to reflect the nature of Joab’s actions. Although the phrase “to pay him honor” shows the purpose of Joab’s action, since the Hebrew word shachah is not translated “worship,” the English reader never sees that Joab “worshipped”David. No doubt, had Joab fallen on his face before God, the English translations would have said that Joab “worshipped” God. 1 Samuel 24 contains a record of David “worshipping” Saul. 1 Samuel 24:8 Then David went out of the cave and called out to Saul,“My lord the king!” When Saul looked behind him, David bowed down [shachah] and prostrated himself with his face to the ground. Saul had been pursuing David in order to kill him. David and his men had been avoiding Saul. One time Saul went into a cave to use the bathroom, not realizing that David and his men were also in the cave. David’s men urged him to kill Saul, but instead he simply cut off a piece of Saul’s clothing. After Saul left the cave, David came out and bowed before Saul and showed him the piece of clothing to demonstrate that he would never hurt Saul. David bowed before Saul as part of his effort to convince Saul that he still honored Saul and that he was not trying to usurp Saul’s throne. Bowing to the king, worshipping him, was a way of demonstrating respect to the king,which, of course, meant that the person had an intent to obey the king.Obedience, then, is an integral part of the worship of God or a king. The outward show of bowing is not really true worship if there is no intent in the heart to obey. If a person comes before a king and bows before him but has no intention of obeying him, then the bow is hollow and deceitful. We see this inaction with Adonijah. He bowed before King Solomon but he was still scheming against him. 1 Kings 1:53 Then King Solomon sent men, and they brought him down from the altar. And Adonijah came and bowed [shachah]down to King Solomon, and Solomon said, “Go to your home.” Adonijah was a half-brother of Solomon and had plotted to usurp David’s throne. But Solomon sent word that if Adonijah would do what was right, then Adonijah’s life would be spared. So Adonijah came and worshipped, bowed down to, Solomon the king as an act of honor and respect, implying that he would be obedient.Actually, Adonijah’s gesture was insincere, and he ended up being put to death(1 Kings 2:25). Bowing insincerely would be similar to calling Jesus “Lord” but then not doing what he said to do (Matt. 7:21-23). It should be that the act of worship comes from a heart of worship. This short study should have made it clear that anyone deserving of honor and respect can be“worshipped.” In the biblical culture, the “worship” was evidenced by bowing. However, in our Western society today it is not our custom to bow down to authority figures. Nevertheless, we do honor them, respect them, and in some cases should obey them. If we today honor a notable person by addressing him as “Sir,” singing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” and giving him presents, we do not call that “worship,” but in fact those acts are one way we in Western society would “worship” someone. In modern Western society we “worship” our authority figures differently than biblical people worshipped their authority figures, but the essence of honoring and respecting is the same. We need to understand how the biblical custom of bowing down before someone as an act of worship can be brought into our modern world. If we see that in the biblical culture the act of bowing was the outward form produced by an inward heart of respect and honor, then we are in a position to ask, “How would we today show someone that we respect and honor him?” Here are a few ideas to consider: If we honor and respect a friend, then our actions show that by us focusing on him and not just only on ourselves. Similarly, we show our respect and honor for God and Jesus by giving them our focus, our time and attention. This is especially important when participating in a spiritual or religious function.For example, a person in church should be focused on them instead of allowing his mind to wander to the trials and troubles of life that occupy the rest of the day. If we honor and respect a friend, then we spend time with him, especially doing things that he wants to do. Similarly, we show our respect to God by doing things He wants us to. We should take an inventory of our lives and see what we spend our time doing. Is it something that brings glory to the Lord or is it something that is just fun? For instance, do we spend more time watching TV than doing something that would serve God or the Lord? By simply taking an inventory of our time we can easily identify what is most important to us. If we find that we are not giving enough time to God, then we should make the commitment to change. Biblically,if we “worshipped” the king, we would make an effort to obey him. Jesus said,“If you love me you will keep my commandments.” Often, because we live in an age of grace, Christians forget that there is a Commandments. In fact there are many of them that we need to obey. For example, love your brother (1 John 4:21); pray continually (1 Thess. 5:17); do not lie (Col. 3:9); do not steal(Eph. 4:28). If we say we worship God and Jesus then we should obey them. These suggestions are by no means comprehensive. Every Christian who wants to worship God and the Jesus must find a way in which he can outwardly demonstrate the respect and honor he has in his heart. References : 1. F.Brown, S. Driver, C. Briggs, The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon( Hendrick son Publishers, Peabody, MA, reprinted 2000), p. 1005. 2.Joseph Thayer, Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament (Hendrick son Publishers, Peabody, MA, reprinted 2000), p. 548. =================== More references here : http://discover-the-truth.com/2013/07/06/daniel-713-14-messiah-jesus-god/ http://debunkingchristianity.blogspot.com/2007/09/100-challenge.html http://www.angelfire.com/space/thegospeltruth/trinity/articles/jesusworship1.html

Christian’s Tricks : How The Christians Transformed Jesus into GOD/YHWH using a false translation.

Christian’s Tricks : How The Christians Transformed Jesus into GOD/YHWH by using a false translation.

This essay will EASILY expose THE Magic/Trick used on how Christians DECEITFULLY and SUCCESSFULLY duped innocent folks into believing that Jesus is the same as YHWH / God. How they transformed Jesus as “God/YHWH” using a simple trick (Fallacy of equivocation).

“and in their greed they will exploit you with false words;.” (2 Peter 2:3 NIV ).

Much of the Trinitarian deception is afforded by word trickery. It is a clever word game that uses the same words but shifts the definitions attached to those words; it is a game that shifts the concepts behind those letters. This game of concept shifting is best demonstrated with the fallacious “Jesus is God” routine. This statement means two different things in Trinitarianism and Trinitarians shift back and forth-between both meanings when promoting their apologetic. At one moment, “Jesus is God” means “Jesus is divine by nature” and in the next moment it means “Jesus is God by identity.” One statement answers “what” he is and the other “who” he is. Indeed, leading Trinitarian scholars insist the words “and the Word was God” at John 1:1mean “and the Word was divine by nature.” In fact, the word “God” necessarily means “divine by nature” for the Trinitarian at John 17:3. In other words, they try to make sure the word “God” does not refer to an identity. Trinitarians do the same thing in the statement, “Jesus is both God and man.” Here,the word “man” refers to Jesus’ nature and so does the word “God.” The statement actually means, “Jesus is both divine by nature and human by nature.” It is a statement referring to “what” Jesus is. Trinitarians continually change definitions between implicitly defining “God” as “who” and then implicitly defining “God” as “what” during their argumentation. Fallacy of equivocation. Words have concepts behind them. These concepts can be deceptively shifted by false teachers like a moving curtain behind a scene. Perhaps you have seen old movies where a car is not really moving but the scene behind them is moving and so it appears the car is moving. It is a clever illusion, a deception. Written words themselves do not contain their own concepts but are given concepts by the human beings using those sets of letters. The concepts are behind the written words. Concepts, definitions, are attached to those words. When human beings see written letters on a page, or hear audible words spoken, they must assume the concept which is being attached to a word. So if one says, “I was chairman of the board,” we know the word “board”has a certain concept attached to it that is quite different than, “I was hit over the head by a board. “In such a case, it is quite easy to see there are two different concepts attached to an identical set of letters. We simply changed the scene behind the word because the context demanded it. Both words are appear exactly the same to our eyes and sound the same to our ears but the concepts behind the words are very, very different. In this case, it was quite easy to see the difference. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, when we are speaking with someone, they will use a definition of a word that means one thing and we are assuming another thing. Such is the case with the statement, “Jesus is God. “When English speaking readers see the word “God” they immediately assume that someone is being identified because the capitalized word “God” looks and behaves like a name and we use names to identify people and implicitly answer a question which begins with “Who?  “However, Trinitarians use the very same word to mean “Who” in one breath and to mean something entirely different in the next. The Trinitarian apologetic is largely based on the idea that Jesus has a divine nature, that is, the nature of deity. This idea refers to what he is, not who he is. However, Trinitarians use the statement, “Jesus is God” to make the assertion that Jesus is divine by nature. This is extremely deceptive because people are duped into believing Jesus is being identified as “God” because English speakers have been trained to assume someone is being identified when they see a capitalized word that looks and behaves like a capitalized name. Trinitarians afford this word game by shifting back and forth between both concepts and few people ever notice the difference. What Trinitarians try to do is demonstrate that Jesus has a divine nature by using the statement, “Jesus is God. “Here they are referring to “what” he is, not “who” he is. There is no problem in doing this as long as their line of argumentation is correct. However, once they are successful in accomplishing their goal, they then proceed to conclude that have proved “Jesus is God” but now they suggestively imply they have proved Jesus is God by identity. They wish to claim they have proved Jesus is the one God who created the universe. Hence, they suggest that since they have proved what he is, they have proved who he is by using the very same words. In short, they deceive others by shifting the concept behind the words implicitly and suggestively whenever it is convenient for them to do so. The extent of this deceptive illusion can be demonstrated from a Biblical truth. When God created Adam and Eve, He named them both “adam” (Gen 1:27; 5:2). The word“adam” is the Hebrew word for humanity, human being, both male and female. It is essentiallyequivalent to our English word “human.” So we can say “Eve was adam” which means “Eve was human.” It refers to Eve’s human nature. However, as soon as we say “Eve was Adam,” we are making a huge mistake because the capitalized word “Adam” refers to Eve’s husband and is not a word used to refer to Eve’s human nature. The word “Adam” answers the question “Who?” The word “adam” answers the question“What?” However, Trinitarians succeed in using the capitalized word “God” to identify God and to refer to the divine nature of God. The parallel use of the word “Adam” would be to use that capitalized word to refer both to Eve’s nature and to Eve’s husband. So if we used the word “Adam” like Trinitarians use the word “God” we could say “Eve was “Adam” meaning Eve was human. And then once we have proved Eve was human with the words “Eve was Adam,” we would then proceed to claim Eve is to be identified as “Adam.” And we would be quite dishonest to do so. This is what Trinitarians are doing with the capitalized word “God.” Illustrating the Deception: Qualitative and Quantiative Terms The word adam is the Hebrew word for “human,” whether male or female. Adam was actually called “the adam” in the Bible just as God was called “the god.” Thus, Adam was adam, Eve was adam, and Seth was adam. Adam was human, Eve was human and Seth was human. The word adam is here used in a qualitative sense. It is also correct to write, “Adam was Adam.” This is a quantitative use of the same word. It sounds the same as the qualitative sense but the capital letter changed the intent of the word from qualitative to quantitative. Since Adam is quantitatively the person Adam, we can say Adam is Adam. However, it is completely incorrect to say, “Eve was Adam,” or “Seth was Adam.” This would be a totally inappropriate use of English capitalization conventions and would mislead the reader into thinking that Eve and/or Seth are being identified as the person Adam. So while we can write, “Eve was adam,” we cannot write “Eve was Adam.” Hence, to be honest and true to readers we must ensure that we do not capitalize the word “adam” when we are using the word in a qualitative sense. The word “adam” is not a name but the word “Adam” is a name. Although they sound the same they signal different ideas. The very same thing is true with the word “God.” Although it sounds like a qualitative word when spoken, it behaves like a name and signals a quantiative entity when written.  The word “God” is just as misleading as the word “Adam” when the word “god” is intended instead just as the word “adam” is intended instead.


Note carefully how a capital letter changed everything. A capitalized word in English has much power and suggestive meaning and the misuse of capitalization can lead to quietly constructed yet tremendous blunders.


The Power of Suggestion Quantitative names identifying persons sound exactly like qualitative words describing attributes.  The statement, “It is Sandy” sounds just like “It is sandy.” However, these two statements mean two completely different things and if we misuse these terms we commit the deceptive fallacy of equivocation. In the same way, “Jesus is god” meaning “Jesus is divine by nature,” sounds just like “Jesus is God,” meaning “Jesus is that personal being God by identity. “Saying “Jesus is god” is the same as saying “Eve was adam” and saying “Jesus is God” is the same as saying, “Eve was Adam.” Therefore, if we were speaking out loud to someone they would not even know the difference between those two statements. So if a Trinitarian demonstrates Jesus was god and then proceeds to claim he has proven that Jesus was God, and since you cannot see the capital letter that is spoken and not written, a person listening to such words could be easily duped. And even worse, the written statement “Jesus is God,” meaning “Jesus is divine,” is identical to “Jesus is God,” meaning “Jesus is God by identity.” They are identical statements which mean two different things. There are two different concepts behind the words. The two statements both sound and look exactly the same but convey concepts which describe two completely different ideas.  This is how Trinitarians do their trickery. They claim Jesus is divine by nature by saying, and writing, “Jesus is God” when they are referring to his nature. However, this has exactly the same ring to human ears, and to the human mind which hears these words when read, as the statement “Jesus is God” when used to indicate who the Word was by identity. So Trinitarians suggestively imply they have proved Jesus is “God” by identity and because the two statements look, sound, and have the exact same ring for both meanings of “Jesus is God”, this illusion is quite persuasive and subtlely effective. Hence, innocent folks are easily duped by this fallacy. Having the divine nature of God does not make one God by identity anymore than having the nature of Adam makes one Adam by identity. In fact, the Bible explicitly teaches that we too will share the divine nature of God when we are resurrected. This does not mean we will be God. In fact, the Bible teaches explicitly that we are already partakers of the divine nature. This does not make us “God” anymore than it makes Jesus “God.” The capitalized word “God” is a word which translates “the god” in Greek and is reserved for the Father of Jesus Christ. This is but one example of the many fallacies employed by Trinitarians. When exploring Trinitarian doctrine and when dialoguing with Trinitarians, one must be extremely guarded and careful concerning their statements and their crafty terminology. The suggestively shift the meanings of words like “God” and “being” halfway through their argumentation process. The result is a completely fallacious conclusion that sounds totally correct to the unwary listener who is thereby left completely deceived by their illusions.

Daniel 9 : Cyrus The Great – The Messiah

Was Jesus “A” Messiah chosen by God?


My answer to that question is: Yes, just like Moses Jesus was also a Messiah of God.
 But what does “Messiah”  really mean?
Does the word Messiah really mean:
“The one to die for your sins?” 
No it does not!
That is a blatant lie of the Greco-Roman Empire and Church. So stop believing their lies.
The Messiah was never, ever, ever supposed to die for your sins and you will never find any verse in the Old Testament bible that even suggests such a ridiculous lie.
So let’s now learn the truth about the word Messiah/Anointed and his or their purpose…
According to the Hebrew language Messiah means  “Anointed” or “Chosen” or “Prophet.” 
So according to these three definitions of the word messiah yes, Jesus fits the criteria of a messiah.  The scriptures confirm this with verses such as:  Acts 4:27, Matthew 12:18 and Matthew 14:5.
However, just like Jesus, other prophets such as Moses,DavidHezekiah and others were also labeled as “Messiah” in the bible too.
They were all just as anointed as Jesus was:

Was thou not made the head of the tribes of Israel and the Lord anointed thee king over Israel? 1st SAMUEL 15:17

God made Saul the Chosen one and there are others:

Solomon was a messiah/anointed. (1st Kings 1:39)

David was a messiah/anointed. (1st Samuel 16:13)

Jewish priests were anointed/messiah. (Leviticus 4)

Christianity proclaims Jesus to be the prophesied Messiah that was foretold by the prophets of old to come and save all the people. Now I ask you:

“Is this story really true or just mere folklore?”
The truth is Jesus definitely was not the prophesied Messiah in the Old Testament. Jesus was just a temporary messiah only. 
Jesus openly testified to His Disciples that He was sent only for a small select group of people i.e. the Jews alone.
You don’t believe this? Then read Jesus’ own words:

“But He (Jesus) answered and said, I am not sent “BUT” unto the lost sheep of the “HOUSE OF ISRAEL.” MATTHEW 15:24

As you can see Jesus’ mission as a messiah was to teach the Jews to return to God and to obey His Holy word. That is what He was anointed/messiahed to do.
Yes, I know messiahed is not a real word, but as you can see, it fits as a word for the point that we are trying to show you…
The False Apostle Paul and the pagans of the Roman Empire wrote lies and placed easily refuted stories of Jesus in the New Testament.
The New Testament alleges that Jesus’ life and crucifixion was the fulfillment of a messianic prophecy.Now for that to be true there had to have been a Messianic prophecy in the Old Testament that clearly showed in context how Jesus performed this feat. I challenge any theologian to find a passage of scriptures in the Old Testament that says any of the following things about the Messiah in direct context:
1.) The MESSIAH would come and literally DIE on a cross?
2.) The MESSIAH would go into the grave for THREEdays?
3.) The MESSIAH would rise from the GRAVE?”  
4.) The MESSIAH would take away the SINS of all of Mankind?
Christian learned these things usually in their churches. I’m sorry but there are no theologians that can answer these questions truthfully. Why?
Well it’s because there just are no prophecies that say any Christian or Jewish Messiah was to do any of these things that the false writers proclaimed that Jesus fulfilled period. Now you know!
Theologians can only come up with these ridiculous hypotheses by actually stealing wording from various unrelated verses just to make up their false doctrines about Jesus as it is written in the Greek New Testament gospels.
But anyone who reads the so-called referenced verses can easily refute the hypothesis of the educators as pure fabrications.
In Daniel Chapter 9, we will see the only prophecy using the actual wording “MESSIAH” and it is not about Jesus whatsoever.
We will turn to the Book of Daniel for some delightful new insights that the preacher and the theologians have apparently have been blinded to by God or are as God said in the Old Testament: “BRUTISH/STUPID.”
Now let’s look at the prophecy of Daniel Chapter 9 and see if this is speaking of Jesus as being the “MESSIAH.”
First to understand the verses about the Messiah we must read the verses leading up to it. The nation of Israel was conquered by Babylon and taken into bondage by Babylon. Israel had been in literal captivity for seventy years.
In verse 9:2, Daniel says that he has done his calculations according to the prophecy of Jeremiah.
In that prophecy Jeremiah says that God would punish Israel and they would serve under Babylonian rule for seventy years.

 And this whole land shall be a desolation, and an astonishment; and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon SEVENTY YEARS. JEREMIAH 25:11

Jeremiah then says in verse 12 that after these literal seventy years God would destroy Babylon:

And it shall come to pass when “SEVENTY YEARS” are accomplished, that I will punish the king of BABYLON,” and the nation saith the LORD, for their iniquity, and the land of the Chaldeans, and will make it perpetual desolations. JEREMIAH 25:12

The problem also is that Jeremiah gave two different “seventy year” prophecies in his book.
The first one above was given when Nebuchadnezzar first conquered Jerusalem in 3320.
The second prophecy about 70 years came 18 years later when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and the Holy Temple in 3338.
Now the prophecy of the destruction of Babylon has come true. We know this because Daniel tells us in verses one and two that Darius the Mede is under the first year of his reign as king.
As for the second prophecy of Jeremiah:

For thus saith the LORD,” that after “SEVENTY YEARS be accomplished at BABYLONI will visit you, and perform my good word toward you, in causing YOU to RETURN to this place.JEREMIAH 29:10

Daniel witnessed the fulfillment of the Jeremiah’s first prophecy. For Babylon was destroyed just as the first prophecy stated.
However, Daniel noticed Israel’s suffering had not ended yet. Daniel also knows that he and the others should be returning back to Israel by now.
This has not happened and Daniel is wondering why. Daniel knows the prophecy by Jeremiah is supposed to come to fruition very soon.
However, Daniel is also aware that even during all of this hardship Israel endures that have yet to repent.  Daniel knows that means trouble!
As you can see this is a major point of worry for Daniel. Through all of this Daniel is fearful that a warning scripture of greater punishment for non-repentance could be in the works by God.
Now as we break this verse down we see that despite Daniel’s prayer, God decides to invoke a greater punishment upon Israel! Gabriel is sent to explain to Daniel how long Israel is to be punished by God and remain in slavery.

70 Weeks or Years?

Now we all knew what Jeremiah says about the 70 “Years” in his scriptures above.
However, in the book of Daniel, he speaks of a new time frame of 70 “Weeks.”
This is very confusing to all non-Jews. What most of us do not know is that the Jews knew of two previous prophecies foretold by Moses. Moses warned the Jews that God would punish them 7 times more if they did not atone within the specified amount of time.
There are seven days in the week and that means that God would punish them a year for each day of the week or “Seventy sevens.”
The warning verses are in Leviticus and Numbers of the Torah and state:

And if ye will not yet for all this obey me then I will punish you SEVEN TIMES MORE for your sins.LEVITICUS 26:18

After the number of the days in which ye searched the land, even forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years, and ye shall know my breach of promise. NUMBERS 14:34 

In Daniel 9:13 through15, Daniel is very aware of the verses spoken by Moses from Yahweh and pleads for a disobedient Israel in his prayers. So Gabriel lets Daniel know that this equals approximately 490 years that the Jews will be in bondage.
Again after reading these verses we can see that these 400+years have absolutely nothing to do with any one of the Messiahs as yet.
Now the trick of Christianity is how they have purposely added the years wrong to justify their claims that the 490 years is an alleged prophecy leading to Jesus’ birth. Totally ridiculous!
It is real easy to show you just how silly this is because the Old Testament actually tells us what the seventy years prophecy was about.
The seventy weeks is a decree of additional punishment against the Jews. It is not a timeline for the arrival of the Messiah:

SEVENTY WEEKS” are determined upon thyPEOPLE and upon thy HOLY CITY,” DANIEL 9:24

As you can see this was very easy to prove. Earlier in verse 9, Daniel admitted that the Jews had not repented during the initial 70 years of Babylonian punishment.
So these seventy weeks or additional seven times the initial 70 years is what the Jews will now have to endure.
Daniel now has his answer. I’m sure he is not happy about it but knowing the hearts of his fellow Jews, Daniel was sort of expecting this answer.
Now during these seventy weeks Gabriel give the Jews specific tasks to perform:

…to put an end of sins, and to make reconciliation/REPENTANCE for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most holy.DANIEL 9:24

Did you get all of that? Let’s list all of the specific tasks given to the Jews:
1.    The Jews were to stop sinning and turn from their wicked ways
2.    The Jews were to abolish iniquity and reconcile back with their God YHWH.
3.    True reconciliation with God brings in a new period of everlasting or continual righteousness.
4.    Lastly, during these 70 weeks, the Jews will rebuild, cleanse, re-dedicate and anoint the Most Holy temple of YHWH.
The King James Bible chose to omit the ending of verse 24 when it speaks of anointing the holy temple.
The Jews were to anoint the Most Holy temple of God they were not to anoint the most holy or a select group of people as Christianity teaches!
That is ridiculous!
The writers of the King James Bible purposely omitted this because they satanically wanted us to believe that Jesus is included somewhere in these verses and that they have the power to tell us who is worthy of being called holy. This is where we get the term: Saints.
These sons of Satan toss around sainthood as if they have the right to Judge who is going to heaven or not! Saint Peter, Saint Thomas,
Saint Porky the Pig, the patron saint of breakfast bacon! Whatever!
Do you see how just a few strategically omitted phrases or words can change the meaning of a verse? Do not read the KJV bible only as most Christians lazily do.
Here is how it reads in the Jewish bibles:

Seventy weeks are decreed for your people and your holy city, for putting an end to transgression, for placing the seal on sin, for expiating crime, for introducing everlasting uprightness for setting the seal on vision and on prophecy, for anointing the holy of holies. DANIEL 9:24 New Jerusalem with Apocrypha

Yes, these were the requirements the Jews had to follow from God.
Now why should we believe this Jewish verse says the temple is to be anointed and not the most holy people?
That’s an easy one because Gabriel made sure Daniel understood the prophecy by reiterating it again in the very next verse! Now let’s continue with Daniel verse 25:

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the “COMMANDMENT” to restore and rebuild JERUSALEM” unto the “MESSIAH THE PRINCE” shall be seven weeks. DANIEL 9:25

Gabriel says:

Daniel I want you to know and understand that the(timeline) between (Cyrus the anointed prince/messiah) giving the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem will be with in approximately seven weeks/49 years.” Daniel 9:25

Now what was so hard about those two verses to understand hmm?
When eliminating the bias of the KJV bible we can gain a clearer understanding of what Gabriel is saying to Daniel.
Let me stop here for a moment because verse 25 says many things.
First here is the first mention in the King James Bible of a “MESSIAH” character.
The Hebrew word Mashiach means “anointed.” Of the 39 times mashiach is used in the Hebrew Scriptures, the KJV translates it as ANNOINTED 37 times. They translated it asMessiah only in the verses in Daniel.
Now ask yourself:

  IF the word used in the book of Daniel has the same definition throughout the rest of the bible then why is it suddenly changed in the KJV of the bible?

The most accurate answer has to be that BIASED Pro-Christian scholars tried to invoke their OWN Christian agendas into the bibles.
They gave us a false hope that this context of scripture had a “HIDDEN” prophecy concerning Jesus.
Not true my Brothers and Sisters, Daniel does not speak of Jesus in any way.
Gabriel informs Daniel that God is going to send an ANOINTED ONE or MESSIAH. But we all have to ask the question:

“What was the Messiah supposed to do?”

That is very easy. Gabriel says the messiah/anointed one only purpose was to rescue the captives of Israel from the hands of Babylon nothing more.
With the power of the God of Israel supporting him, the Messiah will bring the Jews/Hebrews out of the bondage of Babylon and let the Jews return back to Israel to rebuild their homeland. So as you see this cannot be Jesus!
He is not scheduled to be born for many hundreds of years to come.
So since this is not Jesus then,

 WHO is this famous Messiah or Savior that brought the Jews out of bondage?

Did God make us guess who this person was or did God actually tell us who this Messiah/Anointed is? Let’s go and see:

Thus saith the “LORD” to HIS ANOINTED/MESSIAH to CYRUS,” whose right hand I(god have holden, to subdue nations before him; ISAIAH 45:1

   and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him (CYRUS) the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut.ISAIAH 45:2


I have even called “THEE/CYRUS” by thy name; I have surnamed thee CYRUS, though thou CYRUS hast not known meISAIAH 45:4

I love it when the Old Testament Prophets and YHWH give us the answers we desire straight from His word!
CyrusTheGreat MEME
I do not have to give you an interpretation here or a made up theology because God made sure you would not be deceived by the Sons of Satan. So again who did God openly proclaim as the prophesied Messiah/Anointed/ Mashiach?

It is Cyrus of Persia!

Through this verse of Isaiah, God lets us know three things:
3.    ISRAEL was the CHOSEN/ELECT NOT Jesus.
Daniel knew the prophecies of Jeremiah very well. Daniel also knew according to Isaiah just who would eventually free them from Babylon, return the Jews home and also just who would commission the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. It was Cyrus the Great!

That saith to CYRUS” “HE is mySHEPHERD/MESSIAH and shall perform all my pleasure; even saying to JERUSALEM” Thou shalt be BUILT; and to the TEMPLE, Thy foundation shall be laid. ISAIAH 44:28

God tells Isaiah that Cyrus is the Messiah who will rescue Israel and issue the decree to rebuild Jerusalem according to the verse above.
I’m sure some of you might have missed that so I’ll say it again. God says, God says, GOD SAYS that Cyrus is the chosen Messiah! Now that we know who the messiah is in the book of Daniel, let’s move on…

The 69- weeks Christian time- frame lie!

I need to show you another crucial mistake most Christians make when reading Daniel 9:25.
First I will show you the entire verse again:

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem unto the Messiah the prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again and the wall, even in troublous times DANIEL 9:25

Look at the highlighted words above. Christians believe these numbers are all-inclusive and that Gabriel is saying all of this will happen within a total of 69 weeks:

Seven weeks and threescore and two weeks.”

That is not what Gabriel said. If Gabriel was actually saying 69 weeks, he would have said:

“Three-score and “NINE” weeks.”

However that is not what it says.
People will argue this point repeatedly and still cannot get past this very simple point.

An additional mistake made by Christians is the translation of 7 and 62 weeks as one undivided unity of 69 weeks. The Christian version makes it sound as if the arrival and “cutting off” of the “Messiah” will take place sixty-nine weeks (483 years) after a decree to restore Jerusalem. They add the 7 and 62 weeks together and have one person (the Messiah) and two events occurring towards the end of the 69th week.

Actually, according to the Hebrew the 7 and 62 weeks are two separate and distinct periods. One event happens after 7 weeks and another event after an additional 62 weeks.

Simply put, if you wanted to say 69 in Hebrew you would say “sixty and nine.” You would not say “seven and sixty two.”

Furthermore, in Daniel it is written “7 weeks and 62 weeks rather than “7 and 62 weeks.” The use of the word “weeks” after each number also shows that they are separate events. The use of the definite article (ה ~ Hey) that means “the” in verse 26, “and after the 62 weeks shall an anointed one be cut off,” is sometimes deleted in Christian translations, but it’s presence in the Hebrew original clearly indicates that the 62 weeks is to be treated as separate period of time from the original 7 weeks.

The correct translation should be:

“ until an anointed prince shall be 7 weeks (49 years),” “then for 62 weeks (434 years) it (Jerusalem) will be built again but in troubled times.” Then after (those) the 62 weeks shall an anointed one will be cut off.” Daniel 9:24-25

Two separate events and anointed ones, 62 weeks (434 years) apart.

The first part of the verse really says:

…the going forth of the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem unto the Messiah the prince shall be seven weeks… DANIEL 9:25

So after Cyrus the prince gives a commandment to restore and rebuild the city of Jerusalem, Gabriel says this shall all begin within seven weeks or 49 years.
This is where the “comma” is placed in most bibles because this is the completed sentence and point that Gabriel was trying to convey to Daniel.
Since Daniel admits to studying the prophecies of Jeremiah earlier in his chapter we know that Daniel would have also known of Isaiah’s prophecy that someone by the name of Cyrus was to be Israel’s deliverer or Messiah.

That saith to CYRUS” “HE is mySHEPHERD/MESSIAH and shall perform all my pleasure; even saying to JERUSALEM” Thou shalt be built; and to the TEMPLE, Thy foundation shall be laid. ISAIAH 44:28

As you can see, Isaiah’s prophecy already told us that Cyrus is the one who will make the proclamation:

Jerusalem” shalt be built…” And “The Temple” foundations shall be laid.”

No once can ever deceive you again about Daniel’s messiah again! 
Gabriel totally confirms Isaiah’s prophecy to Daniel and he gives Daniel a certified “timeline” of when Cyrus’ proclamation will begin to happen:

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the “COMMANDMENT” to restore and rebuild JERUSALEM” unto the “MESSIAH THE PRINCE” shall be SEVEN WEEKS. DANIEL 9:25

Gabriel tells Daniel that it will take 7 weeks or 49 years after Cyrus gives the decree or order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem for the work to begin.
Here is the second time the KJV tries to use trickery by changing the word anointed to the Christian usage of the word Messiah.
  • (Special note); As concerning Jesus anyone who would actually study the word will know that Jesus was never called the “Messiah the Prince.”
Christian theologians make up your minds! Either Jesus is the alleged  “KING of kings” or the “Messiah the PRINCE?”  please make up your minds…
Prophecy Fulfillment:
Let’s continue…It has now been approximately 51 years and Daniel is in expectation of the fulfillment. Daniel didn’t have to wait too much longer for the beginning of the prophecy to come true.
Just a few months after Daniel 9 occurs Cyrus takes over the empire from Darius!

Now in the first year of CYRUS” king of Persia, that the word of the LORD by the mouth of JEREMIAH” might be fulfilled, the LORD stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia that HE made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing. EZRA 1:1

 OH my GOOOOOOOOOSH! Ezra is confirming the calculations of Daniel. He says Cyrus was fulfilling the prophecy of Jeremiah? How does any Christian theologian argue with the word for word answers here? You and I see these verses and they are true!
Now what do you think this proclamation could be hmmm?

Thus saith CYRUS” king of Persia, the LORD GOD of heaven hath given ME” all the kingdoms of the earth and he hath charged ME” to build him anHOUSE at Jerusalem, which is in Judah. EZRA 1:2

My Brothers and Sisters, isn’t Yahweh wonderful!
Clearly to those who “STUDY” to show themselves approved they will see the truth. Cyrus himself even tells us that the prophecies of JeremiahIsaiah, and Daniel were about him.2nd Chronicles 36:20-23, also confirms this. Now let’s see what else Gabriel has to say:

…And threescore and two weeks; the street shall be built again, and the wall, EVEN” in troublous times. DANIEL 9:25

Gabriel informs David that even though the Jews will have really troublesome times to come, within 62 weeks construction will begin on the city of Jerusalem!
According to other Old Testament scriptures Jerusalem indeed had trouble from all sides during the rebuilding process.

Now when the “ADVERSARIES” of Judah and Benjamin heard of the children of the captivity builded the temple unto the LORD God of Israel; then they came to Zerubbabel and to the chief of the fathers, and said unto them, Let us build with you. EZRA 4:1-2

In verse 2 and 3, Israel tells their enemies that they will build the temple themselves. So their enemies decide to get even!

Then the people of the land WEAKENED” the hands of the people of Judah, and TROUBLEDthem in building, and hired counselors against them, to FRUSTRATE their purpose.  EZRA 4:4, 5

Wow! The Jews faced wicked opposition to their rebuilding just like Gabriel said they would. Read the rest of Ezra for more of the fulfillment.
The Old Testament has all the answers you need if you seek the Father and not the doctrine of Satan. Now according to all four writers: Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel and Ezra, Israel returned home thanks to the conquering anointed Messiah – The Great Cyrus. 
Now after this anointed prince fulfils his required messiah obligation to God, he is going to be defeated in battle by another nation and another prince/leader that is mightier than he was. Gabriel gives an exact timeline for the fall of Israel’s champion Messiah:

And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself. DANIEL 9:26

As we have said earlier, according to Gabriel, the Messiah’s kingdom will be defeated within another 62 weeks. Now the King James Bible scribes satanically decide to use the word Messiah in place of the word anointed once again: 
The KJV also adds: but not for himself.   Now, where did this come from?
Again it is a vain attempt by biased writers trying to make this verse fit the idea of Jesus supposedly dying for the sins of “OTHERS.” 
Total deception here my brothers and sisters! Why oh why do they insist on making us follow false doctrines?
Listen to other CHRISTIAN bibles correct this added satanic lie!

And after the threescore and two weeks shall an Anointed one be cut off, and be no more.”DANIEL 9:26 JPS1917

Even Christian versions have no idea what the KJV is talking about:

“After the sixty-two `sevens,’ the Anointed One will be cut off and will have nothing. DANIEL 9:26 NIV

Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothingDANIEL 9:26 NASB

So now we see how the misconceptions of these verses came into fruition. Even Christian bibles confirm the errors of the biased King James Version.
Now indulge me for a moment as I add the prophetic verses 24, 25 and 26 together in order back to back and list just what is happening in context:

Seventy weeks are decreed for your people and yourholy city, for putting an end to transgression, for placing the seal on sin, for expiating crime, for introducing everlasting uprightness for setting the seal on vision and on prophecy, for anointing the holy of holies. DANIEL 9:24 New Jerusalem with Apocrypha

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the “COMMANDMENT” to restore and rebuild JERUSALEM” unto the “MESSIAH THE PRINCE” shall be seven weeks. DANIEL 9:25

 “And after the threescore and two weeks shall an Anointed one be cut off, and be no more.” DANIEL 9:26 Jewish Publication Society 1917

Now I must ask you, after reading these verses in total context do you still think this is a prophecy about Jesus?
I simply cannot believe anyone with reasonable logic and understanding of what they read can think Jesus fulfilled any of the criteria of these verses.
Now you really need to watch what is happening in these three verses closely!
In the prophecy notice the order of things that are to happen during this Messiah’s reign:

Seventy weeks are decreed for your people and your holy city, for putting an end to transgression, for placing the seal on sin, for expiating crime, for introducing everlasting uprightness for setting the seal on vision and on prophecy, for anointing the holy of holies. DANIEL 9:24 New Jerusalem with Apocrypha

Verse. 24: Seventy weeks of punishment against Jerusalem. They must end their sinful ways and anoint and cleanse the Holy of Holies.

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the “COMMANDMENT” to restore and rebuild JERUSALEM” unto the “MESSIAH THE PRINCE (CYRUS” shall be seven weeks.  DANIEL 9:25

Vs. 25: After the Hebrews repent and anoint the temporary Holy of Holies Gabriel assures Daniel that God will send a Messiah to save Israel and the Messiah will at least issue a commandment to have Jerusalem rebuilt. Gabriel says all of this will happen within a time frame of 7 weeks.

…and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. DANIEL 9:25

Vs. 25: After the Messiah commands Israel to rebuild the city Gabriel says the streets and the great Jerusalem wall will also be rebuilt again during very difficult hardships. What is Gabriel’s time frame for all of this? 62 weeks.

And after the threescore and two weeks shall an Anointed one(MESSIAH) one be cut off, and be no more.DANIEL 9:26 Jewish Publication Society 1917

Vs. 26: After the Messiah orders the rebuilding of the temple, he will be totally destroyed by an even stronger nation and ruler and he, the messiah/anointed one and his nation will basically have nothing…
Now when you see the verses together you can see the truth with totally clarity.
Nothing you have read in these verses is about Jesus. Notices these four things:
1.    There is no prophecy of a half man half G-d Messiah dieing for our sins in the context.
2.    During Jesus’ time the Temple was already cleansed and anointed and the sacrifices were already in effect. Jesus was also circumcised in this very temple.
3.    The city of Jerusalem was not destroyed during Jesus’ lifetime.
4.    Neither the city of Jerusalem nor the great wall was ever rebuilt during Jesus’ lifetime.
As I have shown you before, there is no Jesus prophecy in these scriptures…
Now there is a big problem in the recording of the scripture and it is a Man made error. Daniel chapters 10 and 11 are in the wrong order!
In the first verse of chapter 9 Daniel tells us that he is writing in the very first year of the reign of Darius the Mede!
Chapter 10 says that he has been under Cyrus’ reign for exactly three years!
Now we know that Darius didn’t reign twice, so Daniel makes it absolutely clear to us that he is writing a continuance of chapter 9 and is still under the reign of Darius the Mede:

ALSO” I in the FIRST year of DARIUS the Mede, even I, stood to confirm and to strengthen him.DANIEL 11:1

By adding the word “also” Daniel makes it clear that the prophecies of chapter 9 and 11 are both the same.
Since this is cleared up let’s go back and see if both chapters coincide with each other.

Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah/(CYRUS) will be cut off and have nothing.DANIEL 9:26   NASB.

Now Gabriel has told Daniel the events that are about to take place very soon. He says that this Messiah or Anointed one shall be cut off or destroyed and will have nothing.
In chapter 11 which is the continuance of this prophecy, Gabriel speaks again:

And now will I shew thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: DANIEL 11:2

and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia. And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will. DANIEL 11:3

Gabriel tells us the reason why Israel’s Messiah i.e., Persia shall be destroyed.
We know that it was God who gave power to Persia and itsthree great kings to conquer Babylon I.e.: (Cyrus, Cyrus II, and Darius).
The final King/Messiah which was Xerxes the Great will use his influence to attempt to overthrow the kingdom of Greece.
And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those. DANIEL 11:4
So when this king Xerxes the Great attempts to fight against Greece he shall fail miserably His kingdom is taken and divided by Greece!
Now didn’t Daniel 9:26 just say that very same thing about this Messiah from Persia being cut off/killed?

Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothingDANIEL 9:26 NASB

So we know this Messiah king will die but what does it mean when the verse says he will have nothing?

And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity. DANIEL 11:4

Okay, the Messiah’s kingdom will be divided in four pieces. We have that one but

what does: “Not to his posterity” mean?

Definitions of POSTERITY:
Descendants: all of the offspring of a given progenitor; “we must secure the benefits of freedom for ourselves and our posterity”; all future generations.
Now we see that the Messiah’s kingdom will be divided into 4different regions and by 4 different men.
However, none of these men will be one of his descendants or should we say one of his offspring or princes.
Now again I have to ask you? Did any of this happen as Gabriel said it would? Yes it did:
In 336 B.C. Alexander the Great became King of Greece and conquered Persia three years later, fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel 9:26.
In 322 B.C. Alexander the Great of Greece then dies of a fever in Babylon. The kingdom that Alexander took from the Persian Empire was torn apart by his four generals who each sought to succeed him.
1.    323: general Ptolemy 1 Soter seizes Egypt.
2.    320: Ptolemy I seizes Palestine.
3.    311: Seleucus I Nicator seizes Babylon.
4.    300: Seleucus I seizes Syria.
Wow! As you can see history proves Gabriel’s words came true once again.
Both of these chapters are exactly the same.
The King James changed the simple word Anointed intoMashiach in an attempt to make us believe that these verses spoke of the Messiah the Jews were looking for.
 The Jews knew these verses were not about their Davidic Messiah.
Sadly Christian theologians made all of the non-Jews believe that they were. Jesus is not relevant to this verse in any way.
This Anointed person spoken of in Daniel is merely the Kings, Princes and nation of Persia.
Now I want you to see this truth clearly. So notice the underline words in Daniel 9:26:
The Messiah will be cut off and have nothingNASB
Now look at 11:4:
HIS kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided.”
Do you see the truth unfolding my Brothers and Sisters? Chapter 11 is just a clearer explanation of chapter 9.
 It is Persia that will be destroyed by Greece.
Now did these events ever come true?
Yes they did come true our history books tell us that this all came true when Alexander the Great of Greece conquered Persia in 332 BC. This action in turn made Palestine a provincial Greek state.
Let’s look as another prophetic fulfillment unfolds in this scripture.
Gabriel informs us that Persia will be destroyed and the armies of this new Prince of Greece will destroy Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple of God all over again.
So as we now can see, these prophecies have nothing to do with Jesus whatsoever.
Gabriel’s words speak of the destruction of the prince of Persia and the reign of the new prince/kingdom that is to come after him.
Now that we know the contextual meaning of these verses let’s go back to verse 26:

And the people of the prince that SHALL come shall destroy the CITY/JERUSALEM and the Sanctuary.DANIEL 9:26

So after the Messiah/Anointed nation of Persia is destroyed, new even more powerful nations i.e. Greece, and eventually Rome, shall destroy Jerusalem and also the sanctuary temple of God. Now did this event also happen?
Yes these events happened several times by the new princes that defeated the messiah nation of Persia.
The first event occurred in 168 BC when Antiochus IV desecrated the Temple in the year 168 BC and also the Romans completely destroyed the Jewish temple in 70 A.D.
As you can see Gabriel’s words came true just as the book of Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and even Jesus in the New Testament gospels said they would.
See: (Matthew 25:2-25Mark 13:1-14 & Luke 21.)
Now unfortunately this was not the end of the Jews suffering; this was just the beginning of sorrows. Jerusalem was passed around from nation to nation like a proverbial prison prostitute.
Now tell me, do you still believe that the book of Daniel ever spoke of any prophecies of Jesus? Of course not!
What we are seeing is the rise of a new religion to come which will soon be known world wide as: Christianity
Thanks to my friend : One True Christian Who Loves God

The Six Major Sins Of Jesus!!!!

The Six Major Sins Of Jesus!!

[ Note : In my previous engagement with some Christians I found out that most of them keep on babbling with a hollow, unsound claim  that “Jesus is a sinless” . But when I asked what is “SIN” from Biblical perspective? No answer from them. Thus, I deem it proper educate some educated fools as to what really “sin” is from Biblical perspective thru this LINK  ]

Now some of my friends are probably disgusted with me right now just from the title of this note alone!
But it seems that no matter how much proof I show them from the bible that Jesus was not divine, that Jesus was not sinless, that Jesus was not a part of any Holy Trinity, or that Jesus is NOT GOD, they still can not allow rational/logical thought to lead them past the  brainwashing that most of the Christians have incurred since birth.
Now, I have a question for you. So that my question will not go over your head, I will ask a similar logical question first:
Let’s say you asked me to take your credit card and pay your cellular phone bill. When I arrive at the store and they swipe your card, there is absolutely no money in your account.
Now when I call you and say,
“Hey, man, there is no money in your account.”
Your response to me is:
“Yeah, I know, it’s been empty for a month.”
The logical question would be,
“If it was impossible for me to pay your bill, then what was the point of sending me to the phone company?”
I’m sure each of you would agree, that this is a logical question right? So let’s apply that same logic to Jesus being without sin:
“If it was impossible for Jesus to have sinned, then what was the point of the stories about Jesus being tempted by worldly things or being tempted by Satan? ??? hmmmm…. 
Do you get it now? Same logical question applies here too!
How could Jesus be tempted in all-points to sin as we are, yet Christian scholars can keep a straight face and say Jesus was without sin (Hebrews 4:15)?
For common sense logic, would dictates that a deity cannot even be tempted at all right? Do you see how ridiculous the dogma becomes when you analyze Christian’s falsehoods?
Christians claim that Satan’s temptations had no effect on Jesus because with him also being 100% God, there wasn’t even the slightest chance Jesus could have sinned.

Really?Then you educated fools, WHAT THEN would be the point? Good grief!

If that is true, then there would be no temptation and the whole story of Jesus’ being tempted, would be absolutely pointless and STUPID
However, Jesus was tempted. We all know this right?
But how can this be? Seeing that our Pastors and the Impostor Paul claim that Jesus is also God? For the bible clearly says:
James 1:12
12 Blessed is the man(human) that endures temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for (God cannot be tempted with evil,) neither tempt he any man: 

Are you finally beginning to understand how flawed their exegesis/hypothesis theology really is?

Many educated fools will say Jesus was:

                           “100%fully God and 100% fully man.
This has to be the most asinine statement educated men could make. Because if 100% of something is considered full, how can you put another 100% more of something into it?
Now they actually want us to believe, Jesus was 100% ALL MAN.
Yet they want to add stipulations to their theology and say this all-man Jesus did not have man’s nature to sin, lust, get angry, and want to punch someone in the face, or have sexual lustful impure thoughts and get an ERECTION, after looking at the breast or beauty of a woman?
If Jesus is 100% all man, then he must also have 100% of man’s nature for sin too!
Sorry folks you cannot have it both ways!

So I must then pose the question, Did this alleged member of the Trinity ever commit any sins on earth?To that I must say YES HE DID! 

So, in no particular order, I will list the 6 MAJOR SINS of Jesus along with the VERSES that prove my assertion is true.
Pay close attention to the  highlighted words,and the capitalized words. They are very important.
So let’s begin:

#01: Jesus, like most Hebrews Jews, was a Bigot and a Racist Separatist who did not like Greek and Roman Gentiles! 


The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition of Bigot is:


noun \ˈbi-gət\
: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)
No I’m sure the closed-minded  have either closed the pages of this note now! I’m sure even you are saying how on earth could Jesus be a bigot?
Well we are told by Paul and the Gentiles that the dark-skinned Hebrew Prophet Yeshua, who witnessed the heinous crimes against the Jews, died for their sins too!

So they want you and I to believe that Yeshua, who witnessed the heinous crimes against the Jews, was such a loving messiah, that he turned the other cheek to the oppression, the murders, the rapes and tortures and wanted to teach these HEATHEN unclean murderous pagans dogs about their God?Really? Heck no!

Jesus, like all oppressed Hebrews HATED the GENTILES MURDERERS! 
In fact to this very day, the Gentiles are still called filthy

Gentile INFIDEL Dogs!

So what does the bible really say about Jesus and the Gentiles?
Did Jesus die for their sins or did Jesus NOT want them to have salvation?
The truth will shock you! Let’s see (Pay attention to the highlighted words!):

Mark 4:11-12

(Jesus) said to them, to you (Jews) it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God;

 but to outsiders(GENTILES), all these things are done in parables: That they (GENTILES) may see, and not perceive; and they (GENTILES) may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they (GENTILES) should be converted, and their(GENTILES) sins should be forgiven them.

Oh my Jesus!!!! Tell us how you really feel! Christians don’t want any part of this verse!
HMM? Did you catch that?
Did you see how angry and vengeful the human original Jesus actual was? Come on? Did you hear Jesus explain the reason why he speaks in parables instead of just teaching straight truth?
He says, and I quote: This is done so they can hear God’s word but to make sure they don’t understand it?What the heck!!!!
You mean to tell me, that this man Jesus doesn’t want people to be saved? YEP, you heard it straight from Jesus’ own mouth folks!
Human Jesus is out of control folks!
Jesus tells His Disciples:

Don’t teach these GENTILE DOGS the TRUTH, lest at anytime they might be “CONVERTED/CHANGE AND their SINS, SINS, SINS, SINS, be “FORGIVEN THEM?” Wow! Wow! Wow!

There is a saying in the military that goes:
Kill them all and let God sort them out!”
Jesus echoes this sentiment totally!
So Jesus didn’t want these GENTILES SINS to ever be FORGIVEN?Proving that the dying on the cross for everyone dogma is ridiculous! YEP folks! You heard this straight from JESUS’ own mouth! Amazing isn’t it?
Does this sound like someone who wants to DIE for the sins of these dogs???

For it shows the true JESUS/YESHUA, who lived through the horrors of Greece and Rome and Caesar had absolutely no love whatsoever for any of these Gentile oppressive dogs and never wanted them to learn about the Most High God and wanted them to actually DIE an excruciating miserable death! You just can’t make this stuff up! It’s all clearly written in the bible for us to see!
Jesus openly says:

Matthew 7:6 Do not give what is holy (SCRIPTURES) to (GENTILES) dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine(GENTILES), or they(GENTILES) will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you (JEWSto pieces.

So in true essence Jesus tells his Disciples and followers;“Give not the salvation providing holy scriptures unto these unclean GENTILE DOGS! And do not throw or (TEACH) your pearls of “wisdom/knowledge” to these murderous swine!”

Now I see why Jesus compared himself later on in the scriptures to JONAS;
Jesus was just as rebellious as he was!
Now we have Jesus admitting why he spoke in parables. It was so the Gentile nations would not be able to repent and be saved!
As you can see, I didn’t make any of this up!
You read it for yourself and this is truly a sinful nature of Jesus no one ever talks about!
Jesus was in fact a prejudiced-bigot who was not willing to forgive these people for their crimes against the Jews and did not want any of his Disciples to go into any of their lands to teach them anything concerning their God and Salvation!
Jesus says:
Matthew 10:5
These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans.

Matthew 10:6 Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. 7 As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’

So clearly Jesus wanted the LOST SHEEP of Israel only to be saved both from the hands of Greece and Rome and saved in the form of repentance of sins!

No Gentiles allowed here folks! A definite sin against God’s word!
Now do you think I am still stretching this a bit? Well let’s go a bit farther and see what happens when an actual GENTILE woman comes seeking YHWH the God of the Jews through Jesus.
Surely the Jesus we all heard about will quickly come to this Gentile woman’s rescue right? WRONG!!!

The Faith of a Canaanite Woman

MATTHEW 15:22  A Canaanite (GENTILE) woman from that vicinity came to him, crying out, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is demon-possessed and suffering terribly.”
Now surely Jesus will stop to rescue this damsel in distress right? Let’s see:

MATTHEW 15:23 
23 Jesus did not answer a word. So his disciples came to him and urged him, “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.”

Now let’s play the “Jesus advocate” here and say that it was too noisy and Jesus didn’t hear this woman’s pleas for help. Well according to the above verse the Disciples heard it and were annoyed at this Gentile dog following them.

Notice they didn’t say master this woman needs help, Ooooh no! They asked Jesus if he would finally send this unclean Gentile woman away !Unbelievable!

So what do you think Jesus our so-called savior of sins reply was to his Disciples about her? Let’s see:

MATTHEW 15:24  
He (JESUS) answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”

Come on? This cannot be? So Jesus agreed with the Disciples and refused to help her and openly states that He was not sent to help any of these Gentiles Dogs but was sent ONLY, ONLY, ONLY to the lost sheep of Israel! How on earth will Christians get past this admission by Jesus?

Now apparently the woman wasn’t accepting Jesus’ answer to leave and wasn’t giving up! Let’s see what happens next:

MATTHEW 15:25 The woman (GENTILE) came and knelt before him. “Lord, help me!” she said.

Now we see this woman has skipped over the Disciples and is kneeling down in front of Jesus. If a Hebrew woman who simply touched the hem of his garment can be healed surely Jesus is not going to not heed to the pleas of a woman who is falling in front of him on her knees begging right? What do you think Jesus’ reply to her was? Let’s see:
MATTHEW 15:26  He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread (KNOWLEDGE/SALVATION) and toss it to the (GENTILE) dogs.”

OH MY GOSH!!!!  I am shaking my head right now in shame!

                               Say it ‘aint so Jesus? Say it ‘aint so!

Jesus hatred for these murderous Gentiles is clouding his judgment! This is probably why Hebrews 5 says Jesus suffered because he was DIS-obedient!
Now something Godly happened next! Do you remember the Pulp Fiction movie phrase:
“I’m about to go medieval on him?”
Well this Gentile woman, did something similar and she went biblical on Jesus! Let’s see!
MATTHEW 15:27  But she said, “Yes, Lord; but even the (GENTILE)dogs feed on the crumbs which fall from their MASTER’S(YHWH)’ table.” 
This woman knew more about the God of the JEWS than Jesus thought! When Jesus said no to her, this woman invoked the TORAH and the LAWS of Moses on Jesus which says if the GENTILES come to any Hebrew Jew and seeks their God they are to fully comply and be a light to the Gentiles and teach them Salvation and the ways of God’s law:
EXODUS 12:48  And when a stranger (GENTILE)shall sojourn with thee, and will keep the passover to the Lord, let all his (GENTILE)males be circumcised, and then let him come near and keep it; and he shall be as one that is born in the land: for no uncircumcised(GENTILE) person shall eat thereof.
49 One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the (GENTILE) stranger that sojourneth among you. 
But the stranger (GENTILE)that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.
So as you can see the GENTILES always had the right to salvation long before Paul’s version of Jesus ever came on the scene!
So by using the scriptures above, the Gentile woman forced Jesus’ hand and he had no choice but to heal the woman!
I want to believe this story was an eye opener to Jesus; for he did say afterwards that her faith was strong and he did finally heal her daughter. Let’s hope so.

#02: The BOOK of HEBREWS admits that JESUS the HIGH PRIEST, was originally a SINFUL MAN!

Hebrews 5:1
For every high priest taken from among men is ordained for men in things pertaining to God, that he may offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins:
Who can have compassion on the ignorant, and on them that are out of the way; for that he himself also is compassed with infirmity (SINS).
And by reason hereof he ought, as for the people, so also for HIMSELF, to offer for sins.
And no man taketh this honour unto himself, but HE that is CALLED of God, as was Aaron.
So far as you can see, the writer explains that the High Priest not only has to offer sacrifices to God for the sins of the people, but notice in verse two, it clearly states that EVERY single High priest also is filled with his “OWN” sins just like you and I.

Again people, clearly Verse 03 finishes the summarizes the writer’s thoughts that this Chosen High Priest ALSO has to offer sins for HIS OWN sins too.Did you get that? his OWN sins too! 

Lastly, vs.01 and vs 04 tells us that all of these SIN-FILLED men are HUMAN and are CHOSEN by God to be a High Priest. So how does this apply to Jesus you ask?  Well the writer explains how these SINS apply to Jesus in the next verses!
 Hebrews 5:5: So also Christ (JESUS) glorified not himself to be made an high priest;
but HE/GOD that said unto him, Thou(JESUS)art my Son, (TODAY)have I (BEGOTTEN/CHOSEN) thee(JESUS)!
WOW!!!! Did you get that? Now we know why it took 325 years for the Roman church to add Jesus into the Trinity! For clearly the bible says, Jesus only became a “SON” of God only afterGOD CHOSE/BEGOT him on that VERY DAY!
Which proves the “Before ABRAHAM; I AM” scripture(John 8:58). was an added lie by some  false Pro-Trinity ghostwriter!
As you can see, these are not my words! These words are in every single Christian New Testament bible.

But that is not all!

There is much more REVEALING information a few verses down! Let’s take a look!
Hebrews 5:7 Who in the days of his flesh, when he(JESUS) had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him/GOD that was able to save him from death, and was HEARD in that he feared;
WAIT a moment! Did you catch this SECRET scripture that someone FORGOT to edit out of the bible?

Read the verse again as I explain what it just said.

When Jesus was in his flesh, i.e. STILL ALIVE,
When he had offered up prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane unto God and BEGGED and PLEADED for God to SAVE him from DYING,
 The scripture tells us that Jesus’ prayers TO BE SAVED from DEATH were eventually HEARD by God?
Oh My! Yes, I already know what your next question is:

“Are you telling me that GOD spared Jesus from dying on the cross? 

I am not telling you anything! The BIBLE just told you this was the truth!
Forgotten verses like these gives validity to books like:
                    “The Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood Holy Grail.”
Now though these two books are very good. There is a wonderful new book that confirms the story of Hebrews and says Jesus in fact did escape death upon the cross. This insightful and controversial book is called

                 Jesus: The Rise of the Nazarene!


This book is available at all book sites. Hear is the Amazon.com link to it.
Now, as far as the SINS of Jesus, the next two verses are DEVASTATING the the theology of Rome and speaks about Jesus’ sins!
 Hebrews 5:8: Though he/JESUS were )Son, yet LEARNED he(JESUS) OBEDIENCE by the things which he SUFFERED;

OH! OH! OH! I had to interrupt! Clearly read that again!

For in retrospect, the writer tells us that human Jesus was not “THE” one and only son from a Trinity-esque heaven. This writer’s original thoughts before editing by Rome, was that Jesus was nothing more than “A” mere son of God; just like all the other sons/prophets of God like King David or Isaiah which God also begat/chose as His sons also.
That is very damaging to the Trinity doctrine, but look at even more damaging information in verse 08!

It says, Jesus had to LEARN how to OBEY GOD by the things which he suffered. Wow! Clearly before the biblical editing of the bible, the writer originally believed that Jesus was SINFUL and that GOD punished Jesus and made him SUFFER because of his LACK of OBEDIENCE! Again I didn’t make any of this up. You read the verse on your own!

Now we all know that this Greek written text has the Roman-ized version of Jesus disobeying God, changing God’s laws and seemingly rebelling against God’s laws. Now could these actions be considered sinful? Yes they can! What laws of God did these writers have Jesus change? Let’s see:
·       Who declared all foods to be clean? (Greco-Roman Jesus!)
·       Who went against God’s rules on fasting?(Greco-Roman Jesus!)
·       Who went against the rules on divorce? (Greco-Roman Jesus!)
·       Who altered or ignored God’s dietary laws?(Greco-Roman Jesus!)
·       Who went against God’s rules concerning the Sabbath? (Greco-Roman Jesus!)
·       Who went against God’s rules on adultery?(Greco-Roman Jesus!)
·       Who went against the washing of hands before dining?  (Greco-Roman Jesus!)

So think about it? These Greek and Roman writings want us to believe that A HEBREW who told you in Matthew 5:17, 18, 19 that he did NOT COME to change any of the laws of Moses would suddenly do all of these evil things against God? Really? HECK NO! Unless he is guilty of sinning against God!

Christians claim Jesus is God, but if God gave the law to Moses, and then God/Jesus comes down and “changes” the laws of Moses, that means God is a liar, because the bible clearly says that God does “not change?
Malachi 3:6
I am the LORD and I do not change. That is why you descendants of Jacob are not already destroyed.

Knowing this then, clearly if Jesus taught all of the above things God would bring wrath down upon him like the book of Hebrews is saying!

Let’s get back to Hebrews shall we:

Now after God punishes Jesus, apparently Jesus, like the Jews, finally got the point! Jesus then repents of his sins and God forgives him and Jesus is cleansed/sanctified of all unrighteousness and therefore is made “perfect!”

Hebrews 5:9 And being made perfect (cleansed), he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him;

So in finishing the author’s thoughts, Jesus endured his beating, and torture because of his OWN SINS and disobedience. Now according to verse 09, after God SAVED Jesus and FORGAVE Him of His OWN sins, Jesus was SANCTIFIED/CLEANSED of his own sins.

(personal note:) Pay close attention to the sanctified/cleansed of his sins words I just used. Later, I will give you Jesus’ own words where he verifies this fact.
The final words of vs. 09 says that after this sanctification of sins process,
Jesus, now son/prophet of God then BECAME the author/teacher/rabbi of eternal salvation to all that would listen and obey him. Are you FINALLY understanding the truth yet? Jesus clearly sinned! Let’s move on.
#03: JESUS ADMITS that He was a normal son of man that also has SINS like all men!!

John 10:36

‘Say ye of him(Jesus), whom the Father hath sanctified(Cleansed of sins), and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest; because I (Jesus) said, I am the Son of God?”
WOW! Most Pastors and Theologian will get so angry at you for mentioning the above verse.
01. Jesus  by his OWN ADMISSION,was not sinless !
02, This type of knowledge will affect their profit margins!
But I’m sorry, If our own teacher, Jesus admits that he also was a sinful man, how can we claim he was sinless or 100% man and also 100% God Which is Ridiculous now that we’ve heard Jesus contradicting it right?

John 17:19 And for their sakes I sanctify (Cleansed of sins), myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.

Now some may say:
“See Jesus is God because he sanctified himself!”
No, this is not saying he is God! It is saying that he is merely atoning for his own SINS like the book of Hebrews says the High Priests also does by cleansing himself, and repenting from his wicked ways.
The other sons of God the Levites and the High Priest also cleansed/sanctified themselves and turned from their sins in the verse below:

 2 Chronicles 30:15 Then they killed the passover on the fourteenth day of the second month: and the priests and the Levites were ashamed, and (sanctified themselves,) and brought in the burnt offerings into the house of the Lord.

So as you can see from the verse above, even the Levites and you and I too can sanctify ourselves and stop sinning! Do you finally understand?

Now we all heard of John the Baptist or John the Baptizer right? Well as you already know the practice of water baptism was already in effect. For the purpose of baptism was for one to be cleanse from all of their sins. This is also spoken of in the book of Matthew:

Mathew 3:5: Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all Judaea, and all the region round about Jordan,And were baptized of him in Jordan, confessing their sins.Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance:

So there is no debate there about the purpose of baptism and we all know that Jesus also knew the purpose

The Baptism of Jesus
According to the New Testament, baptism is a command, not an option (see, e.g., Mt 28:19; Ac 10:28).  Baptism is a deed, an act of “works”, which consists of a full immersion in water. What is the purpose of baptism?
·         Belief and baptism are required for salvation. (Mark16:16)
·         Repentance and baptism are for the remission of sins. (Acts 2:38)
·         Baptism washes away sins. (Acts 22:16)
·         Baptism brings salvation. (1 Peter 3:21)
  Baptism is a public testimony of faith in Jesus. [Ro 6:3; 1 Cor 12:13; Gal 3:27]  (THE LIES OF PAUL!)
This list embodies the ongoing conflict in the New Testament between “works” and “faith” as a path to salvation.
The first four items reflect the position of the apostle James, Jesus’ very own brother and “HAND-TAUGHT” Disciple that “… faith without works is dead …” (Ja 2:26[KJV]).
The last item reflects the false view of the lying false prophet, the apostle Paul, that “… by grace are ye saved through faith; … Not of works lest …” (Eph 2:8-9[KJV]).  However, there is a much more serious issue here than just this internal contradiction of Paul’s foolish writings.
The New Testament records the accounts of Jesus coming to be baptized by John the Baptizer (Mt 3:13-15; Mk 1:9; Lk 3:21).
Now you guys already know from other postings that I believe these gospels have been edited over and over again by the Romans.
For even the baptism story is flawed and told in contradictory versions. However, the account in the Gospel of Matthew tells us that John “allegedly” questions the need for Jesus to be baptized by him. Yet if one reads on, Jesus clearly shows us that he like all sinners had to be baptized because

Matthew 3:15: “… thus it becometh us(Jesus) to fulfill all righteousness …

In other words, Jesus himself wanted to demonstrate how to have sins removed and obtain salvation.
Wow! So what part of this is still confusing to any of us now? Notice Jesus is not in conflict with the Torah teachings or with his own knowledge of his sins? The only conflict is with the Satanic Roman version of a sinless Jesus to take away our sins?

Conclusion:  Jesus did not consider himself sinless.

Now you read that Jesus told us that He too was CLEANSE/Sanctified and sent into the world. It happened during this process and this is when Jesus finally became ” A” son of God. This process isn’t new, For God sanctified/cleansed Isaiah’ sins with a hot coal!

Isaiah 6:5 Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.

Then flew one of the Seraphims (ANGELS) unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar: 7 And he laid it upon my mouth, and said, Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine INIQUITY/SINS is taken away, and thy SINS purged.

So clearly, God was forgiving sins LONG before, the Greeks gave us their FALSE gospel text which they claim Jesus came to die for every one’s sins.So sad really!

Let’s continue. Now just like Jesus and Isaiah, another son of God, Jeremiah also admits to this same sin-cleansing/sanctification process too!

 Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou came forth out of the womb I sanctified/CLEANSED thee, and I ordained thee a prophet(SON OF GOD) unto the nations.

As much as I dislike Paul, even his writings tell us how one becomes ” A” son of God:

Romans 15:16 That I should be the minister of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, ministering the gospel of God, that the offering up of the Gentiles might be acceptable, being sanctified by the Holy Ghost.

So he too claims he was sanctified/CLEANSED of his sins by the Holy Spirit/GOD. He also teaches others the process of how God prepares one to become ” A” son of GOD below:

2nd  Timothy 2:21 If a man therefore purge himself from these, (SINS)he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified/CLEANSED and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.

Once again, even this verse says that Jesus, the Levites and you and I can repent and purge ourselves from our own sins and then God can begat/choose us as his sons and be used for the “MASTER’S USE” to do good works unto the Lord, Amen!

Now since you have read the verses on your own, the Pastor’s can no longer tell deceive you any longer.

Conclusion: JESUS sinned and repented!
Are there any more SINS that Jesus committed? Yes, many more! Let’s look below:

Now, I’m sure, some of you are saying I am crazy and that Jesus was a peaceful man who never did any harm to anyone. Yet the bible clearly shows us that Jesus was guilty of sinning, by allowing Satan to cloud his judgment when he became angry at the money changers in the temple:
John 1:13: And the Jews’ passover was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.
14 And found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting:
Okay let’s stop here a moment. It is Passover and Jesus saw the money changers sitting at the temple selling oxen, sheep and doves.
Now was anything wrong with them being there? 

Absolutely not!

For the money changers were supposed to be at the temple!
According to God’s word, thou shalt have no GRAVEN IMAGES inside of the temple. On the currency of the times, Caesar’s face was engraved on the coins so the money was not allowed inside of the temple, hence the purpose for the money changers.
Now although the writer of John doesn’t say these men were doing anything insincere outside of performing their normal duties, we can assume from the other gospel stories, that they may have been cheating the people in some way.
Let’s assume this is true and Jesus discovered this, what is a law-abiding citizen such as Jesus supposed to do in this situation hmm? He is supposed to go to the authorities, such as the high priest, the Levites, the temple guards, the Grecian soldiers, or anyone in command and report the alleged crimes that he witnessed.
Does Jesus do just that? Oh noooooo! Jesus becomes outraged at what he allegedly witnesses.
Jesus then becomes psycho; taking the LAW into his own hands!
Let’s see what he did:
John 1:15:
15 And when he (Jesus) had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables;16 And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise.
So instead of being obedient to the governing laws,or reporting the thieves to the proper authorities, Jesus decides to become as a thug and invoked his own sort of vigilante mob justice and began to assault these men and scourged/beat them up with a painful corded whip. What a HYPOCRITE!
Now when the vigilante mob attempted to do the same thing Jesus did and wanted to stone the woman for her alleged injustice, Jesus prevented them from doing so, yet he is hypocritical when it comes to his own vigilante anger? Really?
So its okay for Jesus to take the law into his own hands in mob vigilante justice, but everyone else should turn the other cheek? Yeah, Whatever!
After assaulting the men, Jesus then caused property damage and destroyed their livelihood and overthrew their tables, causing all of their animals to escape. Then in anger, he tossed all of their money onto the ground possibly causing all of the people in attendance to break the commandments by stealing their coins and property. Total sin here folks!
If you or I would have done this, we would have been in jail for assault and battery.  Now how sad is this?
Seeing the sins Jesus committed in the temple, the ghost writer of John made a ridiculous attempt at damage control by trying to justify Jesus’ crimes by inventing an Old Testament prophecy when there was none:
John 1:17
17 And his disciples remembered that it was written, The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up. 

What the???? So, this is the best that this ghost writer can come up with as justification for Jesus’ criminal behavior?

Now, the quoted Old Testament verse this writer uses isn’t even a prophecy at all, it is a prayer of David about his own disobedience to God and how his enemies are attacking his kingdom. For the Psalms states in true context:
Psalms 69:9
For the Zeal of thine house hath eaten me up: and the “reproaches” of them (enemies) that reproached thee are fallen upon me (King David).
Like I said earlier, the Roman Empire’s Popes, Bishops, Cardinals, and Scribes, never thought that the common man and woman would ever have personal copies and access to the written word. So these errors and lies were of little concern as long as the money continued to flow into their coffers.
Now many Christians will still attempt to justify this by saying, they were in his Father’s house and cheating the people.
As I have said, if this is true, Jesus still had no authority to go against man’s law because the high priest was the main figure in charge that was standing in authority and who Jesus also was subjected to; especially when man’s laws are not in contradiction to God’s laws. Even Paul knew this and stated this fact:
Romans 13:1-3
“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities.
For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.
Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad.”
So even Paul, in some of his rare good days occasionally taught sound doctrine.
Notice Paul says we and JESUS, are to be subjected to governing authorities, and not take the law into our own hands.
Jesus ignored this truth, even though he himself taught this same truth to the people when he said the following words:
He sinned when He used

Luke 20:25:
He (Jesus) said to them, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”
Clearly Jesus knew right from wrong, but allowed his SINFUL nature to get the better of him.
In fact Jesus contradicts his own actions in the following verse below:
“You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’
39 But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also.
40 If anyone wants to sue you and take away your tunic, let him have your cloak also.
41 And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. 42 Give to him who asks you, and from him who wants to borrow from you do not turn away.”
Really Jesus? So if someone wants to take away our tunic, let them have it and give him my cloak too?
  • But you beat the hell out of the money changers?
  • Why didn’t you let them have the money and the DOVES TOO? That is what you taught right?

So I guess the rules does not apply to you huh?

I think this enough proof for this subject.Instead of calling the authorities, violent radical thug Jesus is above the law huh?

Conclusion: Jesus sinned against these money changers!

Let’s move on…

#05: JESUS was a overweight gluttonous alcoholic lush who was originally the life of the party!

Man, I can hear the statements!
Now on the surface I know you think I am attacking Jesus. But I’m not. I am merely showing you how the Greco-Roman church is guilty of the first instances of “photo-shopping” a person’s image from the normal human nature.

Now folks, what was Jesus’ occupation? He was a carpenter right? This means Jesus was either

  • A typical muscular hard working blue collar construction worker


  • An overweight butt crack showing blue collar construction worker.


Now, if he was the heavy tool wielding construction worker type. This would definitely fit in with the strong radical Jesus who said He didn’t come for “PEACE” but to cause division. This would also negate the weak and feeble looking Jesus that the Roman Church portrays hanging on the cross which garners such sympathy from us. The strong radical and defiant Jesus would be able to defend himself and beat the heck out of the money changers in the temple. Now the Romans can’t have that can they? I mean their  “die for your sins” Jesus has to be weak, and humble as a lamb for us to cheer right? The photo below is how Rome wanted us to see Jesus.


So we know, this strong defiant  type of Jesus can never be spoken of!

So let’s go to the other scenario below: Fat Jesus!


Like most hard working construction workers, I’m sure Jesus drank and let off steam too. Now, we all have been led to believe that Jesus hung out with sinners to convert them. That may not have always been the case.
Let’s look at the scriptures:
Mat 11:19
The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners.
Sounds as if Jesus was the life of the party huh?
We know at the wedding of Cana, when they ran out of wine for the party, Jesus saved the day by turning ordinary wine into the best tasting wine!
Yep, Jesus saved the day and the people were able to do what party people do! Drink excessively, Party, get frisky, get horny, and have drunken sexual relations!
After making this good ‘ole wine, can’t you hear the thankful party people saying:

“Go Jesus! Go Jesus! Go Jesus! Go Jesus! Cause ‘aint no party like a Hebrew party cause a Hebrew party don’t stop!”

Now the record is made in Matt. 11, that one of the “accusations” that came against Jesus by the Pharisees, was that he was a “glutton”.
You do not accuse skinny people of being “gluttons”.
From phagos {fag’-os}
 AV – gluttonous 2; 2
 1) a voracious man, a glutton
 from phago {fag’-o} n m
 a primary verb (used as an alternate of 2068 in certain tenses);;
Translated:  eat 94, meat (noun) 3; 97, as in “meaty“(Adj.)
glut·ton (gl¾t“n) n. 1. A person who eats or consumes immoderate amounts of food and drink. [Middle English glotoun, from Old French gloton, from Latin glutt½, glutt½n-.] (Gulo gulo), having a heavyset body
Let’s look again at the scriptures from matthew:

Mat 11:19
The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners.
According to this scripture the human Jesus was well known to everyone:
·       To be a GLUTTON: Translation he was on the overweight side!
·       To be a WINEBIBBER: Translation He drank a whole lot!
·       Was a friend of PUBLICANS & SINNERS: and Jesus wasn’t necessarily there to correct people of their sins!
Remember people don’t like change, and you cannot be a friend to the world and serve God too!
Every true man of God when they are converted teaches the total truth of God and people will hate you for it! Jesus was a friend of these people according to scriptures.
As Hebrews chapter 5 says: Jesus suffered at the hands of God for his sins. Only after Jesus’ conversion Jesus finally began teaching truth to the people.
The Publicans and sinners would then turn on him and despise and reject him! So as you can see, the true Jesus was a normal man guilty of sins just like all prophets and just like you and I! Enough said.
Let’s move on…

Why does the New Testament not tell us about Jesus childhood, and teenage years?
So, surely these alleged “INSPIRED” men who wrote the gospels had some information about Jesus’ early life right? Come on? I mean, NONE of them were there at this alleged VIRGIN birth, yet these ghost writers expect us to BLINDLY believe that they can tell us “word-for-word” the dialogue allegedly between Mary and the Angel and exactly what events took place, but  yet from ages 12 to 30 nothing but silence?
Well I believe it’s because in order for the Greco-Roman Church to prove Jesus is an alleged God/Trinity member, the sins of Jesus as a child would damage their theologies’ credibility. So since they have all the power, then just simply omit it. No harm no foul! What sins in Jerusalem stays buried in Jerusalem huh?”
The sad part is, there are many Apocrypha books written in the Hebrew language that tells the story of Jesus’ early years, such as the “Infancy of Jesus” and the “Book of Mary.”
However if you do not have access to these books, I mentioned a book above that includes the early years of Jesus in great detail. Along with other omitted and theology damaging stories, this book includes passages where Jesus as a child became so angry at His mother for ignoring his gift, that he set her sheets on fire, thereby causing her to be badly burned in the fire. Check out the book: Jesus: The Rise of the Nazarene! This book is available at all book sites.
Hear is the Amazon.com link to it.
Now, if Jesus was 100% man, he had to be 100% child,  youth and teenager too right? So here are a few questions that all of us want to know but are afraid to ask for fear of being called a heretic or unsaved:
    • So did Jesus know what it is like to receive discipline?
    •  Did Mary or Joseph ever offer Correction to him? Or was Jesus the perfect little boy who never got in any trouble and minded his manners?
    •  Did he tell the truth when James or Jude his brother broke something or did things they weren’t supposed to do or did sinless Jesus live by the adage:W.W.J.D. What would JESUS do and go to his Parents and squeal on his brothers and tell of their mischievous ways?
    • When Joseph and Mary were about to discipline their other children, did the alleged 100% God boy, step in and intercede on behalf of his other brothers and sisters?
    •  Did Jesus order Joseph and Mary to stand down and forbade them from punishing their other children because he had already “FORGAVE” the other kids thereby undermining their parent’s authority?
    •   If we are to believe that Jesus was the perfect sinless son, how do you think it made his other brothers and sisters feel? Any resentment?
 Of course they would have resentment and jealousy and so would you! I mean what kid would want to be the “Jan Brady” to Jesus’ “Marsha Brady?”  Wow, can’t you just imagine the scene, James would play some childhood game and make an error and then perfect little Jesus would then score and become the hero, I can just hear James screaming,
“Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! or Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! LOL!
Now anyone with common sense knows that children will always be:

disrespectfuldisobedient, and rebellious!
Jesus was no exception to this rule! Like we said, most of the stories about Jesus’ early life are banned from the bible. However, one story was included that we all know of. So let’s begin there…

Now we all have heard the story of how when Jesus was twelve, Joseph his father, took Him and his mother Mary to Jerusalem to observe the feast of Passover.Coming back, Joseph and Mary join the caravan and believe Jesus is with them too. But in fact, Jesus, slips away from the group and stays behind in Jerusalem.

After a full day’s journey, Joseph and Mary search for Jesus in the caravan, and not finding Him, they return to Jerusalem. Three days and three nights elapse before the parents discover Jesus in the temple, engaged in a dialogue with the priests.If you have ever lost one of your kids – even for a fraction of a minute – you might have some idea of the terror Mary and Joseph endured over those nerve racking three days and three nights! I mean a 12 year old child in the heart of a corrupt city such as Jerusalem? It’s a wonder how she was able to keep it together without going into panic mode! I know I would have!

Now you guys know there will always be the few that still will have a slave master supporting: “Stockholm Syndrome” and will still want to believe the lies of the Grecian and Roman scribes. They will ridiculously say:

“Mary and Joseph were not really worried about Jesus because they already knew that Jesus was God even at the age of 12?
Yes I know, stop shaking your heads at them. They perish for a lack of knowledge and common sense. Apparently these people do not read the scriptures for truthful understanding do they? For if Joseph and Mary weren’t really worried, why in the heck would Mary open her mouth to say to Jesus:
Son(Jesus), why have you done this to us? Your father (Joseph) and I (Mary) have been looking for you with great anxiety,” Luke 2:48 NKJV
So as you can see, Joseph saw this as a great offense! Just like other normal parents, Jesus’ mother and father were in great anguish over the disappearance of their missing son.
Now, how does this prove that Jesus sinned?
Let’s assume Jesus is God, as the theologians claim.
This would mean that deity/Divine Jesus certainly would not cause this great offense because that would mean he would be the author of confusion, right?
Surely, if this alleged 100% God-boy actually had to stay in Jerusalem, he would have had the common courtesy to inform his parents of his Godly duties instead of having them go through such agony and torment for three whole days and three whole nights searching the dangerous streets of Jerusalem, right?
But does Jesus do the appropriate thing? Does Jesus do the courteous thing? Does Jesus do the GODLY thing? Heck no! Not only does this rebellious child decide he is grown enough to go off on his own, he decides to “SASS” his mother and disrespects her by talking back to her!
 Luke 02:49
And He said to them, “Why did you seek me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?
Oh no he didn’t! What does he mean why did they seek him? As if he was a grown man or something? Then either Jesus or Luke the Pagan, tries to justify his disobedience by claiming that Joseph and Mary should have known that he was doing God’s business? Baloney!
Now we all know that story is bogus because Jesus’ ministry did NOT begin until after he was“SANCTIFIED/CLEANSED” after his baptism, and eventually chosen/begotten by God !
Now the interesting thing about Jesus’ bogus story is that just one chapter later, the very same writer, Luke, clearly contradicts Jesus and tells us that Jesus did not start his ministry for another 18 years!! Wow!
Luke 3:23:
Now Jesus himself was about THIRTY YEARS OLD when he BEGAN his MINISTRY.”
Don’t you just love it when God allows the BIBLE to contradict blatant lies?
So clearly, Jesus wasn’t doing his “Father’s business!” This was a lie! Clearly Jesus wanted to do his own thing just as most disobedient and rebellious pre-teenagers have done since the beginning of time. This my friends makes Jesus guilty of breaking one of the TEN COMMANDMENTS which says:
EXODUS 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.
Clearly Jesus was inconsiderate and did not have any thoughts about what how his parents would be in great fear and terror for him! Jesus didn’t care! He saw his opportunity to go on safari in the big city and wasn’t going to allow his parents to stop him!
So what happened after Jesus’ father and mother weren’t gullible enough to  fall for this tall tale foolishness of Jesus? Let’s see:
Luke 02:51
“Then He (Jesus) went down with them and came to Nazareth, and was subject to them!
UH OH! Somebody is in trouble, trouble!
Clearly, someone is is about to find out if their father obeys the Proverbs scripture on Godly discipline which says:
“Whoever spares the “ROD (BELT)” hates their children but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline (SPANK) THEM!”
Wow! So tell me? After spending 3 days and 3 nights searching the big city in the midst of brothels, pubs, orphanages, gamblers, thieves, beggars, homosexuals and pedophiles, which emotion do you think Joseph and Mary have for their son?
Do you think they had “HATE” for him, i.e. the sparing of the rod or the LOVE, for him? I.e. they are careful to make sure this young boy, learns a valuable life lesson about disobedience and disrespect?,
Do you believe Joseph chose the careful and painful option of disciplining Jesus?
Those of us who had good parents, already KNOW which option a Godly man and a strong FATHER chose once the family returned home to Nazareth don’t we!
I just wonder if Jesus had to sit on one butt cheek for a while just like I had too when my Grandfather once tanned my back side? LOL!
Now, once again, you read the scriptures on your own!
I am so glad that you had your bibles out so that I didn’t have to do anything but basic commentary as you read along with me.
Does this change your opinion of Jesus because he sinned as all others do? Well it should not! Jesus never lied to us and claimed he was without sin, the Roman Church invented this lie and taught this falsehood to us. As you can see, Jesus openly admitted that God had to sanctify him and cleanse him of his sins. Being 100% human only, Jesus naturally knew the difficulties we all face in this walk of life.
For 33 years, Jesus faced the same sin issues like us. Also like us, he conquered some, and he failed some.
But the great thing about this is that GOD(YHWH) looks past our infirmities and can take a sinner like Jesus, David, Moses etc., sanctify him, cleanse him of his sins, and then say:
“Thou, art my son, Today, or on THIS VERY DAY, have I begotten/chosen thee!
This is the true nature of the sons of God, the Disciples also confirmed this fact and said:
1st John 3
01: “Behold, what manner of LOVE the FATHER (GOD) hath bestowed upon us (Disciples) that we should be called the SONS of God.Beloved, now are we the SONS of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he (GOD) shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. 3 And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth(SANCTIFIES) himself, even as he is pure.
Wow! This verse says it all doesn’t it?
God reveals to us that Jesus, became a son/prophet of God after the sin sanctification process.
In spite of the false theology of Roman-ized Christianity, The bible also shows us that the Levites, Priests and the Disciples, just like Jesus, were also known as the:  
sons of God by the exact same sin sanctification process.
Never again, allow man-made theology or exegesis, brainwash you, clouding your God-given common sense!
Finally, there are other sins of Jesus in the bible too, but I think this note is long enough and insightful enough that anyone with an open-mind can now weed through the blatant lies of Roman and Greece. Don’t forget your bibles so that you can see past the mythology foolishness from hence forth and forever.
May God bless you, for reading this and doing your due diligence for seeking Godly clarity over theology. Peace….

Identifying the ONLY True God

The Only True God: The Father Alone

On the night he was betrayed, Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish man born out of a woman,born under the Law, kneeled down to pray to his God, the God of Israel, saying these words,

Father…. that they may know You the ONLY True God and Jesus Christ whom You sent” (John 17:3).

Jesus’ God was Yahweh, the God of Israel. He was a Jew who was obligated to observe the Law and the Shema,”Yahweh our God, Yahweh is one.” He believed the Shema meant”there was no other but He/Him” (Mark 12:28-34).

His God, His Yahweh,was his Father and his Father alone. Jesus’ God was a one person being:his Father only. Jesus’ God was NOT a Trinity and he did not have, and does not have, a different God than everyone else.

All that Jesus ever did was in the name of his Father who he called “the only God” (John 5:43-44).

When Jesus was about to die on the cross he cried to his God, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46).

And he promised them, “He who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God. Never shall he go out of it, and I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem which comes down from my God out of heaven, and my own new name.” (Revelation 3:12).

His God was the Father. Indeed, the Father is the Lord’s God, the God of our Lord, “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 15:6, 2 Corinthians 1:3; 11:31; Ephesians 1:3;Colossians 1:3; 1 Peter 1:3),

the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory” (Ephesians 1:17).

And his God is ALSO our God as Jesus himself said, “I ascend to my Father and your Fatherand my God and your God” (John 20:17).

His God was his Father alone and he teaches us that our God is the same as his God, the Father alone. The Head of every man is Christ and the Head of Christ is God. (1 Corinthians 11:3).

For those who have been born again in him, Jesus’ God and Father is our God and Father.

And Paul identified the one God as the Father when he said, “There is no other God but one….for us there is one God, the Father, out of whom are all things and we to him, and one Lord Jesus Christ through whom are all things and we through him” (1 Corinthians 8:6).

Our one God is the Father and the Father alone. Our one Lord is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. Jesus’ one Lord is his God, the Father alone. The one Head of every man is Christ and the one Head of Christ is God. The one Lord of every man is Christ and the one Lord of Christ is God. We have one Lord: Jesus. Jesus’ has one Lord: God. We have one God: the Father. Jesus has one God: the Father. And again, Paul said,”there is… one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all who is above all and through all and in all. Yes the Father is above all and as Jesus said, “the Father is greater than I” (John 14:28)

and “the Father is greater than all” (John 10:29).

There is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Jesus Christ” (1 Timothy 2:5).

Jesus came to reveal the true God to us, the only true God and eternal life, and we are in Him who is True, the Father, in His Son Jesus Christ” (1 John 5:20).

Having made us kings and priests to his God and Father (Rev 1:6),

kings and priests to our God and Father (Rev 5:10),

we are to turn from idols to the Living and True God and wait for His Son who delivers us from the coming wrath.(1 Thesslonians 1:9-10)

at an hour only God his Father knows (Matthew 24:36).

We ought then to turn from idols made my men such as a three person God never mentioned in the Scriptures, a God Jesus never knew or served, and turn to the God of our Lord Jesus, the God he came to reveal to us, his Father alone, his Father and our Father, his God and our God.

Jesus’God and Father was also the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Acts 3:13).

God the Father is the God who called Israel out of Egypt (Hosea 11:1)

and called His son out of Egypt (Matthew 2:15).

God and Father was the God of the Prophets. Through the mouth of Moses, God the Father had promised to raise up a prophet and He raised up His son Jesus and sent him first to Israel to turn them from their wicked ways (Acts 3:22-26; Deut 18:15-18).

And so we also see it was God the Father who gave the Law to Israel when He spoke to them out of the fire (Deut 18:15; Exodus 20:1-19).

And it was God the Father who spoke out of the fire and of whom Moses said, and Jesus affirmed, “there is no other but He” (Deut 4:34-39; Mark 12:32),

Yahweh, the God of the Shema, the God who delivered Israel out of Egypt (Deut 6:1-5).

And so when he was tempted by Satan to disobey the God of Israel, his God, Jesus responded by saying he would worship and serve only the God of Israel, his God, (Matt 6:10; Deut 6:4-13)

Have we not all ONE Father? hath not ONE God created us? why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, by profaning the covenant of our fathers? (Malachi 2:10 )

But the LORD is the True God, he is the living God, and an everlasting king: at his wrath the earth shall tremble, and the nations shall not be able to abide his indignation. Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens.  ( Jeremiah 10:10-11 )

But now, O LORD, thou art our Father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.  ( Isaiah 64:8 )
Doubtless thou art our Father, though Abraham be ignorant of us, and Israel acknowledge us not: thou, O LORD, art our father, our redeemer; thy name is from everlasting. ( Isaiah 63:16 )

Did The Law Of YHWH – The Torah Ended With Christ?


Did The Law Of YHWH – The Torah Ended With Christ?

Aim of this note is to find out on how valid Paul’s claim regarding the Torah ( Law ) being no longer applicable.

Paul a Self-Made Apostle and who never met Jesus preached that Jesus was the End Of The Law, and Abolished the Law of God?

Now, How true that Jesus  was the END OF THE LAW?

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth. [ Romans 10:4 KJV ]

And, How true that Jesus  ABOLISHED THE LAW?

by abolishing the law of commandments expressed in ordinances, that he might create in himself one new man in place of the two, so making peace, [Ephesians 2:15 ESV]

We too often hear from Paulinian Christians that salvation according to them is just simply  accept Jesus as your savior and have faith in Jesus and FORGET that STINKY, CURSED LAW of GOD!!! Sounds madness, insanity isn’t it?

Now where did these Paulinian Christians got this novel idea?

It was Paul who originally preached that obedience to Law Of God is no longer necessary. We read Paul saying;

But now we are delivered from the law, [Romans 7:6]

Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, [ Gal 2:16]

For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse [Gal 3:10]

In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old.Now that whichdecayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.[Heb 8:13]

Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us,and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;[Colossians 2:14 KJV]

Surprisingly, What the Muslims use to prove that Law of Moses was still in effect and binding was also the very teaching used by Paulinian to assert that Law is no longer binding.

Lets quote the very verses in question:

For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one title shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be “fulfilled.“[Matthew 5:18 KJV]

Christians argued that since the law according to them was already“fulfilled” oraccomplished thus in effects its no longer enforceable and binding! How tenacious and credible is Paulinian interpretation?
There 3 ways actually to debunk this unfounded claims by the Christians;

 FIRST : Show lexically that”fulfilled” is not the appropriate word used when rendering the passage

SECOND : Show contextually that the intended meaning of the passage was to KEEP the Law Of Moses !

THIRD : Show some verses which correlate with what Jesus said.

Moving on…. Let us start with the

FIRST : Show lexically that“fulfilled” is not the appropriate word used when rendering the passage

The Greek word translated as “fulfilled” in  Matt 5:17 was  #4137 πληρόω “pleroo” {play-ro’-o}}
Looking at the lexicons, Greek “pleroo” has also a lot of possible meaning. Among those acceptable meaning are

“to perform”, “execute”, and “to fully preach”

Online source :  http://lexiconcordance.com/greek/4137.html

Here is the verse in question : Matthew 5:17

Online source : http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=Mat&c=5&t=KJV#s=t_conc_934017

Now here and observed carefully The Old tricks they used – the usual dishonest translation :

Amazingly , The same Greek word“pleero”  was also used in  Romans 15:19… but this time it was correctly translated as “preached”!!!!

Through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God; so that from Jerusalem, and round about unto Illyricum, I have fully preached {pleroo} the gospel of Christ. [Romans 15:19 KJV]

Online source  : http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible.cfm?b=Rom&c=15&t=KJV#s=t_conc_1061019

The context of the preceding verses( v12-v16) dictates that the disciples who were also deemed as “light” or guide  are duty bound to guide the mankind by following a certain set of rules or code ofethics and morality. This is the same true with what is intended meaning of  “pleero” in Romans 15:19. Guiding, instructing, and exemplifying the moral code, theological guidance that they carry.
However, inspite of same intended purpose, Paulinian Christians in order to uphold Paul’s doctrine, did not  use the accurate rendering of Greek “pleero” in Matthew 5:17. They dishonestly translated the Greek “pleero” as fulfilled.  But, in Romans 15:19 they accurately rendered it as “preached”.!!!!

Therefore, keeping in mind of the lexicons and the manner it was used in Romans 15:19,
Matthew 5:17-19 can also be therefore read as

Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to”pleero” {fully preached, perform, or execute }


Moving on to the SECOND : Show contextually that the intended meaning of the passage was to KEEP the Law Of Moses !

Lets us cite the whole context to understand  what “pleero” in Mat 5:17 actually meant.

Matthew 5:12-21 KJV
12  Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.


{  Jesus been encouraging here his  little flocks that Men of God, The Prophets and their successors in the past  were always  been persecuted for delivering the message of God to humanity. Thus to be persecuted and to suffer – a thing not to be mourned over, but as among the chief blessings of life. That is, the reward will be great in the future world.To those who suffer most, God imparts the highest rewards. Hence, the crown of martyrdom has been thought to be the brightest that any of the redeemed shall wear; and hence many of the early Muslims sought to become martyrs, and threw themselves in the way of their persecutors, that they might be put to death.  I am just wondring how this”rejoicing” can come along with “Jesus” seems reluctant to die on his prayer on garden of Gethsemane, and his last cry “My God My God why have you forsaken me?  }
13  Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.
{ Salt renders food pleasant and palatable, and preserves from putrefaction. So Muslims, by their lives and instructions, are to keep the world from entire moral corruption. By bringing down the blessing of God in answer to their prayers, and by their influence and example, they save the world from universal vice and crime}

14  Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

{ The light of the world often denotes the sun, Joh_11:9. The sun renders objects visible, shows their form, their nature, their beauties, their deformities. The term light is often applied to religious teachers. See Mat_4:16; Luk_2:32; Joh_1:4; Joh_8:12;Isa_49:6. It is pre-eminently applied to Jesus in these places, because he is,in the moral world, what the sun is in the natural world. The Prophets and their successors, disciples, are lights of the world, because they, by their instructions and example, show what God requires, what is the condition of man,what is the way of duty, peace, and happiness the way that leads to heaven.}
15  Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.
{  Neither do men light a candle … -The word rendered “candle” means any portable light, as a lamp, candle,lantern. Compare Mar_4:21; Luk_8:16; Luk_12:35. Jesus proceeded here to show them that the very reason why they were enlightened/guided was that others might also see the light, and be benefited by it. When people light a candle,they do not conceal the light, but place it where it may be of use. So it is with religion. It is given that we may benefit others. It is not to be concealed, but suffered to show itself, and to shed light on a surrounding wicked world. }
16  Let your light so shine before men,that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

{ Let your light so shine … – Let your holy life, your pure conversation, and your faithful instructions, be everywhere seen and known. Always, in all societies, in all business, at home and abroad, in prosperity and adversity, let it be seen that you are real Servant Of God. ..That they may see your good works – The proper motive to influence us is not simply that we may be seen (compare Mat_6:1), but it should be that our One and Only Lord may be glorified.}

Can there be anything more clearer than that? It is so clear v12-v16 Jesus was exhorting them of their obligations, responsibilities in the matter of guiding humanity through proper conduct and right wisdom. Now here we comes for the  MISUNDERSTOOD verse :::
17  Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil / preach.

{  I guessed by now you  already have the idea of what Jesus had in mind when he said… “THINK NOT that I CAME TO DESTROY!!{Destroy what?}  THE LAW!  Now why would Jesus exhorted his disciples in v12-16 to be a light as a guide for the humanity if these disciple will not live with in a defined moral code, moral laws, ethics which is prescribed by God if it will end or fulfilled as what the Paulinian alleged? What standards or prescribed ways of living if we don’t have such a standards/Laws that would guide us in all our endeavors? Wouldn’t it become chaotic? That everyone will do whatever he please because there is no Law regulating his conducts? Certainly it would be. God can not allow us to live without a Laws prescribed by Him. Therefore, it is not logical that Jesus who knows his Father’s Will advocated that the Law ended or fulfilled by him! Matthew 5:17 therefore should have been correctly read as THINK NOT that I COME TO DESTROY/ABOLISHED the Law, BUT to FULLY PREACH and EXECUTE it { pleero }!!
18  For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

{ When will the heaven pass? The expression “Till heaven and earth pass” simply meansFOREVER!!  Jesus never put an “end” nor destroy The Law. }
19  Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
{ Why would Jesus warns “Whosoever therefore shall break one of these” if after all these Laws will be sooner to be ended by him??? The warning will make sense only if  the Laws will be continuously binding!}

20  For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

{  Why would Jesus criticized the man-made oral traditions of the Pharisees if the Law of Moses too will be made into nothing because he will put an end to it? It makes no sense of course unless The Law of Moses is still binding }
21  Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:

{ Why would Jesus mentioned here the Law of Moses if it be will ended as what the Christians alleged? It makes no sense unless of course if it will be still binding }

Finally, the sermon of Jesus in this chapter culminated in :

48 :Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

{ God is perfect!Our final goal is to be with Him who is Perfect and Holy!  Jesus is telling that it is ONLY through following the Law of God which led us into perfection!!!  Please compare this withPeople who reject Law Of Moses on Matthew 7:23 and 1 Cor 9:21  }
Moving on to the THIRD :  Show some verses which correlate with what Jesus said.

Except for Paul who considered The Law Of God as a CURSE,  Genuine Prophets and their Apostles unconditionally LOVE the Laws of God!!!

TORAH The Word Of God is Eternal

Psalm119:160 New International Version   http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalms+119%3A160&version=NIV

” All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal..”

Psalm 19:7
The law of the LORD is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.

Psalm 111:8
They are established for ever and ever, enacted in faithfulness and uprightness.

Psalm 119:89
Your word, LORD, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens.

Psalm 119:142
Your righteousness is everlasting and your law is true.

Psalm 119:152
Long ago I learned from your statutes that you established them to last forever.

Psalm 119:164
Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws.

Psalm 139:17
How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them!

Online Source : http://biblehub.com/psalms/119-160.htm

The BIG Questions that every Paulinian should answer is : Who are they TO ABOLISHEDthe Law when God clearly stated that The Law – The Torah is ETERNAL?

ABRAHAM Loves the Laws of God

Genesis 26:5 KJV

Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws.

MOSES Loves the Laws of God


It is the LORD your God you must follow, and him you must revere. Keep his commands and obey him; serve him and hold fast to him.


However, if you do not obey the LORD your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come on you and overtake you:


The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.


if you obey the LORD your God and keep his commands and decrees that are written in this Book of the Law and turn to the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul.

David  Loves The Law of God

Psalms 19:7-11 KJV

7  The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.

8  The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.

9  The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring forever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether.

10  More to be desired are they than gold, yea,than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.

11  Moreover by them is thy servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward.

St John – One of The Genuine Disciples of Jesus : Loves The Law Of God
1 John 5:2-3 KJV

2  By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments.

3  For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

St James – The Just, One of the genuine  Apostles of Jesus : Loves The Law Of God

But whoso looketh into the “PERFECT LAW” of LIBERTY and “CONTINUETH” therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the “WORK,” this man shall be blessed in his “DEED.” JAMES 1:25

I think this will SUFFICE to demonstrate my point that … Loving God is only through KEEPING his COMMANDMENTS and applying the Eternal Laws throughout his lives!

Conclusion : Only Satan HATES the Law of God !

Can you people believe on what you have read? Yes! This Insane Pharisees – Saul/Paul of Tarsus deemed the Eternal Law of God as a CURSED!!!! Now who hate most and love to violate the Laws of God? Satan of Course! But Paul of Tarsus is more evil, treacherous than Satan, Paul even ABOLISHED the Whole Law Of God and proclaim himself ABOVE the Law of God!!!

Paul does what he wants when he wants to do it. God’s wrath doesn’t matter to him because he is ABOVE THE LAW! Consider these verses of Paul:


All things are lawful unto me … all things are lawful for me but I will not be brought under the power of “ANY!” 1ST CORINTHIANS 6:12

Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. ROMANS 14: 5

Paul twists the truth and says:

“If you think it is sin then it is sin, but if you think it is good then, “IT IS GOOD!”As long as you believe a thing to be truth, it is truth! So says Paul.

Paul then says:

  • For whether we “LIVE” we live unto the Lord; and whether we “DIE,” we die unto the Lord: whether we “LIVE” therefore, or “DIE,” we are the Lord’s. ROMANS 14: 8

Paul / Satan says:

Forget about the Law because it doesn’t matter what you do! You are going to Heaven whether you follow Him or not because God loves you too much to kill you right?”

Lastly Paul finishes his lies with a ridiculous statement:

  • Happy is he that condemns not himself in that thing which he allows. ROMANS 14: 22

If you don’t think about your sins then you won’t feel bad about them. Again this man’s thinking is warped. Neither he nor anyone that follows his new philosophy can do any wrong!

“Hurry, Hurry folks! Step right up and get your “Get out of Hell free” gospel that allows you to sin and still go to Heaven all expenses paid!”