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Proofs that Paul did not truly Meet Jesus outside Damascus

Proofs that Paul did not truly Meet Jesus outside Damascus

We have written several articles that state individual examples of what proves Paul did not meet the true Jesus outside Damascus. It was an imposter. Now we will collect all these individual proofs in one article so you can see the collective force of the strength of the position we have previously taken.

In logic, you can know you have reached the correct conclusion when the evidence from multiple angles all independently point to the same conclusion. Thus, by combining all these proofs in one article, you can more clearly see the unassailable nature of this contention.

Proof One

Jesus warned in his talk to the apostles at the Mount of Olives that many imposters will come in his name saying they are Himself, but do not believe them if someone claims to have seen Himself in a wilderness place or in a private room. Jesus says the distinction of how he will reappear on earth is that when it’s truly him every eye will see Him from every point East and West. See our article onMatthew 24:5 to 7, 23-27.

Proof Two

Immediately after Paul’s experience with someone saying “I am Jesus,”  Paul wanted to go to Jerusalem to try to see the apostles. But the Jesus whom Paul met outside Damascus appears to Paul in a trance (recounted in Acts 22:17) who tells Paul to depart from Jerusalem because the church there — the 12 apostles in context — will not believe Paul truly met Jesus. But this makes no sense if it were truly Jesus, because Jesus could always speak through the Holy Spirit to the 12 to tell them that Paul is truly a follower of the true Jesus. Only a false Jesus would ever tell Paul to not go to Jerusalem because the 12 would not believe Paul’s story. A false Jesus would not want Paul to talk to the 12 apostles because they would give him the imposter criteria which the true Jesus gave them that would’ve clearly excluded the possibility that Paul had met the true Jesus outside Damascus. So in this instance Paul departed Jerusalem, and never was explained the sign of the Son of Man coming on clouds of glory which would’ve let Paul realize he was being duped by a false Jesus. See articles (1) Paul’s Trance; (2) Odd Message of “Jesus’ in Paul’s Trance; and (3) Paul Did Not Know the Son of Man Prophecy Which Would Have Protected Him.

As we explained in our article on the importance of Paul not going to meet the 12 early on, Paul never heard the Son of Man criteria which filters out the Jesus Paul met as false. We wrote:

Paul himself admits this at the time he wrote Galatians more than 20 years after becoming a Christian. Paul said he declined to listen to the twelve apostles, preferring instead his direct revelations from the Lord Jesus whom he met during that first experience. In Galatians 1:12, Paul explained: “I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ.” In Galatians 2:6, talking of the twelve apostles, Paul says:

But from those who were reputed to be somewhat (whatsoever they were, it maketh no matter to me: God accepteth not man’s person)– they, I say, who were of repute imparted nothing to me: (Galatians 2:6 ASV.)

Proof Three

Would the true Jesus have inspired the following blasphemies that we find clearly in the writings of Paul?

1. God supposedly will send a delusion on people to believe a lie and remain lost, when the true Jesus says that God will seek out the lost sheep to bring them to salvation. See Paul’s Words Supporting Blasphemies

2. The Law is so thoroughly abrogated that there’s nothing unlawful in itself, but they’re only things inexpedient to do. This is a terrible immoral principle that undermines all morality. See Are These Immoral Teachings in Paul’s Writings?

As a result, Paul contradicts Jesus’ three statements to his church not to eat meat sacrificed to idols, and instead Paul says that it is permissible to eat such meat unless it is inexpedient to do so such as when you’re in the presence of someone who’s weak about this issue and believes he truly should not eat meat sacrificed to idols. See Paul’s Contradiction of Jesus on Eating Idol Meats.

And on the same rationale that expediency is the test of right and wrong, Paul taught that he knows every day of the week is the same, so that there is no particular day of rest. Thus, if you want to rest, don’t worry about resting on the day of rest – the Sabbath-  in the 10 Commandments. Paul  specifically told this to Gentiles although this is the one command that God consistently said not only in the law but in the prophecies about a new covenant that the Gentiles should obey as a condition of their salvation. See Paul Abrogates the Sabbath Command.

Proof Four

When approximately 17 years after Paul became a believer in Jesus, he went to Jerusalem, even though a prophet Agabus and other believers speaking through the Holy Spirit, according to Luke, told him not to go to Jerusalem. On this trip, Paul’s traveling companion defiled the temple by entering it in an uncircumcised state. In this instance, why didn’t the true Jesus who Paul supposedly knew tell Paul that these other Holy Spirit messages were indeed to be obeyed? If Paul were truly in such normal contact with Jesus, how could Paul disobey the Holy Spirit in this way? See our article on Trophimus.

Proof Five

When Paul is being afflicted by a stinger sent by Satan, he asked the Lord to release him from it. But the Lord whom Paul assumed was Jesus said “my grace is sufficient for you.”

Why would the true Jesus leave Paul subject to a stinger of Satan? Only a false Jesus serving Satan would leave Paul afflicted by Satan’s stinger.  See our article Why Would Jesus’ Not Remove An Affliction of Satan upon Paul?

Proof Six

Paul is endorsed by the influential and popular demon, the Python priestess at Philippi in Acts 16. She specifically endorses his “plan of salvation.”    Paul lets this go on for several days without interrupting her.  See our article The Python Priestess Endorses Paul.

Why would a popular demon spirit of Python endorse Paul if he was a representative of the true Lord Jesus Christ?

This would represent a kingdom divided against itself. Thus, it logically follows that this could not possibly be the true Lord Jesus who Paul followed and was teaching a plan of salvation approved by demons. We are forced to ask: who gave Paul the plan of salvation which the demon endorsed? The answer is obvious.

Proof Seven

Paul numerous times contradicts the Lord Jesus Christ. See our article Paul’s Contradictions of Jesus. Can the true Jesus possibly contradict himself through Paul? Obviously not. Ironically, Paul himself said anyone who contradicts the Lord Jesus Christ is a man of pride. 1 Tim. 6:3-4, discussed at this link. The best explanation for these contradictions is that Paul did not meet the true Lord Jesus Christ.


There are many more such proofs, but these are the top seven. Hence, when multiple angles point to the same conclusion — that Paul did not meet the true Jesus Christ — we can with confidence conclude that is the truth. This means Paul met an imposter Jesus outside Damascus in the wilderness, as warned by Jesus in Matthew 24:4-5, 24-27.


Source : http://www.jesuswordsonly.com/component/content/article/1-jwo/593-proofs-that-paul-did-not-truly-meet-jesus-outside-damascus.html


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