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I am not a biblical scholar but a mere biblical researcher. Some of the items in these blogs are belonging to other allies whom we share of same goal of exterminating the lies, propaganda engineered to confused the less informed individual.

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  1. Rl adams September 30, 2017 at 1:13 am

    I just like to say your information on Paul, James and Jesus was heaven sent. I had already been having my suspicions about Paul and was researching it. When I came to your derrickbowdown2yhwh blog your information just confirmed it more. But the way you wrote it and with the Bible verses made it so vivid and so exciting to read it was excellent. I have been telling people about Paul and Jesus once I realize I was reading to different messages and Jesus sound a lot like genesis chapter 6. And just stupid , your god in heaven talking to yourself on earth never made sense especially why would you become the thing you created actually be born and wait 33 yrs to minister to the people you created when you gave them free will. Never made sense. Anyway I just wanted to let you know I have copied many of your excerpts from immaculate conception and read them when I need to reintroduce myself to remind myself I am not crazy Jesus is not god. Because people say it and teach it so much, that sometimes you have to ask yourself is he god? I am actually writing you because I have tried to pass along your info on Paul and Jesus to some youtubers who are christians and are always having live sessions teaching the trinity and these conflicting scriptures on Paul. I was basically told I need to stop collecting knowledge and connect with the Holy Spirit and get with his son Jesus. I was told that they used to be where I am at and used to think like me when they were pagan. I never like I was punched in the stomach. For expressing a different opinion, now I am a lost Christian who need them to talk to me about my misinformed views.

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    • absanji October 21, 2017 at 3:19 am

      Thanks Adams.. this work is for heaven sakes and for future of our children. We need more people like you who can really think out of the box and speak out what is befitting. You can take any article from my site without any permission from me.


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