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Daniel 9 : Cyrus The Great – The Messiah

Was Jesus “A” Messiah chosen by God?


My answer to that question is: Yes, just like Moses Jesus was also a Messiah of God.
 But what does “Messiah”  really mean?
Does the word Messiah really mean:
“The one to die for your sins?” 
No it does not!
That is a blatant lie of the Greco-Roman Empire and Church. So stop believing their lies.
The Messiah was never, ever, ever supposed to die for your sins and you will never find any verse in the Old Testament bible that even suggests such a ridiculous lie.
So let’s now learn the truth about the word Messiah/Anointed and his or their purpose…
According to the Hebrew language Messiah means  “Anointed” or “Chosen” or “Prophet.” 
So according to these three definitions of the word messiah yes, Jesus fits the criteria of a messiah.  The scriptures confirm this with verses such as:  Acts 4:27, Matthew 12:18 and Matthew 14:5.
However, just like Jesus, other prophets such as Moses,DavidHezekiah and others were also labeled as “Messiah” in the bible too.
They were all just as anointed as Jesus was:

Was thou not made the head of the tribes of Israel and the Lord anointed thee king over Israel? 1st SAMUEL 15:17

God made Saul the Chosen one and there are others:

Solomon was a messiah/anointed. (1st Kings 1:39)

David was a messiah/anointed. (1st Samuel 16:13)

Jewish priests were anointed/messiah. (Leviticus 4)

Christianity proclaims Jesus to be the prophesied Messiah that was foretold by the prophets of old to come and save all the people. Now I ask you:

“Is this story really true or just mere folklore?”
The truth is Jesus definitely was not the prophesied Messiah in the Old Testament. Jesus was just a temporary messiah only. 
Jesus openly testified to His Disciples that He was sent only for a small select group of people i.e. the Jews alone.
You don’t believe this? Then read Jesus’ own words:

“But He (Jesus) answered and said, I am not sent “BUT” unto the lost sheep of the “HOUSE OF ISRAEL.” MATTHEW 15:24

As you can see Jesus’ mission as a messiah was to teach the Jews to return to God and to obey His Holy word. That is what He was anointed/messiahed to do.
Yes, I know messiahed is not a real word, but as you can see, it fits as a word for the point that we are trying to show you…
The False Apostle Paul and the pagans of the Roman Empire wrote lies and placed easily refuted stories of Jesus in the New Testament.
The New Testament alleges that Jesus’ life and crucifixion was the fulfillment of a messianic prophecy.Now for that to be true there had to have been a Messianic prophecy in the Old Testament that clearly showed in context how Jesus performed this feat. I challenge any theologian to find a passage of scriptures in the Old Testament that says any of the following things about the Messiah in direct context:
1.) The MESSIAH would come and literally DIE on a cross?
2.) The MESSIAH would go into the grave for THREEdays?
3.) The MESSIAH would rise from the GRAVE?”  
4.) The MESSIAH would take away the SINS of all of Mankind?
Christian learned these things usually in their churches. I’m sorry but there are no theologians that can answer these questions truthfully. Why?
Well it’s because there just are no prophecies that say any Christian or Jewish Messiah was to do any of these things that the false writers proclaimed that Jesus fulfilled period. Now you know!
Theologians can only come up with these ridiculous hypotheses by actually stealing wording from various unrelated verses just to make up their false doctrines about Jesus as it is written in the Greek New Testament gospels.
But anyone who reads the so-called referenced verses can easily refute the hypothesis of the educators as pure fabrications.
In Daniel Chapter 9, we will see the only prophecy using the actual wording “MESSIAH” and it is not about Jesus whatsoever.
We will turn to the Book of Daniel for some delightful new insights that the preacher and the theologians have apparently have been blinded to by God or are as God said in the Old Testament: “BRUTISH/STUPID.”
Now let’s look at the prophecy of Daniel Chapter 9 and see if this is speaking of Jesus as being the “MESSIAH.”
First to understand the verses about the Messiah we must read the verses leading up to it. The nation of Israel was conquered by Babylon and taken into bondage by Babylon. Israel had been in literal captivity for seventy years.
In verse 9:2, Daniel says that he has done his calculations according to the prophecy of Jeremiah.
In that prophecy Jeremiah says that God would punish Israel and they would serve under Babylonian rule for seventy years.

 And this whole land shall be a desolation, and an astonishment; and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon SEVENTY YEARS. JEREMIAH 25:11

Jeremiah then says in verse 12 that after these literal seventy years God would destroy Babylon:

And it shall come to pass when “SEVENTY YEARS” are accomplished, that I will punish the king of BABYLON,” and the nation saith the LORD, for their iniquity, and the land of the Chaldeans, and will make it perpetual desolations. JEREMIAH 25:12

The problem also is that Jeremiah gave two different “seventy year” prophecies in his book.
The first one above was given when Nebuchadnezzar first conquered Jerusalem in 3320.
The second prophecy about 70 years came 18 years later when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and the Holy Temple in 3338.
Now the prophecy of the destruction of Babylon has come true. We know this because Daniel tells us in verses one and two that Darius the Mede is under the first year of his reign as king.
As for the second prophecy of Jeremiah:

For thus saith the LORD,” that after “SEVENTY YEARS be accomplished at BABYLONI will visit you, and perform my good word toward you, in causing YOU to RETURN to this place.JEREMIAH 29:10

Daniel witnessed the fulfillment of the Jeremiah’s first prophecy. For Babylon was destroyed just as the first prophecy stated.
However, Daniel noticed Israel’s suffering had not ended yet. Daniel also knows that he and the others should be returning back to Israel by now.
This has not happened and Daniel is wondering why. Daniel knows the prophecy by Jeremiah is supposed to come to fruition very soon.
However, Daniel is also aware that even during all of this hardship Israel endures that have yet to repent.  Daniel knows that means trouble!
As you can see this is a major point of worry for Daniel. Through all of this Daniel is fearful that a warning scripture of greater punishment for non-repentance could be in the works by God.
Now as we break this verse down we see that despite Daniel’s prayer, God decides to invoke a greater punishment upon Israel! Gabriel is sent to explain to Daniel how long Israel is to be punished by God and remain in slavery.

70 Weeks or Years?

Now we all knew what Jeremiah says about the 70 “Years” in his scriptures above.
However, in the book of Daniel, he speaks of a new time frame of 70 “Weeks.”
This is very confusing to all non-Jews. What most of us do not know is that the Jews knew of two previous prophecies foretold by Moses. Moses warned the Jews that God would punish them 7 times more if they did not atone within the specified amount of time.
There are seven days in the week and that means that God would punish them a year for each day of the week or “Seventy sevens.”
The warning verses are in Leviticus and Numbers of the Torah and state:

And if ye will not yet for all this obey me then I will punish you SEVEN TIMES MORE for your sins.LEVITICUS 26:18

After the number of the days in which ye searched the land, even forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years, and ye shall know my breach of promise. NUMBERS 14:34 

In Daniel 9:13 through15, Daniel is very aware of the verses spoken by Moses from Yahweh and pleads for a disobedient Israel in his prayers. So Gabriel lets Daniel know that this equals approximately 490 years that the Jews will be in bondage.
Again after reading these verses we can see that these 400+years have absolutely nothing to do with any one of the Messiahs as yet.
Now the trick of Christianity is how they have purposely added the years wrong to justify their claims that the 490 years is an alleged prophecy leading to Jesus’ birth. Totally ridiculous!
It is real easy to show you just how silly this is because the Old Testament actually tells us what the seventy years prophecy was about.
The seventy weeks is a decree of additional punishment against the Jews. It is not a timeline for the arrival of the Messiah:

SEVENTY WEEKS” are determined upon thyPEOPLE and upon thy HOLY CITY,” DANIEL 9:24

As you can see this was very easy to prove. Earlier in verse 9, Daniel admitted that the Jews had not repented during the initial 70 years of Babylonian punishment.
So these seventy weeks or additional seven times the initial 70 years is what the Jews will now have to endure.
Daniel now has his answer. I’m sure he is not happy about it but knowing the hearts of his fellow Jews, Daniel was sort of expecting this answer.
Now during these seventy weeks Gabriel give the Jews specific tasks to perform:

…to put an end of sins, and to make reconciliation/REPENTANCE for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most holy.DANIEL 9:24

Did you get all of that? Let’s list all of the specific tasks given to the Jews:
1.    The Jews were to stop sinning and turn from their wicked ways
2.    The Jews were to abolish iniquity and reconcile back with their God YHWH.
3.    True reconciliation with God brings in a new period of everlasting or continual righteousness.
4.    Lastly, during these 70 weeks, the Jews will rebuild, cleanse, re-dedicate and anoint the Most Holy temple of YHWH.
The King James Bible chose to omit the ending of verse 24 when it speaks of anointing the holy temple.
The Jews were to anoint the Most Holy temple of God they were not to anoint the most holy or a select group of people as Christianity teaches!
That is ridiculous!
The writers of the King James Bible purposely omitted this because they satanically wanted us to believe that Jesus is included somewhere in these verses and that they have the power to tell us who is worthy of being called holy. This is where we get the term: Saints.
These sons of Satan toss around sainthood as if they have the right to Judge who is going to heaven or not! Saint Peter, Saint Thomas,
Saint Porky the Pig, the patron saint of breakfast bacon! Whatever!
Do you see how just a few strategically omitted phrases or words can change the meaning of a verse? Do not read the KJV bible only as most Christians lazily do.
Here is how it reads in the Jewish bibles:

Seventy weeks are decreed for your people and your holy city, for putting an end to transgression, for placing the seal on sin, for expiating crime, for introducing everlasting uprightness for setting the seal on vision and on prophecy, for anointing the holy of holies. DANIEL 9:24 New Jerusalem with Apocrypha

Yes, these were the requirements the Jews had to follow from God.
Now why should we believe this Jewish verse says the temple is to be anointed and not the most holy people?
That’s an easy one because Gabriel made sure Daniel understood the prophecy by reiterating it again in the very next verse! Now let’s continue with Daniel verse 25:

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the “COMMANDMENT” to restore and rebuild JERUSALEM” unto the “MESSIAH THE PRINCE” shall be seven weeks. DANIEL 9:25

Gabriel says:

Daniel I want you to know and understand that the(timeline) between (Cyrus the anointed prince/messiah) giving the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem will be with in approximately seven weeks/49 years.” Daniel 9:25

Now what was so hard about those two verses to understand hmm?
When eliminating the bias of the KJV bible we can gain a clearer understanding of what Gabriel is saying to Daniel.
Let me stop here for a moment because verse 25 says many things.
First here is the first mention in the King James Bible of a “MESSIAH” character.
The Hebrew word Mashiach means “anointed.” Of the 39 times mashiach is used in the Hebrew Scriptures, the KJV translates it as ANNOINTED 37 times. They translated it asMessiah only in the verses in Daniel.
Now ask yourself:

  IF the word used in the book of Daniel has the same definition throughout the rest of the bible then why is it suddenly changed in the KJV of the bible?

The most accurate answer has to be that BIASED Pro-Christian scholars tried to invoke their OWN Christian agendas into the bibles.
They gave us a false hope that this context of scripture had a “HIDDEN” prophecy concerning Jesus.
Not true my Brothers and Sisters, Daniel does not speak of Jesus in any way.
Gabriel informs Daniel that God is going to send an ANOINTED ONE or MESSIAH. But we all have to ask the question:

“What was the Messiah supposed to do?”

That is very easy. Gabriel says the messiah/anointed one only purpose was to rescue the captives of Israel from the hands of Babylon nothing more.
With the power of the God of Israel supporting him, the Messiah will bring the Jews/Hebrews out of the bondage of Babylon and let the Jews return back to Israel to rebuild their homeland. So as you see this cannot be Jesus!
He is not scheduled to be born for many hundreds of years to come.
So since this is not Jesus then,

 WHO is this famous Messiah or Savior that brought the Jews out of bondage?

Did God make us guess who this person was or did God actually tell us who this Messiah/Anointed is? Let’s go and see:

Thus saith the “LORD” to HIS ANOINTED/MESSIAH to CYRUS,” whose right hand I(god have holden, to subdue nations before him; ISAIAH 45:1

   and I will loose the loins of kings, to open before him (CYRUS) the two leaved gates; and the gates shall not be shut.ISAIAH 45:2


I have even called “THEE/CYRUS” by thy name; I have surnamed thee CYRUS, though thou CYRUS hast not known meISAIAH 45:4

I love it when the Old Testament Prophets and YHWH give us the answers we desire straight from His word!
CyrusTheGreat MEME
I do not have to give you an interpretation here or a made up theology because God made sure you would not be deceived by the Sons of Satan. So again who did God openly proclaim as the prophesied Messiah/Anointed/ Mashiach?

It is Cyrus of Persia!

Through this verse of Isaiah, God lets us know three things:
3.    ISRAEL was the CHOSEN/ELECT NOT Jesus.
Daniel knew the prophecies of Jeremiah very well. Daniel also knew according to Isaiah just who would eventually free them from Babylon, return the Jews home and also just who would commission the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. It was Cyrus the Great!

That saith to CYRUS” “HE is mySHEPHERD/MESSIAH and shall perform all my pleasure; even saying to JERUSALEM” Thou shalt be BUILT; and to the TEMPLE, Thy foundation shall be laid. ISAIAH 44:28

God tells Isaiah that Cyrus is the Messiah who will rescue Israel and issue the decree to rebuild Jerusalem according to the verse above.
I’m sure some of you might have missed that so I’ll say it again. God says, God says, GOD SAYS that Cyrus is the chosen Messiah! Now that we know who the messiah is in the book of Daniel, let’s move on…

The 69- weeks Christian time- frame lie!

I need to show you another crucial mistake most Christians make when reading Daniel 9:25.
First I will show you the entire verse again:

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem unto the Messiah the prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again and the wall, even in troublous times DANIEL 9:25

Look at the highlighted words above. Christians believe these numbers are all-inclusive and that Gabriel is saying all of this will happen within a total of 69 weeks:

Seven weeks and threescore and two weeks.”

That is not what Gabriel said. If Gabriel was actually saying 69 weeks, he would have said:

“Three-score and “NINE” weeks.”

However that is not what it says.
People will argue this point repeatedly and still cannot get past this very simple point.

An additional mistake made by Christians is the translation of 7 and 62 weeks as one undivided unity of 69 weeks. The Christian version makes it sound as if the arrival and “cutting off” of the “Messiah” will take place sixty-nine weeks (483 years) after a decree to restore Jerusalem. They add the 7 and 62 weeks together and have one person (the Messiah) and two events occurring towards the end of the 69th week.

Actually, according to the Hebrew the 7 and 62 weeks are two separate and distinct periods. One event happens after 7 weeks and another event after an additional 62 weeks.

Simply put, if you wanted to say 69 in Hebrew you would say “sixty and nine.” You would not say “seven and sixty two.”

Furthermore, in Daniel it is written “7 weeks and 62 weeks rather than “7 and 62 weeks.” The use of the word “weeks” after each number also shows that they are separate events. The use of the definite article (ה ~ Hey) that means “the” in verse 26, “and after the 62 weeks shall an anointed one be cut off,” is sometimes deleted in Christian translations, but it’s presence in the Hebrew original clearly indicates that the 62 weeks is to be treated as separate period of time from the original 7 weeks.

The correct translation should be:

“ until an anointed prince shall be 7 weeks (49 years),” “then for 62 weeks (434 years) it (Jerusalem) will be built again but in troubled times.” Then after (those) the 62 weeks shall an anointed one will be cut off.” Daniel 9:24-25

Two separate events and anointed ones, 62 weeks (434 years) apart.

The first part of the verse really says:

…the going forth of the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem unto the Messiah the prince shall be seven weeks… DANIEL 9:25

So after Cyrus the prince gives a commandment to restore and rebuild the city of Jerusalem, Gabriel says this shall all begin within seven weeks or 49 years.
This is where the “comma” is placed in most bibles because this is the completed sentence and point that Gabriel was trying to convey to Daniel.
Since Daniel admits to studying the prophecies of Jeremiah earlier in his chapter we know that Daniel would have also known of Isaiah’s prophecy that someone by the name of Cyrus was to be Israel’s deliverer or Messiah.

That saith to CYRUS” “HE is mySHEPHERD/MESSIAH and shall perform all my pleasure; even saying to JERUSALEM” Thou shalt be built; and to the TEMPLE, Thy foundation shall be laid. ISAIAH 44:28

As you can see, Isaiah’s prophecy already told us that Cyrus is the one who will make the proclamation:

Jerusalem” shalt be built…” And “The Temple” foundations shall be laid.”

No once can ever deceive you again about Daniel’s messiah again! 
Gabriel totally confirms Isaiah’s prophecy to Daniel and he gives Daniel a certified “timeline” of when Cyrus’ proclamation will begin to happen:

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the “COMMANDMENT” to restore and rebuild JERUSALEM” unto the “MESSIAH THE PRINCE” shall be SEVEN WEEKS. DANIEL 9:25

Gabriel tells Daniel that it will take 7 weeks or 49 years after Cyrus gives the decree or order to restore and rebuild Jerusalem for the work to begin.
Here is the second time the KJV tries to use trickery by changing the word anointed to the Christian usage of the word Messiah.
  • (Special note); As concerning Jesus anyone who would actually study the word will know that Jesus was never called the “Messiah the Prince.”
Christian theologians make up your minds! Either Jesus is the alleged  “KING of kings” or the “Messiah the PRINCE?”  please make up your minds…
Prophecy Fulfillment:
Let’s continue…It has now been approximately 51 years and Daniel is in expectation of the fulfillment. Daniel didn’t have to wait too much longer for the beginning of the prophecy to come true.
Just a few months after Daniel 9 occurs Cyrus takes over the empire from Darius!

Now in the first year of CYRUS” king of Persia, that the word of the LORD by the mouth of JEREMIAH” might be fulfilled, the LORD stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia that HE made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and put it also in writing. EZRA 1:1

 OH my GOOOOOOOOOSH! Ezra is confirming the calculations of Daniel. He says Cyrus was fulfilling the prophecy of Jeremiah? How does any Christian theologian argue with the word for word answers here? You and I see these verses and they are true!
Now what do you think this proclamation could be hmmm?

Thus saith CYRUS” king of Persia, the LORD GOD of heaven hath given ME” all the kingdoms of the earth and he hath charged ME” to build him anHOUSE at Jerusalem, which is in Judah. EZRA 1:2

My Brothers and Sisters, isn’t Yahweh wonderful!
Clearly to those who “STUDY” to show themselves approved they will see the truth. Cyrus himself even tells us that the prophecies of JeremiahIsaiah, and Daniel were about him.2nd Chronicles 36:20-23, also confirms this. Now let’s see what else Gabriel has to say:

…And threescore and two weeks; the street shall be built again, and the wall, EVEN” in troublous times. DANIEL 9:25

Gabriel informs David that even though the Jews will have really troublesome times to come, within 62 weeks construction will begin on the city of Jerusalem!
According to other Old Testament scriptures Jerusalem indeed had trouble from all sides during the rebuilding process.

Now when the “ADVERSARIES” of Judah and Benjamin heard of the children of the captivity builded the temple unto the LORD God of Israel; then they came to Zerubbabel and to the chief of the fathers, and said unto them, Let us build with you. EZRA 4:1-2

In verse 2 and 3, Israel tells their enemies that they will build the temple themselves. So their enemies decide to get even!

Then the people of the land WEAKENED” the hands of the people of Judah, and TROUBLEDthem in building, and hired counselors against them, to FRUSTRATE their purpose.  EZRA 4:4, 5

Wow! The Jews faced wicked opposition to their rebuilding just like Gabriel said they would. Read the rest of Ezra for more of the fulfillment.
The Old Testament has all the answers you need if you seek the Father and not the doctrine of Satan. Now according to all four writers: Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel and Ezra, Israel returned home thanks to the conquering anointed Messiah – The Great Cyrus. 
Now after this anointed prince fulfils his required messiah obligation to God, he is going to be defeated in battle by another nation and another prince/leader that is mightier than he was. Gabriel gives an exact timeline for the fall of Israel’s champion Messiah:

And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself. DANIEL 9:26

As we have said earlier, according to Gabriel, the Messiah’s kingdom will be defeated within another 62 weeks. Now the King James Bible scribes satanically decide to use the word Messiah in place of the word anointed once again: 
The KJV also adds: but not for himself.   Now, where did this come from?
Again it is a vain attempt by biased writers trying to make this verse fit the idea of Jesus supposedly dying for the sins of “OTHERS.” 
Total deception here my brothers and sisters! Why oh why do they insist on making us follow false doctrines?
Listen to other CHRISTIAN bibles correct this added satanic lie!

And after the threescore and two weeks shall an Anointed one be cut off, and be no more.”DANIEL 9:26 JPS1917

Even Christian versions have no idea what the KJV is talking about:

“After the sixty-two `sevens,’ the Anointed One will be cut off and will have nothing. DANIEL 9:26 NIV

Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothingDANIEL 9:26 NASB

So now we see how the misconceptions of these verses came into fruition. Even Christian bibles confirm the errors of the biased King James Version.
Now indulge me for a moment as I add the prophetic verses 24, 25 and 26 together in order back to back and list just what is happening in context:

Seventy weeks are decreed for your people and yourholy city, for putting an end to transgression, for placing the seal on sin, for expiating crime, for introducing everlasting uprightness for setting the seal on vision and on prophecy, for anointing the holy of holies. DANIEL 9:24 New Jerusalem with Apocrypha

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the “COMMANDMENT” to restore and rebuild JERUSALEM” unto the “MESSIAH THE PRINCE” shall be seven weeks. DANIEL 9:25

 “And after the threescore and two weeks shall an Anointed one be cut off, and be no more.” DANIEL 9:26 Jewish Publication Society 1917

Now I must ask you, after reading these verses in total context do you still think this is a prophecy about Jesus?
I simply cannot believe anyone with reasonable logic and understanding of what they read can think Jesus fulfilled any of the criteria of these verses.
Now you really need to watch what is happening in these three verses closely!
In the prophecy notice the order of things that are to happen during this Messiah’s reign:

Seventy weeks are decreed for your people and your holy city, for putting an end to transgression, for placing the seal on sin, for expiating crime, for introducing everlasting uprightness for setting the seal on vision and on prophecy, for anointing the holy of holies. DANIEL 9:24 New Jerusalem with Apocrypha

Verse. 24: Seventy weeks of punishment against Jerusalem. They must end their sinful ways and anoint and cleanse the Holy of Holies.

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the “COMMANDMENT” to restore and rebuild JERUSALEM” unto the “MESSIAH THE PRINCE (CYRUS” shall be seven weeks.  DANIEL 9:25

Vs. 25: After the Hebrews repent and anoint the temporary Holy of Holies Gabriel assures Daniel that God will send a Messiah to save Israel and the Messiah will at least issue a commandment to have Jerusalem rebuilt. Gabriel says all of this will happen within a time frame of 7 weeks.

…and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. DANIEL 9:25

Vs. 25: After the Messiah commands Israel to rebuild the city Gabriel says the streets and the great Jerusalem wall will also be rebuilt again during very difficult hardships. What is Gabriel’s time frame for all of this? 62 weeks.

And after the threescore and two weeks shall an Anointed one(MESSIAH) one be cut off, and be no more.DANIEL 9:26 Jewish Publication Society 1917

Vs. 26: After the Messiah orders the rebuilding of the temple, he will be totally destroyed by an even stronger nation and ruler and he, the messiah/anointed one and his nation will basically have nothing…
Now when you see the verses together you can see the truth with totally clarity.
Nothing you have read in these verses is about Jesus. Notices these four things:
1.    There is no prophecy of a half man half G-d Messiah dieing for our sins in the context.
2.    During Jesus’ time the Temple was already cleansed and anointed and the sacrifices were already in effect. Jesus was also circumcised in this very temple.
3.    The city of Jerusalem was not destroyed during Jesus’ lifetime.
4.    Neither the city of Jerusalem nor the great wall was ever rebuilt during Jesus’ lifetime.
As I have shown you before, there is no Jesus prophecy in these scriptures…
Now there is a big problem in the recording of the scripture and it is a Man made error. Daniel chapters 10 and 11 are in the wrong order!
In the first verse of chapter 9 Daniel tells us that he is writing in the very first year of the reign of Darius the Mede!
Chapter 10 says that he has been under Cyrus’ reign for exactly three years!
Now we know that Darius didn’t reign twice, so Daniel makes it absolutely clear to us that he is writing a continuance of chapter 9 and is still under the reign of Darius the Mede:

ALSO” I in the FIRST year of DARIUS the Mede, even I, stood to confirm and to strengthen him.DANIEL 11:1

By adding the word “also” Daniel makes it clear that the prophecies of chapter 9 and 11 are both the same.
Since this is cleared up let’s go back and see if both chapters coincide with each other.

Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah/(CYRUS) will be cut off and have nothing.DANIEL 9:26   NASB.

Now Gabriel has told Daniel the events that are about to take place very soon. He says that this Messiah or Anointed one shall be cut off or destroyed and will have nothing.
In chapter 11 which is the continuance of this prophecy, Gabriel speaks again:

And now will I shew thee the truth. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; and the fourth shall be far richer than they all: DANIEL 11:2

and by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia. And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will. DANIEL 11:3

Gabriel tells us the reason why Israel’s Messiah i.e., Persia shall be destroyed.
We know that it was God who gave power to Persia and itsthree great kings to conquer Babylon I.e.: (Cyrus, Cyrus II, and Darius).
The final King/Messiah which was Xerxes the Great will use his influence to attempt to overthrow the kingdom of Greece.
And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity, nor according to his dominion which he ruled: for his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those. DANIEL 11:4
So when this king Xerxes the Great attempts to fight against Greece he shall fail miserably His kingdom is taken and divided by Greece!
Now didn’t Daniel 9:26 just say that very same thing about this Messiah from Persia being cut off/killed?

Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothingDANIEL 9:26 NASB

So we know this Messiah king will die but what does it mean when the verse says he will have nothing?

And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided toward the four winds of heaven; and not to his posterity. DANIEL 11:4

Okay, the Messiah’s kingdom will be divided in four pieces. We have that one but

what does: “Not to his posterity” mean?

Definitions of POSTERITY:
Descendants: all of the offspring of a given progenitor; “we must secure the benefits of freedom for ourselves and our posterity”; all future generations.
Now we see that the Messiah’s kingdom will be divided into 4different regions and by 4 different men.
However, none of these men will be one of his descendants or should we say one of his offspring or princes.
Now again I have to ask you? Did any of this happen as Gabriel said it would? Yes it did:
In 336 B.C. Alexander the Great became King of Greece and conquered Persia three years later, fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel 9:26.
In 322 B.C. Alexander the Great of Greece then dies of a fever in Babylon. The kingdom that Alexander took from the Persian Empire was torn apart by his four generals who each sought to succeed him.
1.    323: general Ptolemy 1 Soter seizes Egypt.
2.    320: Ptolemy I seizes Palestine.
3.    311: Seleucus I Nicator seizes Babylon.
4.    300: Seleucus I seizes Syria.
Wow! As you can see history proves Gabriel’s words came true once again.
Both of these chapters are exactly the same.
The King James changed the simple word Anointed intoMashiach in an attempt to make us believe that these verses spoke of the Messiah the Jews were looking for.
 The Jews knew these verses were not about their Davidic Messiah.
Sadly Christian theologians made all of the non-Jews believe that they were. Jesus is not relevant to this verse in any way.
This Anointed person spoken of in Daniel is merely the Kings, Princes and nation of Persia.
Now I want you to see this truth clearly. So notice the underline words in Daniel 9:26:
The Messiah will be cut off and have nothingNASB
Now look at 11:4:
HIS kingdom shall be broken, and shall be divided.”
Do you see the truth unfolding my Brothers and Sisters? Chapter 11 is just a clearer explanation of chapter 9.
 It is Persia that will be destroyed by Greece.
Now did these events ever come true?
Yes they did come true our history books tell us that this all came true when Alexander the Great of Greece conquered Persia in 332 BC. This action in turn made Palestine a provincial Greek state.
Let’s look as another prophetic fulfillment unfolds in this scripture.
Gabriel informs us that Persia will be destroyed and the armies of this new Prince of Greece will destroy Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple of God all over again.
So as we now can see, these prophecies have nothing to do with Jesus whatsoever.
Gabriel’s words speak of the destruction of the prince of Persia and the reign of the new prince/kingdom that is to come after him.
Now that we know the contextual meaning of these verses let’s go back to verse 26:

And the people of the prince that SHALL come shall destroy the CITY/JERUSALEM and the Sanctuary.DANIEL 9:26

So after the Messiah/Anointed nation of Persia is destroyed, new even more powerful nations i.e. Greece, and eventually Rome, shall destroy Jerusalem and also the sanctuary temple of God. Now did this event also happen?
Yes these events happened several times by the new princes that defeated the messiah nation of Persia.
The first event occurred in 168 BC when Antiochus IV desecrated the Temple in the year 168 BC and also the Romans completely destroyed the Jewish temple in 70 A.D.
As you can see Gabriel’s words came true just as the book of Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and even Jesus in the New Testament gospels said they would.
See: (Matthew 25:2-25Mark 13:1-14 & Luke 21.)
Now unfortunately this was not the end of the Jews suffering; this was just the beginning of sorrows. Jerusalem was passed around from nation to nation like a proverbial prison prostitute.
Now tell me, do you still believe that the book of Daniel ever spoke of any prophecies of Jesus? Of course not!
What we are seeing is the rise of a new religion to come which will soon be known world wide as: Christianity
Thanks to my friend : One True Christian Who Loves God

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