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Luke 19:27 As for those who would not have Me be King over them, bring them before Me and slay them.

The Misunderstood Parable : Luke 19:27 

In Luke 19:27, Jesus Christ describes Himself only to His disciples. This parable reads that if you do not accept this (un-named) parable character as your Ruler or a King, then, you are to be brought before Jesus and be slain. This parallels the dogma of salvation whereby if you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your savior, you will suffer”Eternal-Torment” in Hell.

Luke 19:27 best expresses the murderous attitude and the evil, blackmail threat of Jesus Christ / God.

Luke 19:27 explains that if you don’t obey Jesus Christ and make Him your authority / King, you are to be slain.


Luke 19:27 documents Jesus Christ as being a tyrannical terrorist to human beings and that the New Testament continues to qualify as a terrorist handbook.

Many debates have taken issue with Luke 19:27.

If you view that there is an error on my part or a lack of homework concerning Luke 19:27 – please please do let me know

Upon numerous requests from Jesus’ disciples, like in Matthew 13:36, Jesus spoke to them inparables.

What is a “parable” according to the dictionary?

Parable: A short, simple story from which a moral lesson can be drawn. It is usually an allegory. To represent, by fiction, a fable. To compare.

Luke 19:27 Jesus Christ said to His disciples: “But those, mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

What happened to Jesus’ teaching: “Love thy enemy?“ROFL!!!

Luke 19:27 Jesus said: “And, as for those who would not have Me be King over them, bring them before Me and slay them.

Who was speaking to His disciples in Luke 19:27? It was Jesus Christ – was it not? Yes!!

If not, who, by name, do you say is speaking? Please tell me..

Jesus, to explain Himself, uses a parable of a”noble-man”, who is expanding his kingdom. Wasn’t Jesus expanding His kingdom? If that is not the case, what is the purpose of Jesus’ parable? What other individual, by name, does the New Testament promote to be expanding his kingdom within the context of Luke 19:27?

If this matter do confuse truth-seekers, what grade does Jesus get as a teacher?

Come again. Did Jesus Christ speak in parables? Yes.

Why did Jesus use parables?

A myth is a human attempt to explain our world by means of a fictional story. Jesus used myths to teach and describe Himself to His disciples as to who He was and what He and His agenda was about. Jesus used fictitious stories, myths, parables, and allegories to explain Himself to the World. Jesus also used these fictitious stories to explain what He required from His disciples and from all mankind.

What moral lesson did Jesus teach in Luke 19:27?

Answer : “Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.”

Sir , that took balls!

Jesus’ moral parable explains to you that if you don’t allow Jesus Christ to be your King, authority, ruler, over you, you are to be slain. Amazing!!! Isnt it?

Jesus’ parallel lesson in Luke 19:27 to Revelation 20:10-15 is: If you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your savior, you will suffer eternal torment. What moral lessons! What an evil tyrant! What a monster!

Redundantly, Luke 19:27 parallels what eternal-salvation or eternal-damnation is about. If you don’t obey and serve God and accept Jesus Christ as your savior – instead of being slain- you will suffer eternal-damnation.

Revelation 20:10 And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are also; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

Revelation 20:15 And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

(And, they /we will also be tormented day and night forever and ever?)

What was Jesus’ specific moral point of the Luke 19:27 parable? It was to teach you that if you do not follow, serve and obey Jesus Christ and if your name was not found in God’s “Book Of Life”, you would suffer eternal-damnation. Think about it! That’s even more disgusting and cruel than just slaying you. And, this is not Satan doing this – it is Christian god / Jesus Christ!

What Christian would say that Jesus is not God? If you claim that Jesus Christ is NOT God – are you sure you are a true, believing Christian?

Then Jesus states His “evil” agenda to His disciples in:

Mark 4:11-12 Jesus said: … But, to those outside everything comes in parables so that they look and see but not perceive and hear and listen but do not understand, in order that thy may not be converted and be forgotten.

Knowing that Jesus Christ said this, and that Jesus did not want many people saved, do you feel more like you do now than you did before?

Judgment day is when God judges if you have served Him on His terms during your life on Earth. God’s judgment determines if you will be”saved” to then serve, grovel, worship and praise at the feet of God and Jesus 24/7 for eternity.

Is it true that Jesus spoke more of Hell than He spoke of Heaven?

Those who are not “saved” will suffer eternal-torment according to the book of Revelation. However, Ezekiel 25 indicates that after Jesus comes back at the “end-time” Jesus slaughters all humanity. And then, after the thousand year “millennium” – followed by “Judgment-Day”- if you not selected by God, you will expire, as Satan expires, by fire,and turning into ashes from within.

God is documented to kill millions of human beings in the Old Testament because they did not obey and act as if God was King over them.  If Jesus is God, the statement fits. The unnamed nobleman / king is Jesus Christ, Himself. God proved to be angry when the Israelites chose a human king over themselves – as God wanted to be King over them.

If you do not convert to Christianity and, in essence, make Jesus Christ King over you, you will go to Hell.The parable fits Jesus being the unnamed nobleman / King. What other known King could it be? Every inference points to Jesus Christ and no one else.

What is Jesus Christ’s point – if He is not describing Himself and what He demands?

I view that Jesus Christ stated this parable about Himself. It dramatically displays the cruelty that He, as God, projects for those God sends to Hell-Fire / Eternal-Damnation or expiration. That is the parallel agenda that makes it a documented parable.

Who else would you want the parable king to be – and why? If the king described is unknown or not important – than the parable is wasted – and Jesus proves to be a confusing and poor teacher. It has to be describing Jesus Christ to have contextual meaning.


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