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Resurrection Island

Resurrection Island

And Horus has already taken off…

And Horus has already taken off…

Welcome to this week’s edition of the number one TV show internationally: “Resurrection Island.”

On Resurrection Island we take many of the gods who have resurrected throughout history and strand them on a desert island with no restroom facilities. All gods are then required to drink a six pack of beer and try to hold it as long as they can before they have to resurrect.

This week we have a newcomer: Jesus Christ of Judeah. Because he’s one of the last gods in history to resurrect, our money is on him to win our divinely coveted omnipotent-bladder award.

BTW,Jesus resurrected about 3,000 years after our oldest contestant, Horus of Egypt, and Jesus comes from a long line of other gods that have resurrected since Horus.

Some of these other gods that will be resurrecting today:

Thulis of Egypt

Inanna of Mesopotamia

Attis,Adonis, Persephone, and Dionysus of Greece

Krishna,Sakia, and Buddha of India

Tammuz of Syria

Hesus of the Celtic Druids

Quirinus of Rome

Alcestis of Euripedes

Atys of Phrygia

Indra of Tibet

Crite of Chaldea

Odin of Scandinavia

Baal of Phoenicia

(four hours and a dozen or so gods later…)

Wait a minute… here comes Mithra of Persia:

And finally… here comes our winner: Jesus of Judeah.

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