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Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene? YES! YES! YES!

Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene? YES! YES! YES!

Could Jesus have been married you ask? Who Knows?

If Jesus were married do you really think the Roman Catholic Church would ever allow this information into the bible?

Not a chance!

To show Jesus as a true human man with sexual feelings like you and I would defeat the purpose of the Catholic hierarchy’s satanic plans.

If the people knew Jesus had a wife and had a little “frisky” side to Him how could the Catholics make their Bishops and Priest keep a vow of celibacy?

Well with all the scandalous allegations of sexual molestation law suits going on we see where that has gotten them today… There was a very controversial movie made in the late seventies or eighties by Martin Scorsese called: “The Last Temptation of Christ.”

This movie which angered most Mainstream Christians depicted Jesus not dieing on the cross but escaping death entirely and actually raising a family with Mary, Lazarus sister and also with Mary Magdalene. Recently, there is a controversial best selling book called: “The Da vinci Code.” This book makes the claim that Jesus may have been married to Mary Magdalene and produced offspring that were hidden from their enemies and became the royal ancestors of the Merovingian Dynasty.

Now even the writer of this book says this is Fictional. Why? Because we know that Jesus was a Peasant Black Hebrew and the Merovingian Dynasty is of the Caucasian race.

Now this is not a black or white issue and it really doesn’t matter what color Jesus was or was not. If Jesus was allegedly Black then He couldn’t have fathered this particular race that’s the only point.

So again we ask: “Could Jesus have been married? Even though the bible doesn’t say so yes it is more thank likely possible for this to be so and more than likely the truth that he WAS married too.

So let’s look at some of this possible evidence to see if it is credible. You just might be surprised in what you find.

First, looking at Jewish history most Rabbis were married not all but again most were married. We are taught that Jesus worshiped in the temple and also read from the scrolls meaning He would have to have been a true follower of the Chief Priest.

So if Jesus did in fact reach that level of a Rabbi He would have looked like the other Temple Priests and followed all aspects of Hebrew life as they also did and this including married. How can a person that doesn’t have a wife truly offer council to someone that is married. He could only give an opinion.

Think about it, the Disciples had wives why wouldn’t Jesus? These are just the more common sense reasonable deductions to make us believe that Jesus did have a wife.

The bible gives us even more possible clues to come to these conclusions as well.
First, let’s look in John chapter 2. Jesus is at a wedding in Cana.

Notice at this wedding Jesus is there, Mary His mother is there, Jesus’ family is there and the Disciples too.

It’s amazing how again Jesus’ father “JOSEPH” is not recorded as being there.

Here is yet another subliminal message by the Catholics to eliminate this man out of Jesus’ life and prove that Joseph wasn’t Jesus’ biological father and to also to continue the ridiculous Catholic myth that Mary was a virgin forever.

As we continue, Mary Jesus’ mother comes to Jesus and tells Him the wedding party is out of wine which allegedly has Jesus turning water into wine for the party.

Now you need to know, In Jewish culture the women were considered second class persons with limit voice outside of their homes.

Hebrew cultures are extremely proud and it would have been considered a dishonor for the host families to run out of wine, food or anything else.

So you know they would never have let anyone outside of the “IMMEDIATE” family know about such things.

Knowing this, and if this theory is true, then we could conclude that IF Mary went to Jesus she WOULD NOT have been avisitor at this wedding with this type of authority over the:
kitchen,  the household, the festivities, the servants, thefood, or over the WINE!

but more than likely part of the actual family HOSTING this party for either Jesus or James or one of her other children. You know this is basic logic don’t you?

There is another thing about this story that makes no senseand needs to be addressed.

After Jesus allegedly makes the wine, Verse 10, says the people at the feast were drinking very heavily. Yes they were getting drunk people!

If Jesus is in attendance at this wedding and the people are heavily intoxicated would Jesus then add to their gluttony and cause his neighbors and brothers to further sin by making more wine?

With Jesus being a mere man it’s possible, but if you still believe Jesus is part of this alleged trinity then you know He would not have made this wine.

Either way you still have to decide. As you can see these are the questions these men of the cloth never thought you and I would ask,

As for being married to Mary Magdalene if He was what could it have hurt? 

As a man of God, would it have made Jesus any less to us as Christians? No. Moses was married and He is still considered one of the greatest Christs/Messiahs that ever lived.

The problem would have been only to the false doctrines of theCatholic Church.


It is so amazing how the Catholic Church taught so many


concerning Mary Magdalene! After the Greeks and Romans decided to steal Christianity and make it a Roman Church cash cow, their Popes, and the College of Cardinals could not allow their new man-god to be seen as human. Their version of Jesus must at all times appear “divine!” so to have a WIFE would mean he had sexual feelings and desired the normal love of a woman!

The many hundreds of manuscripts written about Jesus, had to be confiscated so that the love and marriage to a woman would not exist in the historical records. To those who KNEW the truth,, they were silenced and the plot of turning Mary Magdalene into a WHORE, and into a hated promiscuous woman began.

Now people you and I have been told by the alleged first  Mary was a prostitute yet there is not even one scripture in the bible that you can even twist to justify that heinous satanic lie!

This Sunday, ask your Priest or your Pastor to show you abiblical verse where it says Mary Magdalene was a prostitute?

Watch their faces as they stumble over their words as they are forced to admit the truth; how the bible NEVER says this, but “TRADITION” tells us this is so?  

Tradition? Whose tradition? Who made up this tradition lie andwhy did these educated men all go along with this conspiracy?

Well, in spite of this cover-up, there are still many clues in the bible about Mary that points to her deep intimate relationship with Jesus as well.

First, in the book of Matthew there is almost no mention of herexcept when Jesus is killed.

Now the interesting thing there is Mary is the first person mentioned here.

Again, I repeat: “The very first?”

01.) Not Jesus’ mother? Shouldn’t she have been there to make sure her son was buried in the proper Jewish order?

02.) Not Jesus’ father Joseph who by the way is again completely edited out of the picture by these Catholic Greco/Roman Ghostwriter’s version even at his own son’s trial execution and burial? Wouldn’t Joseph have pleaded to Pilate and Herod for the life of very own son? Hmm?

03.) Not Jesus’ brother James?

04.) Not Jesus other brothers and sisters? I’m sure they all would have been their mourning for their brother and making sure He received a proper burial right?

05.) Not even Peter or the rest of the Disciples 

In ALL FOUR GOSPELS, Mary is the first mentioned? Why is that?

There is a message in this for those who can understand! Maybe even the original writer knew Jesus’ wife who would be there waiting to anoint the body of her husband with fresh linen and spices!

Now in Matthew 28:1, who is the first person spoken of again?

Yes it’s Mary Magdalene.

Mary is the very first person at the grave site of her possible husband to mourn.

Notice clearly here people of God that it is not Jesus’ mom ordad or brothers or sisters not even the Disciples that stand by patiently waiting but it is Mary!

It is Mary because this is Jesus’ wife!
The bible says so but not in so many words.

Let me explain. The Catholic church has always been a maledominated society and as much hatred as they have shown to Mary Magdalene do you even believe they would allow this information to ever come out in context? So let me show you how it is possible Mary is Jesus’ wife. We all have heard about the

Disciple that Jesus loved.”

What does that phrase really mean? We have always been told that it was John right? Where did Theologians get that from? There is no reference anywhere in the bible that says this loved Disciple was John.

That tradition came from the Catholic Church Bishops so it is justinvented dogma.
Didn’t Jesus love all of His Disciples? Yes He did but apparently there was a deeper or more intimate love with this particular Disciple. John wrote about that Disciple purposely omitting that secret Disciple’s name from His Gospel.

This also means that John the writer was not speaking about himself. John says:

“Then she runneth, and cometh to Simon Peter and to the other disciple, whom JESUS LOVED and saith unto them, they have taken away the Lord out of the sepulcher.” John 20:2
Notice John at any time could have took credit as to being this other Disciple but does not. This again proves that there is someone else here that the text speaks of.
Now permit me to edit out two words “to” and “them” for a possible clearer understanding and then add a period right after Peter’s name. I believe that verse probably read:

“Then she runneth, and cometh to Simon Peter. And the other disciple/Mary, whom JESUS LOVED.saith unto Him/Peter, They have taken away the Lord out of the sepulcher,”
This would make more sense if Mary is that Disciple. By placing the period after Peter’s name separates the paragraph into two separate statements.

First it would tell us that Mary ran directly to Jesus’ friend Peter. The next sentence would simply tell us that a hysterical Mary then tells Peter that Jesus’ body was stolen from the tomb. Can you see how a simple added word or two can change the overall meaning of the message? Let’s continue…

Then John gives us a revelation and secret message. Notice that John is purposely leaving this loved Disciple’s name out on purpose.

Let’s continue to see if this makes sense.

Peter and Mary run back to the tomb. In verse 5, Mary the “otherdisciple” outruns a possible out of shape Peter to see if Jesus is in the tomb but decides to wait for Peter. In verse 6, Peter finally comes for a look and Mary waits outside.

Now why am I twisting this scripture you might ask?

If I am trying to show you a conspiracy and the conspirators are the actual authors of these written lies, how else can I show you the possible truth when they have taken it out of the bible? Remember you only have their point of view. Remember:

Not even (one) of Jesus’ Disciples were at the tomb so how could they write any of this?
Please don’t tell me that your only answer is that the gospel writers were “INSPIRED” by God. That answer is just a slippery way of getting out of having to answer real life questions.

I would almost accept the answer my mom used to give to us when she couldn’t explain something. When mom couldn’t answer or just didn’t want to answer us she would simply say:“BECAUSE I SAID SO!” 

I guess this is what Christendom is saying to us as well.  Hear me clearly and understand: “Inspired” by God does not meanCOMMISSIONED by God. Even the bible tells us many are:

Called/Inspired but few are:“Chosen/Commissioned!”

The question then cannot just simply go away because you cannot answer it. You and I both know the only person who can tell us what happened at the grave of Jesus is the one Disciple that the bible says Jesus “LOVED” and will you please stop saying it was John! Arrrgh!

There is no biblical proof that John is this alleged loved Disciple period!

This Disciple could only be Mary Magdalene.

She was the only one there to witness any of the events in the garden tombs.

So if you can remember that point then you will be open to see how Satan can write lies. I’ll explain more about the contradictions later.

Notice now the over emphasis of John’s words when He says:

“that other disciple.”
The Key words John emphasizes are that other,”

This means someone other than the original twelve! Is thisMary?

Yes it is more than possible. Let’s now read as John reveals this shocking truth just one chapter earlier at the end of chapter nineteen. John 19:25 says:

Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas and

“MARY MAGDALENE.” John 19:25
Let’s just count the number of people standing at the cross of Jesus.

  1. Jesus’ mother Mary.
  2. Jesus’ mother Mary’s Sister
  3. Mary the wife of Cleophas
  4. Mary Magdalene!

Notice there are four women and no men at the cross of Jesus. Please remember this point, NO MEN/MALE DISCIPLES! John 19:26 says:

When Jesus therefore saw his mother and

THE DISCIPLE.” Standing by, WHO HE LOVEDhe said unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son,
Since all of Jesus’ MALE Disciples are in hiding WHO is this Disciple that is by the side of Jesus’ mother? Yes it is Mary Magdalene!

Now verse 27says:

Then saith He to “THE DISCIPLE” behold thy“MOTHER” And from that hour that “DISCIPLE”took her unto his own home.”
WOW! did any of you catch that phrase clearly?

Notice John is trying to give us a clue without letting the Killers of Christians know what He is attempting to teach the true Christians. Jesus wasn’t looking down to his brother James or his brother Jude and speaking to them!

Remember again there are no male Disciples at the foot of the cross because they would suffer the same fate as Jesus for insurrection to the Roman Empire.

Please! Please, understand that true fact, for without grasping that truth, nothing that you just read would make any sense to you!

John the writer says in John 19:26 that Jesus looks to His mother and says:

“Behold thy “SON!”
Then John says that Jesus looks down and over at the “OTHER” Disciple that is standing side by side with Jesus’ mother and says to them:  

“Behold thy “MOTHER!”


Was this one of Jesus’ other brothers or sisters?

No because John gave us advance warning of who was at the feet of Jesus:  
John 19:25 clearly says:

Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas and


So again, LET’S COUNT how many people who were at the cross shall we?

  1. Jesus’ mother Mary.
  2. Jesus’ mother’s Sister

  3. Mary the wife of Cleophas
  4. Mary Magdalene!

YEP! THERE were only FOUR people at the cross and guess what?they were ALL WOMEN!

So it is safe for us to conclude that when Jesus says behold thy Mother to that other Disciple that He is really saying to her:

“Mary my Beloved wife and Disciple take hold of thy “MOTHER-in Law and take care of her and take her home to our house!”

Once again my brothers and sisters please don’t forget the scriptures just told us that there were four women at Jesus’ side. One of these four women is the so-called “OTHER DISCIPLE” that Jesus fell in love with. One was His mother the other His aunt, the third woman is the wife of Cleophas. So there is only one left to choose from right?

So now you know it was Mary Magdalene! Hallelujah!

This is why Mary alone is at the tomb to anoint her husband’sbody without the rest of Jesus’ family.
Mary is the wife and accepts this role as her responsibility since her Brother-in Law is in hiding too.

Can you see the truth being revealed?

I have more shocking evidence to show you too!

In the book the Davinci code the author tells us how Leonardo Davinci actually painted Mary Magdalene into the photo basically as a code for others to see. Now I believe this photo serves two possible purposes.

First, it is a photo of the last supper before the true betrayer who I believe is Peter and not Judas Iscariot is revealed and does His heinous work. (More on the true betrayer of in another chapter.)

Secondly, I believe this picture depicts Jesus’ wedding reception party written as the wedding at Cana the same wedding that John secretly tells us that Jesus, His family, His mother and even the “DISCIPLES” are all in attendance (John 2.)

Davinci apparently knew the truth or had a great speculation and decided to reveal this to those who could see it with an opened mindset. If we move to chapter 13 then we can combine the painting with the storyline.

In chapter 13:21, Jesus knows that someone is going to betray Him. Everyone wants to know who but Jesus will not say.  Now here is the great shocker! John reveals some devastating information in the next verse: John 13:23 says:

Now there was LEANING on Jesus’”BOSOM” one of his disciples “WHOM JESUS LOVED.” John 13:23
WOW! John lets us know there is someone very specialleaning on Jesus’ Bosom! Did you catch that? LAYING on Jesus’ Bosom!!!

Now you and I know that men may rest their arms on other men’s shoulders but REAL men don’t lean or lie on thebosoms of another man unless they are gay!
Even more so, a real male writer would never write that another man was first, very “LOVED” by Jesus and secondly, that this “man” was lying in Jesus’ arms or on His bosom! So we know this has to be a woman in general or Mary Magdalene! Hallelujah!  John 13:2 says:

SIMON PETER therefore beckoned to him that heshould ask who it should be of whom he spake.”
Now Peter the true betrayer is shocked that Jesus has this information but doesn’t really know if Jesus knows it is He that betrayed Him. Peter is anxious and has to know what Jesus really knows.

Peter seeing Mary lying in Jesus’ arms decides to see if Mary can squeeze the information out of Jesus for Him. It worked for Delilah with Sampson surely Mary can sweet talk the information out of Jesus right? John13:25 says:

He then “LYING” on Jesus’ “BREAST” saith unto him, Lord who is it?” John13:25
John makes sure that his clues are open enough for us to see. John now changes his words from Leaning on Jesus’ chest to a new word and says this person is now “LYING” lovingly or passionately on Jesus’ chest? John repeated that statement for a reason.

Notice John continually decides to remain very silent orsecretive about the name of that “OTHER” Disciple. My Brothers and Sisters, John was one of the main Disciples of Jesus and you and I both know that He knew the names of every Disciple of Jesus. After all, John spent three long years with Jesus and the Disciples so He purposely omits the name for a reason.  So as not to bring the ire or satanic rage of the Roman Church upon Him or the followers of Jesus John knows He cannot use Mary’s name, this is why He uses the words the“OTHER” Disciple or “HE.”

Mary is this other unnamed Disciple that Jesus loved please read:  

The Gospel of Philip and the Gospel of Mary.”
According to the bible the disciple asks Jesus who the betrayer is and Jesus tells him that his betrayer allegedly is going to be Judas Iscariot.

Now is this true? Did Judas betray Jesus? No He did not. Please read my two chapters entitled:

“Peter the true betrayer” and “The vindication of Judas.”
If you have read those chapters then you have already seen how the Catholic Church hierarchy allegedly substituted Judas’ name for Peter’s name as the betrayer.

You can now continue on from here. As we said earlier, Peter secretly coerces Mary to find out if Jesus knew He was the betrayer. John’s version alleges Jesus admits to Mary or the so-called Other Disciple that it is Judas. This is a lie!
You will see later on in the verses that Mary or the “other” Disciple didn’t know who the betrayer was even after Jesus had allegedly risen from the grave! So let’s figure out the truth.

In verse 27, Jesus whispers in Judas ear and John claims Satan enters Judas and He allegedly leaves to betray Jesus. Is this true? No! This is another strategically added satanic lie by the false scribes and let me show you why.

The next verse is a key verse!

Now “NO MAN at the table “KNEW” for what intent he spake this unto him.” John13:28
So no man knew what Jesus spoke to Judas aboutINCLUDING John the alleged writer of this gospel.

All they knew is that Jesus spoke and then hastily Judas left. So how can John tell us that Satan entered into Judas when John told us by his own admission that neither he nor the rest of the Disciples knew what Jesus said to Judas? Can you see how quickly a few strategically placed lies added to the words can change our perception of truth?

So now we have to ask:

Why did Judas leave?”

Let’s see a possible scenario. Verse 29 says:

For some of them thought, because Judas had the“BAG,” that Jesus had said unto him “BUY” those things that we have need of against the FEAST.”John13:29
So now you have it, John clearly lets us know first no man knew what Jesus spoke of. Secondly takes a guess and says others who probably had a closer ear to the conversation thought they heard Jesus tell Judas to go and buy more supplies for the feast.

I believe Judas is doing just that buying the things needed for a feast but not the Passover feast but the same feast that chapter 2 speaks of! That’s right, Jesus and Mary’s wedding feast!

Think about it? First, Mary Jesus’ Mother and possible wedding feast hostess comes to Jesus and says they are out of wine and probably other goods at the wedding feast.

Chapter 13 continues with Jesus actually sending the man who has all of the money Judas, out to actually purchase those goods for the wedding!

Wow! This explanation is very possible. Remember even the writer John doesn’t know Judas is the alleged betrayer. He or some Ghost writer writes this many years later after Jesus’ is long gone. So you cannot naturally assume because it’s in the bible that everything in it is totally true or chronologically accurate. Judas is merely an errand boy for Jesus at that time.

The Mary of Chapter 2 is either conducting the party for her family or is the same Mary lying affectionately on the chest of Jesus. This is their wedding feast plain and simple. Now as far as Judas, he is a mere scapegoat. Peter is the true betrayer. When you read the beginning of Chapter 13 John and Luke’s version tell us the truth about Peter.

Most people do not want to see the truth and they are happier not knowing.

I believe Peter knew He was about to betray Jesus and had to find out if Jesus knew it was Him. John says Peter asks Mary to find out what Jesus really knows. It is so hard to show people these truths when the Catholics have done so much editing to the bible. I believe after Jesus’ wife asked Jesus who the betrayer was I believe Jesus decided to reveal what is about to happen.

Now humor me as I give a scenario of how I believe these events may have unfolded. I am going to attempt to paste together the true writings from amidst the strategically added lies such as the later inserted Pagan symbolic blood drinking and cannibalistic flesh eating rituals that we call the Lord’s Supper.”

1)   (John 13:2) Jesus and Mary celebrate their wedding feast in Cana which is the continuance of John Chapter 2.

2)   (John 13:21) A very troubled Jesus announces that someone will betray Him.

3)   (John 13:23) Jesus’ wife also known as the Disciple that Jesus loved is lying in Jesus’ arms or on his chest!

4)   (John 13:24-25) A worried Peter seeing Mary lying in Jesus’ arms wants to see if Jesus really knows it is He that is going to betray Him. Under the guise of wanting to protect Jesus He coerces Mary to ask Jesus who the betrayer is.

Now here is where the alleged Catholic editing really gets interesting! With the Gospels being written allegedly 50 to 200 years after Jesus’ existence the order of events are scrambled. So here is how I believed the rest of the events may have happened. Jesus says to Mary in John 13:26 the betrayer is the one he gives a “sop” to.

Now I believe this is not written correctly. Because remember the bible says all of this took place “AFTER” the feast so there is no one that is sharing a so-called “SOP” with Jesus.

Luke’s gospel doesn’t mention Jesus exposing Judas as the betrayer and the “sop” at all. This means Judas is added later to the book of John as the scapegoat instead of Peter by possibly some later lying scribe. John’s gospel proves this point by contradicting that very scripture and let me show you why.

John 13:25 says Mary then asks Jesus who the betrayer is and Jesus’ is alleged to have told her that Judas is His betrayer is. says:

Jesus answered, “HE IT IS” to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it.” John 13:26
So is this the truth? Did Mary know? Of course Not because she let’s us know she never knew! For John 21:20 lets us know the Disciple that Jesus loved didn’t know!
John 21:20 says:

Then Peter, turning about seeth the “DISCIPLE” that Jesus “LOVED” following; which also“LEANED” on

“HIS BREAST” at supper and said, Lord which is “HE that BETRAYETH thee?”
Wow! John made sure we knew He never wrote the verse 26 scripture! Now unless the Disciple that Jesus loved had Alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember what Jesus said then we know John never expected Judas to be Jesus’ betrayer.

My Brothers and Sisters you cannot spin this fact into something that will fit your Denominational Doctrines. After reading the above verse you can see why the Catholics never wanted us to have a personal copy of the scriptures!  

Do you want to see more ridiculousness? Remember Jesus just made a public statement that someone was going to betray Him in Matthew 26:21. Verse 22, has everyone in an uproar and asking Jesus one by one IS IT I?  Wow! What a Thriller! Can’t you just hear the cliffhanger music! Let’s skip the commercial break and get straight to the climax…

Everyone is openly trying to find out the truth? There is a rat in the house and the Disciples wanted to know who it is. After each Disciple asks Jesus if they are the one Matthew says:

Then “JUDAS” which betrayed him, answered and said, Master “IS IT I?” He said unto him, Thou hast said.” Matthew 26:25.
There is so much wrong with this verse! First, the writer is trying to hard to prove Judas is the deceiver. If Jesus is about to tell the whole world that Judas is the betrayer then why would the writer even have to add the wording:
“Then Judas which betrayed him?”

By adding this phrase over and over the writer is guilty of overkill. Secondly, you and I both know that if Jesus really would have identified Judas at this point all proverbial “HELL” would have broken loose! These are the stupid additions that make us know how sinister the false writers really are. Now let’s say Jesus does tell the room that Judas is the one, what do you the reader think the next verse should tell us?

Wouldn’t you expect a hush, a sigh, a gasp or some sore of reaction/response from the rest of the Disciples? Well let’s see what the next verse says:

And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples and said, take eat; this is my body.” Matthew 26:26.
Huh? Wait a minute? What about Judas? Wait?

Jesus just allegedly told the room that Judas is the enemy!

So why is the story skipping over the drama of the moment and going to the so-called Lord’s Supper ritual? That makes no sense whatsoever! So you are telling me that Jesus and the Disciples are just going to say “OH WELL” and continue on as if nothing is happening?

That story is the equivalent to someone saying I hate youand I killed your child and instead of shock anger or grief you ignore the death of your child and respond with:

“Who would like some milk and cookies?”
How stupid do they really think we are?

Why is the bible silent on what happened next?

Because the truth has been edited out and new later verses were added to deceive the world! This is why the Catholic Pagans never wanted a printed bible in the hands of the common man. They knew that if you and I were able to read the verses we would start to see the truth and the truth would destroy the Church of Rome!

People of God, wouldn’t Judas start denying that He is the betrayer to Jesus and to the Disciples? Wouldn’t someone at this time try and cut Judas’ tongue out of his mouth?

Come on! What happened to the missing verses? Can you now see the Lies now? If Jesus and Judas are face to face wouldn’t Judas be ashamed of betraying Jesus at this point rather than later on and then hanging himself?

Would Judas leave the room? Would the Disciples allow Judas to leave? No! Matthew’s version has too many lies so let’s move to another gospel version …

Now again Luke’s gospel was written before John’s and doesn’t mention Judas necessarily as the betrayer, we’ll get into Luke’s version in a moment so let’s move back up to John’s writings.

Jesus answered, “HE IT IS” to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it.” John 13:26
So for the sake of discussion we will leave Judas’ name out and replace it with Simon Peter’s name, and instead of using the word “sop” let’s use “wash” and see how this story probably continued. Instead of a “sop” I believe Jesus told Mary the one that I give a “WASH” to is my betrayer!

So for the sake of clarity of my scenario I will substitute the word “WASH” for the word “SOP.” So then the “new” order goes as follows:

1)     “And supper being ended the “DEVIL” having now put into the heart of SIMON to betray him.” John 13:2

2)     (John 13:4-6) Jesus then goes directly to Peter the betrayer and decides to do a cleansing ritual on Him and washes His feet! Peter is confused about what Jesus is doing.

3)     (John 13:7) Jesus tells Peter in verse 7: “Peter you don’t know what I am doing now but Peter “YOU WILL!”

4)     (Vs 8) Peter doesn’t want Jesus to wash his feet and Jesus tells Peter: “Peter if I don’t wash you then you cannot be a part of me or Peter then you really are not one of my Disciples.”

5)   (John13:10 -11), Jesus says “… you are clean, but “NOT ALL!” For he knew who should betray Him; therefore said He, “ye are not all clean!”
Notice Peter is the first person Jesus decides to clean!

6)     John 13: 12-17 Jesus speaks a parable of servitude to the Disciples which means not placing themselves above those they are to serve.

7)     I speak “NOT” of you all.” John 13:18

8)     John 13:21: With a saddened heart Jesus says He will be betrayed by someone sitting at the dining table with Him.

9)   “Then the Disciples looked one on another doubting of “WHOM” he spake.” John 13:22
What does John mean when it says the Disciples are in amazement or in disbelief of who Jesus speaks of?

I believe Jesus did let the Disciples know that Simon Peter was the betrayer this is why they reacted the way they did. Since He was so close to Jesus Peter would be the one least expected to betray Him. So could Jesus really have told the Disciples thatPeter was on Satan’s payroll?

Let’s combine this with Luke’s version to see if it helps give us the truth: Jesus has just given these men a feast but now an angry Jesus says one of these ingrates is about to betray Him.

10)               But behold, the hand of him that betrayeth me is with me on the table.” Luke 22:21
In verse 22 an angry Jesus says:

11)               “Woe unto that man by whom He is betrayed!”
Or better still Jesus would say:

“I feel sorry for that fool that lets Satan use him!”

Jesus feeds everyone and verse 23 says they all wondered who it was that Jesus is speaking about.  Luke 22:24 Says:

And there was strife among themselves, which of them it was that should do this thing.” Luke 22:24
In verse 24, everyone starts to blame everyone. Dissensionstarts, denial starts, Luke says the Disciples started debating over who was the greatest follower of Jesus. Notice however Luke does not say anything about Judas being the betrayer of Jesus!

Luke’s version was allegedly written first, but again says nothing about Judas supposedly betraying Jesus. However, Luke’s version does reveal something devastating!

  1. Remember Jesus had just told them that they were not all clean.
  2. Jesus promises them that those who are clean would judge over the twelve tribes of Israel as a reward for their faithfulness. Luke 22:30

As you start to read these stories you will find many more things that just don’t line up with the very people that claim to actually have been the original Disciples and writers.  In Conclusion, from the clues in the bible it is more than reasonable to conclude:

  1. Most Rabbis were married and Jesus would have had to be to teach and read the text in the Jewish temples.
  2. Mary Jesus’ mother didn’t have the authority to ask Jesus to make wine or command/order the servants to do anything without them being employees of hers or her in-laws.
  3. Joseph is purposely not included in any aspect of Jesus’ life to purposely deceive the world.
  4. John 19:26THE DISCIPLE.” Standing at the cross by Jesus’ Mother the one, WHO Jesus LOVEDcould only be His wife Mary Magdalene since all the men were in hiding.
  5. John’s gospel would have been burned by the Catholic Churches if it would have said Mary Magdalene was the Disciple that Jesus loved or she was his wife.
  6. Mary as the wife of Jesus would have had the dominant responsibility of taken care of her slain husband’s body anointment process.
  7. Jesus may have faked his own death or been spared from death like it is spoken of in Hebrews 5:7.
  8. It would be the greatest ending for the husband to come back and been seen by first His wife .
  9. At the Pentecost Mary is suddenly nowhere to be found.
  10. When Jesus story ends in the bible so does the legend of Mary Magdalene.

Now am I saying Jesus that “WAS” married I am merely saying that there is an ample amount of evidence to suggest that He was married that is the purpose of writing this part of the book. The bible does leave us enough clues so that we are able to put together the truth in the midst of the strategically placed lies added into the bible by the sons of Satan I.e. the Greco-Roman Church body.

So Was Jesus married? As long as the Vatican has the original manuscripts and refuses to let them become open for public view we will never know. If we never find out all I can say is “So what and who cares?”  Jesus having a wife does not negate the impact His teaching has had on the world and never will Thank YHWH for choosing Him…

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